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Sushi Collections

Sushi Collections

 Patek Packaging’s exclusive Sushi Packaging Collections enhance the presentation and serving of your sushi creations. We have the perfect packaging solutions for your sushi needs, whether you serve classic nigiri, vibrant maki rolls, fresh sashimi, or unique designs. Check out our sushi packaging options for the ideal combination of aesthetics and practicality. 

About the Products

Our packaging solutions were carefully developed to incorporate efficiency and visual appeal, guaranteeing your sushi will be a visual and tasting joy. 

With durable materials that maintain freshness and thoughtful features for ease of handling and travel, our collections enhance the sushi experience and ensure your customers enjoy every bite. 

Our collections include clean, minimalist designs and eco-friendly, eye-catching patterns for every style and event.







Paper is flexible and eco-friendly wood pulp fibres. It is biodegradable and compostable. 

Maple Leaf Paper Sushi Trays

Kraft Take-Out Boxes

Kraft Paper Bags

Paper Towel Rolls

Dinner Napkins

T-Shirt Bag

Pur Value Single Fold Kraft Towels

Polypropylene (PP)

PP is a thermoplastic polymer known for being lightweight, durable, and chemical- and moisture-resistant. It can endure several temperatures and keep food fresh. 

Clamshell Containers

PP Bowls and Lids

Portion Cups


Strong, flexible, and antimicrobial. Bamboo grows quickly and uses few resources. Biodegradable and compostable.

Bamboo Chopsticks


It’s lightweight, moisture-resistant, and durable. Developing bioplastics and recycled plastics is helping the environment. 

Plastic Sushi Party Trays

Bento Boxes

Soup Spoons

Non-Woven Fabric

Nonwoven fabric is strong and adaptable. Manufactured from synthetic or natural fibres joined mechanically, chemically, or thermally. It is breathable, lightweight, and tear-resistant.

Reusable T-Shirt Bags

Specific Sizes Available

Maple Leaf Paper Sushi Trays

Suitable for serving various sushi rolls like California rolls, spicy tuna rolls, salmon avocado rolls, or nigiri sushi.

Sizes: 8.7x3.6x2", 6.5x4.5x2", 7.3x5x2", 8.7x5.4x2", 9.5x6x2", 10x7x2"

TY Clamshell PP Hinged Containers

Ideal for packaging sushi combo sets containing a mix of maki rolls, nigiri sushi, and sashimi.

Sizes: 6x6x3", 8x8x3", 9x9x3"

Kraft Take-Out Box

Perfect for packaging individual sushi rolls like tuna rolls, cucumber rolls, or vegetarian rolls for takeout or delivery.

Size: 4.5x3.5x2.5"

Plastic Sushi Party Trays

Great for presenting assorted sushi platters with maki rolls, nigiri sushi, sashimi, and sushi garnishes at events or parties.

Sizes: 13", 14", 15" (White or Black)

Bamboo Chopsticks

Essential for enjoying various sushi types, including maki rolls, nigiri sushi, and sashimi.

Sizes: 8" or 9" (Individually Wrapped)

Portion Cups

Ideal for portioning soy sauce, wasabi, or pickled ginger accompanying sushi orders such as nigiri sushi or sashimi.

Sizes: 1oz, 2oz, 3.25oz

Non-Woven Kraft Bags

Convenient for packaging larger sushi orders like party platters or sushi catering trays for customers to carry home.

Sizes: Small (9x6x17"), Medium (10x7x20"), Large (12x8x23")

Kraft Paper Bags

Eco-friendly packaging options for takeout orders of various sushi types. Ensures sustainability in sushi packaging.

Sizes: #535 (9.75x6x16"), #606 (12x7x17")


Sushi Restaurants

Serve sushi rolls, combo sets, and party platters on sushi trays. Pack takeout soy sauce, wasabi, and ginger in portion cups. Provide bamboo chopsticks and plastic soup spoons for dine-in and takeout clients.

Catering Services

Deliver sushi platters on plastic sushi trays at parties, events, and business meetings.

For office or special occasion catering, package sushi combo sets in clamshells. Provide bamboo chopsticks, napkins, and disposable bags for easy serving and packaging.

Japanese Food Trucks

Use takeout boxes and paper bags to package sushi rolls and combo sets. Provide disposable chopsticks and condiment cups with sushi orders. Our packaging collections help food trucks, pop-up stands, and mobile sushi sellers serve sushi at festivals, fairs, and events.

Online Delivery Services

To keep sushi fresh, transport it in clamshells or paper trays. Provide disposable utensils and condiment packets with sushi orders for home use. Deliver sushi to clients' doorsteps using non-woven or kraft bags for eco-friendly packing.


Elevate Your Sushi Presentation with Our Packaging Collections

Patek Packaging’s sushi packaging collections are meticulously crafted to fulfill the demands of any type of sushi restaurant, be it an izakaya, a mobile food truck, or a sushi spot. We empower sushi businesses to satisfy consumers and improve dining experiences with every meal through quality and creativity. Take your sushi presentation to the next level with our excellent packaging choices.


Frequently Asked Questions


How can businesses make sure that sushi stays fresh while being transported?

Insulated containers, gel packs, vacuum sealing, absorbent pads, and safe packaging can keep sushi fresh during shipment. Adjustments can be made in real-time with the data provided by temperature monitoring sensors.

Do you offer bulk order discounts for your sushi packaging collections?

We sell our products in bulk so that our customers can receive the most value for their money. The set quantity per order is listed below:

  • Maple Leaf Paper Sushi Tray - 200 to 300 Sets

  • Square Clamshell PP Hinged Container - 150 to 250 Pcs

  • Rectangular Clamshell PP Hinged Container – 200 Pcs

  • Kraft Take-Out Box - 400 Pcs

  • White PP Bowls (Base Only) - 1000 Pcs

  • Bamboo Chopsticks OPP Wrapped - 2000 to 3000 Pairs

  • Portion Cup (Cup Only) - 2500 Pcs

  • White Round Maple Leaf Plastic Sushi Party Tray - 50 Sets

  • 5 Compartment Red Bento Box (Base Only) - 300 Pcs

How should businesses choose sushi packaging for outdoor events like festivals and open-air markets?

If you want your sushi to stay fresh for as long as possible, ensure the packaging is sturdy and resistant to elements like sunlight, temperature shifts, and humidity. Patek Packaging provides outdoor-friendly and transportable products, ensuring your sushi items remain in excellent condition.