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Salad Container

Patek Packaging's Salad Container Collection presents a variety of eco-friendly containers in different sizes and capacities. These containers are perfect for serving salads, soups, and other meals on the go or at home. They’re also great for catering events, takeout orders, and food trucks. 

Made from high-quality Kraft, PLA, PET, Pulp Fibre, and Sugarcane, these containers are both durable and renewable. They’re also compostable and recyclable, which makes them a sustainable choice for eco-conscious businesses.

About the Products

Our Salad Container Collection is crafted for salad enthusiasts who refuse to compromise on freshness and taste. Featuring advanced air-tight technology, these containers keep your salads crisp and fresh from when they're packed until it's time to indulge.

No more soggy greens; enjoy vibrant, nutritious meals that stay delicious from when you pack them to when you're ready to indulge. Our containers revolutionize how you enjoy fresh salads on the go so your meals remain as enticing and flavorful as when first prepared.




A sturdy, biodegradable material commonly used for packaging due to its strength and eco-friendly properties. 

PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate)

Excellent clarity and barrier properties and is suitable for products like containers, bottles, and trays.

PLA (Polylactic Acid)

A biodegradable polymer made from sugarcane or corn starch. It's often used in food packaging as an eco-friendly alternative to traditional plastics. 

Pulp Fibre

Made from natural fibres obtained from materials like wood, bamboo, or sugarcane. It's biodegradable - an environmentally friendly food packaging. 


Made from bagasse, the fibrous residue left after sugarcane stalks are crushed to extract their juice. Sugarcane packaging is used for containers, plates, and takeaway containers.



We offer containers divided into two sections to keep different foods separate.


Prevents fogging up to keep food visible even despite temperature changes.


Breaks down into natural elements, helping reduce waste. 

Additional Information:

  • Colour: Our salad container collection features different colours: Clear, Kraft, and Natural. 
  • Shape: We have three shapes available: Rectangular, Round, and Square. 
  • Capacity: You can choose from 8oz to 34oz or opt for the 1100ml. No matter how much food you need to organize, we have options for you.
  • Quantity/Set: “Base only” containers are available in 300pcs. per pack, while Anti-Fog, PLA, and Clear-Hinged containers are available in 150 and 200 sets per case. 
  • Price: The price varies mostly depending on the material and quantity, which ranges from $37.95 to $168.95. 


  • Takeout and Delivery: Our leak-proof containers are perfect for restaurants and cafes offering grab-and-go options.
  • Storing Fruits and Vegetables: Keep your produce fresh and organized with our handy containers.
  • Serving Desserts: Upgrade your dessert presentation with our stylish and eco-friendly containers.
  • Meal Prep: Ideal for meal prep, so you can portion out your salads and store them in the fridge for convenient access.
  • On-the-Go: If you're heading to work, school, or a picnic, our containers are perfect for taking your favourite salads wherever you go.
  • Leftover Storage: Don't let leftovers go to waste. Our containers are great for storing leftover salads in the fridge, which keeps them fresh and ready to enjoy later.

Finding the Perfect Container for Your Needs

With different sizes and materials to choose from, finding the perfect salad container for your needs is easy. Here's a quick guide:

  • Size: Determine how much salad you’ll eat, serve, or deliver, and choose a container size that accommodates the required portion size.
  • Material: Made from high-quality materials that are all durable and food-safe. Rest assured that your salads will stay fresh and free from contaminants.
  • Price: They come in a range of prices to suit any budget. Choose the option that fits your needs without breaking the bank.

Sustainable Style at an Affordable Price

Ready to upgrade your salad routine with Patek Packaging's Salad Containers Collection? Browse our products today and find the perfect containers to simplify your meal prep, storage, and delivery needs. With durable materials, versatile sizing options, and budget-friendly prices, our containers are the perfect addition to any home, kitchen or business. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are salad bowls compostable?

Yes, our kraft paper, pulp fibre, and sugarcane containers are compostable and biodegradable. Our PET and PLA containers are recyclable.

How do I ensure the dressing doesn’t make the salad soggy?

To keep your salad from getting soggy:

  1. Use separate compartments for the dressing if your container has them.
  2. Put dressing at the bottom and layer heavier ingredients on top if you have a single-compartment container.
  3. Carry dressing separately and add it just before eating.
  4. Choose vegetables that don't get soggy quickly, like carrots and cucumbers.

How do I prevent stains and odours in my salad container?

To keep your salad container free from stains and odours:

  1. Rinse it right after use to get rid of residue.
  2. Use a baking soda paste on tough stains or odours, let sit, then wash.
  3. Wash with vinegar and water to neutralize persistent smells.
  4. Avoid storing in direct sunlight to prevent bacteria growth.
  5. Dry completely before storing to avoid mould and mildew.