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Produce Bags Packaging Collection

 Patek Packaging's Produce Bags Collection caters to businesses seeking optimal produce presentation, extended shelf life, and sustainable practices. Our selection includes a range of bag sizes made from premium LDPE material to address your packaging needs.

About the Products

Our Produce Bags Collection aims to help your business deliver the freshest possible produce while minimizing environmental impact. We achieve this by offering a meticulous selection of food-safe produce bags made from premium LDPE material. With size options, you can package your fruits, vegetables, and other food items regardless of volume. 


Low-Density Polyethylene (LDPE) Material

  • LDPE boasts clarity so your customers can fully appreciate your fruits and vegetables' vibrant colours and freshness.
  • LDPE is a lightweight material. Minimizes packaging weight and contributes to reduced transportation costs.
  • Offers a good barrier against moisture vapour transmission. This helps to prevent condensation buildup within the bag, a major factor in produce spoilage.
  • LDPE is a mature and widely produced plastic, making it a cost-effective solution for produce packaging.


2lb Bags

Ideal for a variety of fruits and vegetables.

Allows for ample space to accommodate multiple units of produce items without compromising on presentation or potential for bag bursting.

3lb Bags

Designed for larger or bulkier produce, well-suited for items like melons, grapes, potatoes, onions, and leafy greens (in larger quantities). 

Increased capacity ensures these often heavier or more voluminous items can be efficiently packaged while maintaining a clean and professional appearance.

Benefits of Using Produce Bags

Minimizing Waste

Food waste is a hidden culprit behind overflowing landfills and escalating climate concerns.  In Canada alone, a staggering 45% of food waste originates from fruits and vegetables. Food scraps decomposing in landfills release methane, a greenhouse gas with 28 times the heat-trapping potency of carbon dioxide.  So, using the right food packaging is crucial for environmental protection

Here's how Patek Packaging's Produce Bags Collection tackles this issue:

  • By opting for reusable produce bags, your business can significantly reduce its dependence on single-use plastic grocery bags. This directs to a smaller environmental footprint and suits your growing consumer demand for sustainable practices.
  • Pre-sized produce bags encourage portion control, which minimizes the risk of purchasing more produce than can be consumed before spoilage occurs. This lessens food waste at the consumer level.


Grocery Stores

  • Compared to loose produce, pre-packaged produce saves valuable time at the weighing and labelling station. 
  • Clear or coloured bags create a clean and visually appealing presentation for grab-and-go convenience, potentially boosting sales. 
  • Easy identification of pre-packaged produce facilitates stock rotation and reduces spoilage due to forgotten items.

Wholesalers and Distributors

  • Lightweight bags minimize overall shipment weight, potentially lowering your transportation costs. 
  • The ziplock feature minimizes air exposure and prevents leaks. Maximizes freshness and convenience for consumers. 

Restaurants and Foodservice

  • You can pre-portion food using our produce bags. This reduces the risk of overuse and spoilage compared to using bulk produce. 
  • Easy identification of pre-cut produce facilitates inventory control and ensures efficient use of ingredients. 
  • Pre-portioned food in produce bags promotes recipe consistency and minimizes food waste during preparation.

Keep Your Produce Fresh with Patek Packaging 

Patek Packaging's Produce Bags Collection is your solution to enhance your produce presentation, extend shelf life, and promote sanitary practices. Our premium LDPE-made produce bags, available in various sizes, ensure freshness, reduce food waste, and provide cost-effective packaging. Ideal for grocery stores, wholesalers, and the food service industry, our produce bags facilitate efficient handling, storage, and transportation of fruits and vegetables. Order now! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is LDPE recyclable?

Yes, LDPE is recyclable, especially rigid LDPE packaging. Generally, used LDPE can be stored with other plastics and sorted at recycling centers. However, you need to know that LDPE must be recycled separately from HDPE and other plastics. Recycled LDPE can be turned into items like bubble wrap, bin liners, compost bins, and floor tiles.

Can I use produce bags other than wrapping produce? 

Yes, produce bags can be used for various purposes beyond wrapping produce. Here are some alternative uses:

  • Food Storage: Keep your leftovers, snacks, or sandwiches fresh.
  • Organizing: You can store small items like toys, craft supplies, or office materials.
  • Travel: Pack your toiletries, shoes, or dirty laundry in your suitcase.
  • Gardening: Use produce bags to store seeds, bulbs, or gardening tools.
  • Pet Care: Keep your pet food or treats fresh and organized.
  • Home Improvement: Store your hardware like nails, screws, or small tools.

How to package your fruits and veggies properly in produce bags?

To package your produce properly in produce bags, follow these steps:

  • Choose the Right Size: Select a bag size that fits your produce without overcrowding. Choose from our 2lb or 3lb bags, depending on the type and volume of your produce.  
  • Inspect Your Produce: Ensure all items are clean and dry to prevent mould growth.Sort by Type: You should group similar items together for better organization and freshness.
  • Pack them Carefully: Place your produce gently in the bag to avoid bruising.
  • Seal Securely: Close the produce bag tightly to maintain freshness. You can use twist ties or zip closures if available.
  • Label (Optional): You can mark each produce bag with the type of produce and date to keep track of freshness.