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Napkin Collection | Patek Packaging

Enhance the convenience and appeal of your dining experience with the premium Napkin Collections from Patek packaging. These universal napkins can be used for wiping hands, adding decorative accents, cleaning surfaces, and enhancing table settings. Ideal for restaurants, cafes, and home gatherings, these napkins make every setting mess-free ready.




Kraft paper is produced by chemically converting wood into wood pulp through intense pressure, heat, and strong alkaline chemicals.

In 1879, Carl F. Dahl developed Kraft paper, which led to a patent five years later and established the first Kraft paper-making company in Sweden in 1890. 

Kraft, from German for "strong," is made mostly from sulphate wood pulp. It's tough and coarse, ideal for packaging due to its strength. 


Linen, characterized by its luxurious appearance and soft, tactile feel, epitomizes elegance and lends a refined drape to any table setting. 

Linen is the oldest known textile, a fabric steeped in history and romance. Its origins date back approximately 10,000 years to ancient Egypt, where it gained widespread recognition. 

This material stands out as a premier fabric for cloth napkins due to its unmatched elegance, exceptional durability, and superb absorbency. 


  • Commonly used in fine dining establishments as they add a touch of elegance to the table settings.
  • Folded in intricate designs or placed in napkin rings to enhance the dining area's overall aesthetic appeal.
  • Helpful in fast food restaurants and cafes for wiping hands and mouths while enjoying a meal.
  • Quick and disposable option for wiping spills or messes.


Fine Dining Restaurants

Both kraft and linen napkins add elegance and sophistication to table settings in luxurious dining establishments.

Cafes and Coffee Shops

Kraft napkins are used for casual dining and take-out orders, while linen napkins are ideal for a more refined atmosphere.

Hotels and Resorts

Linen napkins are used in hotel restaurants and banquet halls to enhance the dining experience for guests.

Catering Services

Both kraft and linen napkins are helpful in catering events ranging from weddings and corporate functions to private parties.

Offices and Corporate Events

Kraft napkins are found in office break rooms or during corporate events and meetings for quick and convenient hand-wiping.

Home Dining Settings

Both kraft and linen napkins find their place in homes for everyday meals, special occasions, and entertaining guests. They offer convenience and style options depending on the event.

Buying Guide - Napkin Collection




15x16" Air Laid White Linen Napkin 1/8 Fold - 1000 Pcs


These versatile and absorbent napkins seamlessly adapt to various occasions.

IFNK6000 | 2-Ply Kraft Interfold Napkin - 6000 Pcs

Light Brown

Features an interfold design for convenient and hygienic use.

DIN3000 | 15x17" Premium 1-Ply White Dinner Napkin 1/8 Fold - 3000 Pcs


Perfect for cleaning hands and face and wiping spills.

How to Choose the Right Napkins

  • Check the napkins for durability, softness, and resistance to tearing.
  • Ensure the napkins effectively handle spills and greasy foods.
  • Select appropriately sized and foldable napkins for enhanced presentation.
  • Prioritize recycled or eco-friendly napkin options to promote sustainability.
  • Find a balance between quality and cost-effectiveness within your budget.

Discover the Perfect Napkin Collection for Your Style

Patek Packaging's stylish napkin collection takes your dining experience to the next level. It blends convenience with a splash of luxury. These napkins effortlessly match any event, from a laid-back family gathering to an elegant dinner party. Dive into the luxurious softness and outstanding craftsmanship of our napkins. We craft each piece carefully to dazzle and impress so you can have a memorable meal. .

Frequently Asked Questions

How should I care for linen napkins to ensure their longevity?

Wash linen napkins in lukewarm or cold water with a gentle detergent. Avoid bleach and harsh chemicals. Line dry or tumble dry on a low setting to prevent shrinkage. 

Can linen napkins be personalized or monogrammed?

Yes, linen napkins can be personalized or monogrammed. Personalization can be done through embroidery, printing, or stamping techniques. It allows various designs, from elegant monograms to custom logos or special messages. This adds a touch of sophistication and makes the napkins unique keepsakes.

Can linen or kraft napkins be machine-washed, or should they be hand-washed?

Linen napkins can generally be machine-washed because they're durable fabrics that become softer with each wash. Use a gentle cycle with lukewarm water and mild detergent, and avoid bleaching to preserve the fabric's natural fibres. Iron while slightly damp if you desire a crisp appearance.

On the other hand, Kraft napkins are made from paper, making them unsuitable for washing. Depending on their treatment and local recycling guidelines, they're designed for single use and are recyclable or compostable. For reusable options, it's best to stick with fabrics like linen.