DIN3000 | 15x17" Premium 1-Ply White Dinner Napkin 1/8 Fold - 3000 Pcs


Patek Packaging’s 1-Ply Dinner Napkins are made of high-quality paper, and are soft and absorbent, making them ideal for wiping up spills or cleaning your hands and face. The classic white colour will match any table setting, and the convenient package size makes them easy to store and keep on hand when you need them. 



Our 1-ply dinner napkins offer both convenience and durability. At only 20.7lbs per carton, they are lightweight and easy to pull apart, while still providing exceptional strength and absorbency.


A carton of 1-ply napkins contains 3,000 napkins. Each napkin measures 19.5 × 15.7 × 12.7 inches. They are soft and absorbent, making them ideal for use on the face and hands. The 1-ply napkins unit is a convenient way to purchase napkins in bulk. It is also an economical choice for anyone who needs many napkins.

Benefits of 1-Ply Dinner Napkins


One of the main factors contributing to the popularity of one-ply napkins is their low cost relative to linen napkins. Additionally, 1-ply napkins are disposable, which helps reduce laundry expenses. These napkins are typically more affordable than their 2-ply counterparts. This is because they use less paper overall and do not require as much processing. As a result, they offer great value to budget-conscious consumers.

Thick and Absorbent

1-ply napkins are ideal for messy dinners and quick clean-ups. The thick, absorbent paper can easily handle spills and leaks. Furthermore, they are designed to be discarded, so you can simply dispose of them when finished. It's simple to clean up. 1-ply napkins are also ideal for use at parties and gatherings. 

Easily Available

1-ply napkins are widely accessible. Business owners can get economical versions of dinner and beverage napkins and luxury 1-ply linen napkins in our online catalogue.

Fresh and New

The benefit of utilizing 1-ply napkins is that there are no lingering stains to worry about. You are not required to use cloth napkins previously used and cleaned. One important requirement you must adhere to as part of the health safety standards, particularly COVID-19, is using clean, sterilized, and fresh sanitary napkins.

1-Ply Dinner Napkins Facts

1-ply dinner napkins are pretty simple - after all, they're just thin sheets of paper, right? Wrong! There's a lot more to these little squares than meets the eye. For instance, did you know that the average 1-ply dinner napkin comprises 40% post-consumer waste? That means that when you use one of these napkins, you do your part to reduce landfill waste. And speaking of reducing waste, did you know that most 1-ply dinner napkins are also recyclable? So don't toss them in the trash when you're done - recycle them instead!

Order Your 1-Ply Dinner Napkins Today!

1-Ply Dinner Napkins are a cost-effective way to keep your table clean and presentable. Made from recycled paper, these napkins are thick and absorbent, making them perfect for any occasion. Plus, they're easily available at our online page. Order yours today!


How Are They Different From 2-Ply or 3-Ply Napkins?

1-ply napkins are made with a single layer of paper, while 2- and 3-ply napkins have two or three layers, respectively. As a result, 1-ply napkins are less expensive than their multi-ply counterparts, but they are still efficient in terms of use.

What Are Some Common Uses for 1-Ply Napkins?

1-ply napkins are often used for informal gatherings or as an alternative to tissue paper. They can be used for wiping up spills, as a makeshift coaster, or for wrapping up food to go. 

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