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Forks Collections

 Patek Packaging’s Fork Collection offers stylish, functional, eco-friendly cutlery options for everyday meals and special occasions. Our selection includes materials from cornstarch, polypropylene (PP), wheat straw fibre, and wood forks. Perfect for enhancing any dining experience, each fork provides a distinctive combination of eco-conscious design and durability.

About the Products

Our forks are perfect for catering, restaurants, and home use due to their quality and versatility. The cornstarch and wheat straw forks are compostable, while the PP and wood ones are durable and reusable. Your customers can enjoy elegant, practical cutlery while supporting a sustainable future. The Patek Packaging Forks Collection is a journey into a new kind of dining. 






  • Polylactic acid (PLA) from fermented corn sugars makes cornstarch forks. 
  • This bioplastic is heat-resistant, strong, and biodegradable in commercial composting facilities. 
  • Reduces landfill waste and is durable.

PP (Polypropylene)

  • High melting point and chemical resistance make polypropylene a strong thermoplastic. 
  • Lightweight and durable, ideal for casual and formal use. 
  • Solid and flexible, suitable for various dining needs
  • The recyclable nature of PP reduces waste.

Wheat Straw Fibre

  • Creates a durable utensil for eco-friendly dining and reduces landfill waste.
  • Wheat straw fibre forks use waste from wheat harvests.
  • These durable, compostable, and biodegradable forks are a great sustainable choice. 


  • Sustainable forests provide wooden forks with minimal environmental impact. 
  • Biodegradable and compostable. Adds rustic charm to any meal. 
  • Without chemicals or coatings, wooden forks are tactile and eco-friendly.
  • Supporting sustainable living.

Sizes and Prices (1000-piece case pack)

5.9” - $18.95

6” - $23.00 and $25.95 

6.5” - $27.95

7” - 45.95


Event Planners

Eco-friendly weddings and corporate events benefit from our elegant, sustainable forks. Planners looking to host memorable, sustainable events can choose them for their stylish design and environmental care.

Food Service Industry 

We provide durable and stylish forks to restaurants and cafes. They improve customer experience with an eco-friendly, modern dining option for dine-in and takeout.

Gourmet Food Trucks

Enhance street food presentation. They appeal to gourmet food truck customers who value sustainable, high-quality food, and the unique materials enhance the culinary experience.

Specialty Retailers

Attract eco-conscious and boutique kitchenware shoppers. Style-conscious and sustainable shoppers will love them in curated gift sets or home dining collections.

Resorts and Spas

Enhance health-focused dining at luxury wellness retreats. They promote holistic sustainability by offering eco-friendly options that promote well-being and the environment.

Medical Facilities

For hospital cafeterias and patient meals. They promote hygiene, sustainability, and single-use plastic waste reduction while providing safe, convenient dining for healthcare staff and visitors.

Corporate Cafeterias

Great for sustainable office dining and shows a company's social responsibility. They enhance the corporate image and promote eco-friendly workplace practices by providing a practical, stylish option for employees and guests.

Outdoor Festivals

Perfect for music and food festivals. Sustainable festival organizers can use them to improve outdoor dining while reducing environmental impact.

Meal Prep Services

Meal kits with our forks offer a sustainable packaging option. They enhance meal delivery services' dining experience with convenience and sustainability.

Upgrade Your Food Service With Patek

Patek Packaging's Forks Collection combines elegance, functionality, and sustainability across industries. Our forks are known for their quality, which enhances the dining experience at upscale events and everyday meals. Our eco-friendly forks are ideal for lavish events, specialty store stockings, and plastic waste reduction. If you are looking for sustainable cutlery that lives up to your expectations, Patek Packaging is the way to go.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to use these forks with both hot and cold food?

Our forks can safely handle cold and hot foods due to their temperature-resistant materials. Materials are ideal for durability and heat resistance to maintain performance over time.

These forks serve chilled appetizers, desserts, or hot entrees. They enhance the dining experience for all occasions, from casual to formal.

What is the typical breakdown time of cornstarch forks?

The conditions of composting affect how long it takes for it to decompose. 

  • They break down quickly in a controlled temperature and humidity industrial composting facility.
  • Cornstarch-based products decompose in months under ideal composting conditions. 
  • Composting at home or in a landfill may take longer, but conditions may be better.

Can I safely use the microwave and dishwasher with these forks?

No, most of these forks are unsafe to use in the microwave or for dishwashers. Their biodegradable construction will not hold up under the constant humidity and heat of use.

  • Please do not microwave these forks; doing so may cause them to break or malfunction. They are designed for serving and eating only.
  • If you want to reuse them, it's advisable to hand wash them to ensure safety.