DIS9000 | 7x13" Premium 1-Ply Tall-Fold Dispenser Napkin - 9000 Pcs


The 1-Ply Paper Dispenser Napkin – 7" x 13" is a classic and versatile table napkin suitable for everyday use. Crafted from a single layer of robust and absorbent tissue paper, it efficiently wipes hands and tackles food or liquid spills as a disposable paper napkin. Measuring 7 inches wide by 13 inches long, this napkin is designed to fit standard-sized napkin dispensers, ensuring easy accessibility.

Enhance your dining experience with the dispenser napkin embossed with an attractive design, adding character and style to any setting. The convenient size, stylish design, and absorbent material make the 1-Ply Paper Dispenser Napkin – 7" x 13" an excellent choice for restaurants, cafeterias, outdoor catered events, and casual family gatherings alike.




1-Ply Paper Dispenser Napkin – 7" x 13" measures 7 inches x 13 inches, providing diners with ample coverage when used as disposable placemats or coasters. These napkins can be easily stored or transported in any plastic food storage container. With these excellent qualities, the 1-ply paper dispenser napkins prove to be ideal for any hospitality setting.


Crafted from a single ply of soft, absorbent paper material, these napkins offer both durability and reliability. Being lightweight, they effortlessly fit into any napkin holder, ensuring a tidy and organized appearance. Their exceptional absorbency makes them perfect for wiping surfaces or cleaning up messes effectively.


1-Ply Paper Dispenser Napkin – 7" x 13" can easily be placed in any table setting or used as a service piece. Perfect for restaurants, diners, buffets, and other food service establishments. They come in packs of 500, enough to provide paper napkins for up to 150 guests. This cost-effective option can help keep your business by providing your customers convenience and hospitality.


Benefits of 1-Ply Paper Dispenser Napkin

1. Economical: The 1-ply paper dispenser napkin is an economical option since they are typically less expensive than other napkins.
2. Quick and Easy Disposal: These can be disposed quickly and easily without additional cleaning or storage space.
3. Hygienic: The 1-ply paper dispenser napkin helps keep food contaminants off hands and surfaces by disposing of them quickly and hygienically.
4. Multi-use: There are various tasks, from wiping hands and faces to cleaning up messes and spills.
5. Eco-Friendly: These napkins are made of recycled materials; they produce significantly less waste than traditional paper products. Not only does this reduce our dependence on natural resources, but it also reduces the amount of pressure put on our environment by landfill waste.


Facts about 1-Ply Paper Dispenser Napkins

1-Ply Paper Dispenser Napkins – 7" x 13" are crafted from a single layer of lightweight paper, folded into square or rectangular shapes and embossed with patterns or images for a decorative touch. Being more economical than thicker, multi-ply varieties due to their efficient paper usage, they offer a cost-effective solution.

These napkins boast superior absorbency, making them ideal for wiping hands and cleaning up spills. With various sizes, colors, and designs available, they can be easily matched to the décor of different establishments. These disposable napkins are commonly found in restaurants, hotels, and various other places.


Order Your 1-Ply Paper Dispenser Napkin Now

To ensure convenience and quality, our 1-Ply Paper Dispenser Napkin comes with a built-in cutting mechanism that quickly and precisely cuts each piece of the napkin as needed. Our dispensers are designed with a sleek and modern look, making them ideal for use in high-traffic areas like cafeterias, restaurants, and catering events.

These paper dispenser napkins offer superior absorbency and strength. Get your 1-ply paper dispenser napkins today to make serving your guests more manageable! Order yours now.



Are 1-ply paper dispenser napkins environmentally friendly?

Yes, our 1-ply paper dispenser napkins are environmentally friendly. Compared to their cloth counterparts, they are more sustainable and can be recycled after use. They break down much faster than conventional cloth napkins.

What kind of materials are used to make the 1-ply paper dispenser napkin?

The 1-ply paper dispenser napkin is from one or more paper materials. Lightweight embossed tissue paper is the most common paper used in manufacturing 1-ply napkins. This material is very absorbent and serves to dry up spills quickly. You can make embossed tissue paper from either 100% pre-consumer recycled paper or a combination of recycled and virgin fibres.

Can the 1-ply Paper Dispenser Napkin be Used as a Folded Paper Napkin?

The 1-ply paper dispenser napkin can be used as a folded paper napkin, providing convenience and versatility. Users can easily fold it into various shapes or configurations to meet their preferences, whether opting for a classic folded design or a more creative presentation. This flexibility allows the 1-ply paper dispenser napkin to elevate the dining experience and add an elegant touch to any setting.

How Do the 1-ply Paper Dispenser Napkins Compare to Traditional Table Napkins?

The 1-ply paper dispenser napkins have several advantages over traditional table napkins. Firstly, they offer enhanced hygiene since they are single-use, eliminating the need for laundering and concerns about cross-contamination. Their lightweight, portable nature, and ease of distribution make them perfect for fast-paced dining environments. The 1-ply paper dispenser napkins provide a practical and efficient alternative, saving time and resources without compromising on cleanliness or presentation

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