TouchFlex 4.8 mil Black Powder Free Nitrile Gloves - 100 Pcs

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Regardless of the level of health risk in the workplace, the need for safety gloves can arise. Employees can protect themselves from potentially hazardous substances while cleaning, preparing food, or working with chemicals. They can also protect people, products, and materials from contamination by the worker. In addition, gloves can improve the overall comfort level of workers and visitors in the workplace. Touchflex Black Rubber Gloves are the perfect solution for a variety of workplaces, from kitchens to warehouses and even manufactoring plants.

Black Nitrile Gloves Specifications


Measuring 9.25 inches in length by 5 inches in width to 2.75 inches in height, these gloves are designed to hold tight and keep your hands clean. Whether washing dishes in hot water or cleaning a car engine, this product is ideal for any situation that requires extra protection and durability, making every cleaning task more manageable and more thorough.


Black rubber gloves add a professional touch to many tasks and come in four sizes: small, medium, large, and extra-large. These gloves provide superior protection while still providing high flexibility and agility. 

Black Nitrile Gloves Advantages 

Durability and Chemical Protection

Due to the increased danger of contamination and punctures in those professions, nitrile gloves have become popular among medical professionals and tattoo artists worldwide due to their puncture resistance, toughness and safety when handling strong chemicals, oils, and greases. In addition, because of their molecular structure, these gloves perform well and have added barrier protection. 

Safety Plus Comfort

Because of their low coefficient of friction, the gloves are also easy to put on and take off. Aside from that, these high-quality nitrile products have a slip-resistant coating that provides a secure grip even when the gloves are wet. In addition, black gloves also won’t trigger allergies. Gloves made of nitrile are synthetic rubber and free of latex. As a result, it is an excellent option if you are allergic to latex. 

Affordability and Long Shelf Life

Disposable nitrile gloves are more expensive than other brands. However, the prices have dropped so low that they may supplant other options. In addition, nitrile gloves have a longer lifespan. Because nitrile has a long shelf life, these gloves will continue to work for up to five years if stored correctly in their original packaging.

Provide a Broad Range of Applications

Black rubber gloves are incredibly versatile, allowing for practical and hygienic applications in various settings. From food preparation to mechanical maintenance, these gloves offer protection from debris and harsh chemicals and other irritants. In addition, because of their high-quality characteristics, these gloves are a top choice for many industries requiring hand protection.

Black Nitrile Gloves Facts

Did you know that black nitrile gloves offer a unique combination of features for medical and industrial use? They are three times more puncture-resistant than latex or vinyl and provide an excellent grip due to the textured surface. 

Furthermore, their tinted covering makes them ideal for food processing and colour-coding applications. As if those benefits weren't enough, black nitrile gloves protect the user from bacteria and other contaminants better than other disposables. 

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What Are Black Nitrile Gloves Made From?

Butadiene and acrylonitrile are combined to create the synthetic copolymer known as nitrile. Nitrile gloves were initially more expensive than latex gloves when they first entered the market because of the additional processing step involved in their manufacture. But as technology has developed, nitrile glove production methods have become more economical. Today, nitrile gloves cost the same as latex gloves. Latex is less allergic than nitrile material.

Are Black Nitrile Gloves Safe?

The nitrile material shields the wearer’s hands from contamination and prevents them from contaminating anything they touch or touching another surface. In addition, nitrile is resistant to various common chemicals and substances and is waterproof, greaseproof, oil-proof, and chemical-resistant.

What Are Black Nitrile Gloves Mainly Used For?

Black nitrile gloves are made in a way that makes them more resistant to chemicals than regular nitrile gloves. As a result, black nitrile gloves are perfect for automotive and industrial workers since they can withstand substances like gasoline, butane, and iodine.

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