Sugarcane Hinged Containers 2-Compartment 9x6x3" - 250 Pcs



Material: Sugarcane
Dimension (inch): 9″ x 6″ x 3″
Color: White
Case pack: 250

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Patek Packaging’s Sugarcane Hinged Containers are eco-friendly for all your packing needs. Developed from renewable sugarcane fibres, these versatile containers are a sustainable choice for everyone. 

Don't let the natural origins fool you. These containers are impressively resilient and suitable for various uses, from holding hot meals to storing cold desserts.

About the Product

Each pack includes 250 containers measuring 9x6x3 inches and features a convenient 2-compartment design for organized and efficient storage.

Even if it's for a takeaway restaurant, a corporate cafeteria, or a family picnic, our Sugarcane Containers meet the diverse needs of different users while promoting environmental responsibility.




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9″ x 6″ x 3″



Case Pack

250 Pcs


  • Made from 100% renewable sugarcane fibres, which reduces the environmental impact.
  • Robust construction ensures the containers maintain their integrity to prevent leaks and spills.
  • Ideal for serving main courses with sides or snacks for good portion control.
  • Separates food items to preserve their flavours and textures.
  • Microwave-safe for reheating without compromising food quality.
  • Freezer-safe for convenient storage of pre-prepared meals.
  • Ensures a secure seal to maintain the freshness of your food.
  • Eliminates the need for additional packaging, which reduces unnecessary waste.


Food Service Businesses

  • Perfect for restaurants, cafés, and catering services to pack and deliver meals.
  • Enhances the presentation of takeout and delivery orders.

Meal Prepping

  • Streamline meal prepping with the 2-compartment design for the separation of different components.

Events and Parties

  • Simplify event planning by using these containers for serving a variety of dishes.
  • Ideal for picnics, barbecues, and family gatherings.

Schools and Institutions

  • Great for school cafeterias, hospitals, and other institutions serving balanced meals.
  • Easy to handle for both adults and children.


Before sugarcane containers were produced, they came from a specific material called bagasse. Rebecca Spencer, the author of The Sugar Series: Sugar Cane Production – Growing, Harvesting, Processing and Refinement, says bagasse is a by-product of making sugar

Sugarcane fibre, or bagasse, has versatile applications in various industries. Here's a simple breakdown of its uses:

  • Production of eco-friendly packaging items.
  • Creation of sustainable food packaging solutions.
  • This is a key component in the production of environmentally friendly paper.
  • Used in the textile industry for certain fibre applications.
  • It can be processed to produce biofuel, contributing to renewable energy sources.

Moreover, sugarcane fibre is an alternative to traditional materials, replacing cardboard boxes, plywood, and particleboard. Notably, when used as a substitute for newspaper, it significantly reduces wood usage by more than 52%.

There's also something similar called 'agave bagasse' from the agave plant. Bagasse is mainly used to make paper, pulp, and building materials. Plus, it's used as a biofuel to produce energy, heat, and electricity.



Word Origin

The term 'bagasse' originates from the French word 'bagage,' meaning rubbish or waste. It exclusively refers to the residue of sugarcane.

Primary Use

Bagasse's main use is in the paper industry. Clarence Birdsong invented the method for using bagasse in paper production at 'Hacienda Paramonga,' a sugar mill in Peru.

Method Development

In 1937, the method for using bagasse in paper production was developed, and in 1938, the first paper manufacturing machines were designed in Germany. Bagasse was shipped from Peru to a paper mill in New Jersey for industrial-scale testing.

Commercial Production

The first successful commercial production of newsprint from bagasse was demonstrated in 1950 by the 'Noble & Wood Machine Company.' The event was attended by industrial representatives from 15 countries, showing the paper's economic importance in climates with limited wood fibre access.

Sweeten Your Sustainability Game

Our Sugarcane Hinged Containers with 2 compartments are ideal for anyone seeking an eco-friendly, practical solution for food storage and takeaway needs. These containers offer not only a sustainable alternative to traditional packaging but also provide exceptional functionality. 

If you’re a restaurant owner, a caterer, or someone who loves to pack meals on the go, these biodegradable containers meet your needs while supporting your commitment to the environment. Make the switch today and contribute to a greener, cleaner planet with our Sugarcane Hinged Containers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can they hold acidic foods?

Yes, Sugarcane Containers can hold acidic foods. They’re designed to resist the acids commonly found in foods like citrus fruits, tomatoes, and vinegar-based dishes. This resistance is due to the natural properties of sugarcane fibres, which are robust and do not easily break down or react with acidic substances.

How do they compare to Styrofoam containers?

Sugarcane Containers are more environmentally friendly than Styrofoam containers, being biodegradable and made from renewable resources. While Styrofoam offers better insulation and is usually cheaper, it’s non-biodegradable and can release harmful chemicals.  

Can they be used for baking?

They cannot be used for baking. They’re not designed to withstand the high temperatures of conventional ovens. They’re not heat-resistant enough for baking or exposure to oven temperatures.

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