PD-83 | 3-Comp Eco-Friendly Square Sugarcane Clamshell 8x8x2.5" - 200 Pcs



Material: Sugarcane
Dimension (inch): 8″ x 8″ x 2.5″
Color: White
Case pack: 200

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Discover the perfect companion for your medium-sized meals with the versatile 3-Comp Eco-Friendly Square Sugarcane Clamshell from Patek Packaging. Ideal for restaurants, food trucks, to-go orders, special events, and more, this container offers three compartments for optimal food organization and a seamless separation of diverse food items. 

This cost-effective solution is convenient for food preparation and an eco-conscious choice that aligns with your commitment to sustainability. 

About the Product

These containers are 100% Sugarcane Fiber, a renewable and biodegradable material, which exemplifies an eco-conscious alternative to traditional paper or plastic options. Their sturdy design ensures the durability of various food items, either hot or cold.








Dimension (inch)

8″ x 8″ x 2.5″



Case Pack



  • Reduces environmental impact and promotes sustainable waste disposal.
  • They can be disposed of in compost facilities, which contributes to a circular waste management system.
  • The three compartments allow for organized packaging. They prevent food mixing and maintain the integrity of each component.
  • Their clever hinged design simplifies access to your food for a seamless and hassle-free dining or takeout experience.
  • At 200 pieces per order, food storage and distribution are effortless. You never have to worry about running out of containers. 


Takeout Containers

It is ideal for restaurants and food establishments to pack and serve takeout meals with multiple components.

Catering Events

Suitable for catering services as a convenient way to organize and serve diverse menu items.

Food Trucks

Perfect for food trucks to serve various dishes while keeping different components separated.

Office Lunches

Excellent for packing office lunches with distinct compartments for main courses, sides, and desserts.

Meal Prep Services

Meal prep services use these containers for portion-controlled and well-organized packaging of meals.

Picnics and Outdoor Events

Convenient for packing picnic lunches or serving meals at outdoor events with a sustainable and eco-friendly touch.

Event Concessions

Ideal for events like fairs and festivals where concessions require sturdy and compartmentalized food packaging.

Home Meal Preparation

Individuals can use these clamshells for home meal prep to keep various meal components separate and fresh.


Sugarcane food packaging, utilizing bagasse as a dry and pulpy residue from crushed sugarcane stalks, is important in producing paper, pulp, building materials, and biofuel and offers an eco-friendly alternative in sustainable packaging solutions.

A study featured in the Frontiers in Sustainable Food Systems by Yara Hossam and Irene S. Fahim sheds light on the benefits of sugarcane-made food containers. A promising alternative to traditional plastic plates is biodegradable plates made from Bagasse pulp. These plates are environmentally friendly, safe for human health, and cost-effective to produce.

Brief History

The history of sugarcane food containers traces back to the ingenious use of bagasse in the paper industry. While working in a small laboratory at 'Hacienda Paramonga,' a sugar mill in Peru, Clarence Birdsong invented a method to utilize bagasse for paper production. 

Recognizing the potential of this discovery, the company acquired an old paper mill in New Jersey. They shipped bagasse from Peru to test the method's reliability on an industrial scale. The technique, developed in 1937, led to the design of the first paper manufacturing machines in 1938 Germany, marking a significant milestone in the evolution of sugarcane-based food container solutions.

Elevate Your Culinary Presentation 

If you want to serve your delectable creations in style, consider our 3-Comp Eco-Friendly Square Sugarcane Clamshell from Patek Packaging. These containers are ideal for a diverse range of dishes, from main courses with sides to elaborate meals with sauces.

Showcase your culinary artistry, enhance brand recognition, and delight your customers with a customizable, branded food container.

Frequently Asked Questions

What factors should I consider before buying 3-compartment clamshells?

  • Made of 100% sugarcane fibre for eco-friendliness.
  • Can hold various foods without breaking.
  • Stays intact with oily or cut foods.
  • Allows branding on packaging.
  • Fits the food type and amount you need.
  • Good value for the features it offers.

Is this sugarcane-made clamshell safe for the freezer and dishwasher? 


Yes, sugarcane-made clamshell containers are safe for use in the freezer. Even under low temperatures, they maintain their structural integrity.

Dishwasher Compatibility

Checking the precise product information is advisable, but only some sugarcane clamshell containers work with dishwashers. The water pressure and temperature in dishwashers may affect the container's integrity, and handwashing is beneficial for prolonged use.

What types of food are 3-compartment containers usually used for? 

  • Meal Combos. Ideal for meals with a main dish and two sides.
  • Bento Boxes. Perfect for Japanese-style bento meals with assorted foods.
  • Salads. Great for separating salad components like greens, proteins, and dressings.
  • Mixed Entrees. Suitable for meals with multiple elements like casseroles, vegetables, and grains.
  • Appetizer Platters. Useful for assorted appetizers or snacks for an attractive display.
  • Food Samplers. Excellent for showcasing a variety of dishes or menu items.

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