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Poly mailer bags are packaging used to send items through the mail, for perishable products, or to enhance a product display. They are made of polyethylene, a plastic material and are solid, lightweight, and have a self-sealing adhesive strip that helps keep contents secure during shipping. 

Poly mailer bags are an economical option for mailing items, and they can be used for various applications, including shipping clothing, books, and small parts. When choosing a poly mailer bag, it is important to take the item's size, weight, and shipping method to be delivered. They come in various sizes and can be customized with branding and a company logo.

Benefits of Poly Mailer Bags


Polypropylene mailers are frequently the least expensive choice. This is because they are low profile and small in weight. As a result, they add significantly less weight than boxes when calculating shipping costs.

Poly mailers, being bags, more or less assume the shape of the item delivered when utilizing dimensional weight and are only a few millimetres thick. Therefore, the dimensional weight will increase even if the box is only a few inches larger than the shipped item.


Poly mailers are a flexible delivery option. The exact-size poly mailers can accommodate products of varying shapes and sizes, unlike boxes, which must match the size of the item transported. For example, a letter, jewelry box, t-shirt, and other items can all be mailed in the same size.


Branding for your business can be printed straight into poly mailers. Additionally, they readily accept other branding alternatives like stickers and stamps. Finally, add personalized cards and remarks. Numerous producers will provide bespoke printing for you throughout the manufacturing process. 


Poly mailers are an effective transporting material. You should keep many of your delivery supplies on hand, depending on how many things you send in a given time frame. In addition, poly mailers are extremely thin and simpler to conceal covertly than large piles of various-sized boxes, which can accumulate in your home or business.

Numerous poly mailers can be reused. In addition, many producers have started with an additional adhesive strip on their poly mailers. This is a significant bonus for businesses and clients concerned with environmental issues.



Our poly mailer bags are made of a particular type of plastic that is water-resistant. This makes them ideal for mailing items that need to be kept dry, such as important documents or electronics. And they're easy to seal shut, so you can be sure your items will stay dry during transit. Our poly mailer bags come in various sizes to fit your every need. 


Regarding delivery, one of the most important factors to consider is weight. After all, the heavier your package is, the more it will cost to ship. That's why our poly mailer bags are such an excellent option for lightweight shipping items. Made from a durable yet lightweight material, our poly mailer bags protect items like clothes, books, and small electronics during transport. In addition, they're much more affordable than heavier alternatives like boxes or padded envelopes. So if you're looking for a cost-effective way to ship lightweight items, our poly mailer bags are the perfect solution.


Poly Mailer Bags are one of the most popular choices for packaging and transporting these days - and for a good reason! Not only are they more affordable than some other options, but they're also incredibly durable. Made from a high-quality polyethylene material, these bags can withstand a lot of wear and tear. And if you're worried about them tearing during transit, don't be - they're designed to be tear-proof, so your items will stay safe and sound. 

Comes in Different Sizes

Poly mailer bags come in a variety of sizes to accommodate different needs. The bag's dimensions will determine the amount of space available for contents. For example, a 6" x 9" bag can hold up to 1/2 pound of dry goods, while a 12" x 15" bag can hold up to 5 pounds. Poly mailer bags are also available in different thicknesses, affecting the bag's strength and durability. A thicker bag will offer more protection for contents but may be more expensive. 

When choosing a poly mailer bag, it is essential to consider the size and weight of the contents to be shipped. Selecting the right size bag will help ensure that your items arrive safe and sound.

Order Your Poly Mailer Bags Today!

Mailing days are just around the corner, and you know what that means- time to restock poly mailer bags—looking for a versatile, all-purpose transporting solution? Look no further than our selection of poly mailer bags! These strong, lightweight bags are perfect for various delivery needs, from clothes to electronics. And because they're made of durable polyethylene, they are tear- and puncture-resistant, so your items will stay safe during transit. Best of all, our poly mailer bags are available in various sizes so that you can find the perfect option for your delivery needs. So what are you waiting for? Order your poly mailer bags today!


How Are Poly Mailers Sealed?

Poly mailers are packaging used to ship items that require lightweight and durable protection. They are made from a laminated multi-layer film for extra strength and typically have a self-sealing adhesive strip on the flap. To seal a poly mailer, peel back the strip and press the flap closed. The pressure activates the adhesive, creating a secure seal that will hold up during transit.

What Material Are Poly Mailers Made Of?

Poly mailers are made of polyethylene. This material is lightweight yet strong, making it an ideal choice for packaging. Polyethylene is moisture-resistant, so it helps to keep contents dry during transit. Poly mailers are lined with Bubble Wrap or cushioning material to protect contents further. 

Are Poly Mailer Bags Recyclable?

Most people don't think twice about throwing away a poly mailer bag, but have you ever wondered if they are recyclable? Unfortunately, the answer is yes and no. Poly mailer bags are made of a plastic called low-density polyethylene (LDPE). This plastic is recyclable, but many curbside recycling programs don't accept it because it can get tangled in the sorting machinery. However, you can usually recycle LDPE at local drop-off centers. 

So, if you're determined to recycle your poly mailer bags, the best bet is to take them to a nearby facility that accepts this type of plastic. But, of course, you can also reuse poly mailer bags, which is the best option from an environmental standpoint. So, next time you're tempted to throw away a poly mailer bag, think twice and see if you can find a way to recycle or reuse it instead.

How Long Do Poly Mailer Bags Last?

When stored properly, poly mailer bags can last for many years. However, exposure to excessive heat or sunlight can cause the material to degrade over time. For this reason, storing poly mailer bags in a cool, dry place is essential. 

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