Matte Stand-Up Foil Pouches - White/Clear

Size: 1 oz
Unit: 100

Stand-Up Foil Pouch – White

100 pouches/pack

MS-1W Matte White/Frosted Clear 1oz, 3″ x 5″ 3,600
MS-2W Matte White/Frosted Clear 2oz, 4″ x 6.5″ 2,600
MS-4W Matte White/Frosted Clear 4oz, 5″ x 7.75″ 2,300

These popular matte pouches are a great way to add an eye-catching touch and the ability to seamlessly package and store your products. Constructed from a durable composite film with a laminated barrier layer and reclosable zipper, the material helps protect your items from moisture, oxygen, UV light, and other environmental elements. 


Health Canada Compliant

These pouches are made from FDA and Health Canada-compliant materials and are safe for direct contact with food. So if you're looking for a safe and reliable packaging solution, matte stand-up foil pouches are the way to go.

Two Colour Options - Black and Clear

Matte Finish Stand Up Pouches are available in both clear and black colours. Depending on your needs, one colour may be a better fit than the other. For example, if you're selling a product like coffee beans, the clear pouch will allow your customers to see the quality of the beans before making a purchase. For other types of products, the black pouch can give your brand a more sophisticated look. 

Come in Different Sizes

Stand-Up Pouch- Small 1oz

The smallest size of pouch we carry,  these foil pouches are ideal for smaller and lighter items like herbs, spices or even a sampling of nuts and dried fruit. In addition, the size of these pouches makes them ideal for maintaining lower shipping costs.

Stand-Up Pouch- Medium 2oz

The medium-sized 2oz option is prevalent in local shipping bag applications as a perfect in-between size. In addition, 2oz stand-up pouches are ideal for larger items or packages requiring a higher quantity. These foil bags are mailable, boilable and valuable for various purposes.

Stand-Up Pouch- Large 4oz

The largest size of stand-up foil pouches that we offer is the 4oz option. For many businesses, due to the low cost of this choice, the fact that this size can be used universally for various storing and shipping purposes makes this size our most popular.

Benefits of Matte Stand-Up Foil Pouches

Resealable Closures

Matte Stand-Up Foil Pouches have a resealable closure, making them ideal for all packaging needs, from coffee grounds to snacks. Not only does the pouch have a durable, matte finish that looks great on shelves, but it has an airtight seal to lock in flavour easily. With


Food is proven to be kept safer for longer in stand-up pouches. It also offers good control over oxygen and moisture barriers. Films can be contaminant- and UV-ray-resistant, puncture-resistant, and resist tearing. In addition, Patek Packaging's flexible packaging options provide exceptional seal tensile strength that significantly lengthens shelf life.

Shelf Attraction

A stand-up pouch is arguably the best way to promote your company on a store shelf. Your brand can be enabled on every square inch of the bag, with the largest surface area facing the customer on the store shelf. In addition, the pouch's self-standing capabilities give the products an advantage over rivals when stocked.


Stand-up pouches can be used for various products, from food to cosmetics to cleaning supplies. And they offer several benefits over other types of packaging, such as being more lightweight and easier to store.

Sustainable Alternatives

Lightweight stand-up pouches are better for the environment because they require fewer resources. In addition, compared to rigid packaging, they need far less room to carry, which reduces fuel emissions. Additionally, they are made entirely of recyclable materials and eco-friendly printing alternatives.

Matte Stand-Up Foil Pouches Facts

Matte Stand-Up Foil Pouches inspire creativity in all industries. Due to their clever design and versatility, these pouches are becoming increasingly popular, from food packaging to medical supplies. Not only are they cost-effective, but with more design freedom than other materials, producers allow for many different pouch sizes, shapes, colour patterns and finishing techniques. 

Order Your Matte Stand-Up Foil Pouches Today!

At Patek Packaging, we proudly offer our clients high-quality stand-up foil pouches. Whether you're packaging food, cosmetics, or other products, our pouches are an excellent option. In addition, we provide glossy and matte finishes, so you can choose the look that best fits your brand. 

Our pouches are also available in a variety of sizes and colours. And for those who want a truly unique look, we offer custom printing options. So if you're looking for a way to make your products stand out from the competition, order your stand-up foil pouches from Patek Packaging today!


What Are Matte Stand-up Foil Pouches Made Of?

Most foil pouches are made from laminated materials, meaning they have a layer of plastic (usually PET or polyethylene) bonded to a layer of aluminum foil. Some also have a paper layer inside for additional strength and barrier properties.

How Long Do Stand-up Foil Pouches Last?

Stand-up foil pouches are a type of food packaging that is becoming increasingly popular. They are made from a laminate of foil and paper, which makes them solid and durable. They are also lightweight and easy to store. 

There are many appealing features of stand-up foil pouches. They can last for up to two years. Because the material is highly resistant to moisture and oxygen, stand-up foil pouches are ideal for storing dry food items such as coffee, tea, or spices.

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