9" Pizza Paper Plate - 1200 Pcs


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You can enjoy your favourite slice of pizza with Patek Packaging’s Pizza Paper Plate. These paper plates can accommodate the size and weight of a pizza portion without compromising its durability. 

Made from durable, grease-proof paper, these products have a unique design with raised edges. This design helps keep pizza toppings in place and keeps the pizza's shape intact. If you are hosting a gathering, running a business, or enjoying a night in, this paper plate will be a suitable companion. 

About the Product

Patek Packaging’s pizza paper plates feature a grease-resistant coating, which keeps your hands clean while you eat. These plates are large enough for big pizza slices and other sizable meals. Enjoy your pizza more cleanly and conveniently. 












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  • Effectively absorb excess grease from the pizza, which keeps it from becoming soggy or causing any untidiness during consumption.
  • Accommodate a slice of pizza in terms of shape and size. This feature makes serving and consuming pizza highly convenient without additional tools.
  • Conveniently portable, which makes them appropriate for outdoor gatherings, picnics, parties, or any situation where people want to enjoy pizza on the go.
  • You will not need to clean dishes and plates after each use. These plates can be disposed of after food consumption to minimize time and effort. 
  • They are affordable and available in bulk. So, they’re a cost-effective choice for businesses, large gatherings or events.


  • Home Use. Ideal for casual family meals or gatherings, they simplify serving and cleanup, especially with kids.
  • Parties and Events. Perfect for birthdays, picnics, or outdoor events where easy disposal and minimal cleanup are desired.
  • Restaurants and Fast Food Outlets. Useful for quick-service restaurants, they offer a practical and hygienic way to serve slices or whole pizzas.
  • School Cafeterias. Great for school lunches, they provide a simple and efficient serving option.
  • Outdoor Activities. Suitable for camping, barbecues, or beach outings where convenience is necessary.


Martin Keyes, an industrialist from Boston, Massachusetts, invented the paper plate in 1904. The Paper Industry International Hall of Fame claims that he created a machine that made disposable dishes from pulp, changing the disposable tableware industry. Initially, these plates were basic and mainly used in industrial settings or outdoor events due to their convenience. 

Over time, paper plates saw improvements in design, materials, and production methods. This increased their durability and adaptability for various occasions. By the mid-20th century, paper plates had become common household items for social gatherings, outdoor events, and parties.

Eat With Patek Packaging

Pizza paper plates are versatile and useful for serving pizza and more. Made from sustainable materials, they are environmentally friendly. Enjoy your pizza without the mess or flimsy plates. Patek Packaging’s Pizza Paper Plates let you savour every cheesy, saucy bite worry-free.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the best way to store the paper plates?

The best way to store them is to keep them in a dry, cool place away from direct sunlight and moisture. This helps prevent them from warping or getting damp, which can compromise their strength and shape. If they come in a plastic wrapper or box, keep them in their original packaging until ready to use to protect them from dust and potential damage. Avoid placing heavy items on top of the stack to prevent bending or creasing.

Can the paper plates be reused?

Due to sanitary considerations, these plates are intended for single use. While reusing them for serving food is not recommended, you can repurpose them for crafts or as disposable trays for non-food items. 

For a more sustainable option, consider reusable plates for regular use and reserve paper plates for specific occasions where convenience and easy cleanup are priorities.

Can you print custom designs on the paper plates?

Yes, you can print custom designs on pizza paper plates. This is commonly done for branding purposes, especially in restaurants or special events. The printing process involves food-safe inks and materials to ensure safety and compliance with health regulations. Custom printing allows for personalization and can be an effective marketing tool, enhancing brand visibility.

How much weight can pizza paper plates hold?

Weight Capacity

Suitable Items

Not Suitable Items

Light to Medium

Single pizza slices, light appetizers, snacks

Heavy or dense foods like a whole pizza, large amounts of wet or dense foods like pasta dishes, heavy meats


Multiple pizza slices, sandwiches, salads

Very hot items that might cause the plate to warp, large servings of heavy foods


Loaded pizza slices, mixed food items

Items that require cutting with sharp utensils, as this could tear the plate

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