PPC750 | 26oz PP Clear Hard Cup - 500 Pcs



Material: Pp
Capacity: 26oz, 750ml
Color: Translucent
Case pack: 1000
Use with: Jc-95

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PPC750 | 26oz PP Clear Hard Cup - 500 Pcs

Take serving drinks to a new level with a clear, hard cup. This carefully designed cup combines style and practicality. This brings you a top-notch beverage experience. Learn how these PP clear hard cups enhance your drink service, making each sip a joy.

About the Product

Material: PP (Polypropylene)

These hard plastic cups are crafted from high-quality Polypropylene (PP), a durable and versatile material known for its strength and clarity. This ensures that your beverages stay securely contained and remain visually appealing.

Capacity: 26oz (750ml)

With a generous capacity of 26 ounces (750 millilitres), these hard plastic cups are the perfect choice for serving refreshing drinks, whether chilled soda, a smoothie, or a hot beverage. The ample size allows your customers to savour every sip without constantly needing refills.

Colour: Translucent

The translucent design of these hard plastic cups adds a touch of sophistication to your beverage service. The subtle transparency not only showcases the vibrant colours of your drinks but also enables easy identification of the contents.

Case Pack: 1000

Designed for convenience, each case pack contains 1000 Clear Hard Cups. This bulk packaging is ideal for businesses of all sizes, from bustling cafes and restaurants to catering services and large-scale events. It ensures that you have an ample supply on hand, thus, reducing the need for frequent restocking.

Use with: JC-95

Pair the Clear Hard Cup with our JC-95 lids for a secure, spill-resistant solution. The JC-95 lid is designed to fit the Clear Hard Cup seamlessly. This provides a snug fit to prevent leaks and spills.


Clarity and Elegance

These hard plastic cups enhance your beverages' presentation with crystal-clear transparency. Whether you're serving vibrant smoothies or classic sodas, the clarity of the cup allows your customers to fully appreciate the visual appeal of their drinks.


Crafted from durable PP (Polyethylene Terephthalate), our Clear Hard Cup can withstand the rigours of daily use. Whether it's a busy coffee shop, a fast-food restaurant, or a catered event, these cups are built to last. Customers will enjoy their drinks without worrying about flimsy or easily damaged containers.

Convenience in Bulk

The case pack of 1000 cups is designed to streamline your operational efficiency. You can focus on serving customers without the constant interruption of restocking. This bulk packaging is a cost-effective solution for businesses looking to optimize their supply chain.

This 26oz capacity can accommodate a wide range of beverages, from iced coffees and sodas to milkshakes and hot drinks. This versatility makes it a go-to choice for businesses with diverse drink offerings.


Perfect for On-the-Go

Paired with the JC-95 lid, the Clear Hard Cup transforms into an ideal option for customers on the move. In situations like commuting or taking a leisurely stroll in the park, the spill-resistant design guarantees a mess-free experience.

Ideal for Events and Catering

The bulk packaging makes our Clear Hard Cup ideal for events, parties, and catering services. Ensure your guests have a hassle-free experience by serving beverages in these sturdy and visually appealing cups.

Suitable for Hot and Cold Beverages

The temperature-resistant nature of Polypropylene makes our Clear Hard Cup suitable for hot and cold beverages. From steaming hot coffees to refreshing iced teas, these cups maintain their integrity, providing a reliable solution for all your beverage needs.


Our Clear Hard Cup is made from recyclable Polypropylene, contributing to environmental sustainability. Dispose of them responsibly, and rest assured that you're choosing to align with eco-conscious practices.

The cups feature a stackable design for efficient storage. Maximize your shelf or storage space by neatly stacking these cups, allowing easy access and organization in busy settings.

Patek Packaging Clear Hard Cups for Convenient Drinking

Even if you're running a coffee shop, a restaurant, or catering events, these cups offer a reliable and visually appealing solution for serving various beverages. 

With durability, versatility, and convenience at their core, these PP Clear Hard Cup are the perfect companions for elevating your beverage service.


Are These Cups Suitable for Hot Beverages?

Yes, our Clear Hard Cups are designed to be temperature-resistant, making them suitable for both hot and cold beverages.

Can I Use These Cups Without Lids?

While the cups can be used without lids, we recommend using them with our JC-95 lids for a secure and spill-resistant solution, especially for on-the-go customers.

Are These Cups Recyclable?

Our Clear Hard Cups are made from recyclable Polypropylene. Polypropylene (PP) is a durable thermoplastic polymer extensively employed in diverse products, with our Clear Hard Cups being an example. 

Polypropylene is selected for its ability to withstand temperatures, which is especially well-suited for applications in food packaging and beverage containers.

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