98mm Flat Lids for 12-24oz PET Cups


Looking for an easy and fast way to seal your 16oz PET cups? Look no further than our 98mm Flat Lids for 16oz PET Cups! These lids provide a tight seal, keeping your drinks and snacks safely stored. Perfect for coffee shops, restaurants, convenience stores, and more! Stop worrying about spills and start enjoying the convenience of our 98mm Flat Lids for 16oz PET Cups today.

Whether you're at home or on the go, our lids will help you enjoy your favorite beverage safely and securely, without sacrificing flavor or quality.

The lids are perfect for hot and cold beverages and provide an airtight seal to keep your drinks safe and secure. The perfect addition to any event or occasion, these lids are sure to make a lasting impression. Get them now and enjoy a spill-proof drinking experience that looks great every time!

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