101018 | 1 Ply Medium Natural Paper Towel Roll - 600' x 12 Rolls



Brand: Pur value
Sku: 101018
Dimension (inch): 1.77″ core x 600′
Color: Kraft
Case pack: 12 rolls

Pur Value Kraft towel rolls are famous in households and commercial businesses owing to their versatility. You can use it to wipe spills, wrap food, and much more. These rolls are made from 100% recycled paper, making them not just an economical choice but an eco-friendly one too. With their spongy texture and high-quality construction, it's easy to see why Kraft towel rolls have become a staple in many homes and workplaces.

A Kraft Towel Roll with a 1.77" core and 8"  x600' dimensions is a roll of paper towels rolls made of Kraft paper, a type of paper made from wood pulp and known for its strength and durability. The paper towel rolls are likely intended for use in a commercial or industrial setting, such as a restaurant, cafeteria, or workshop. You may use these rolls for various purposes, such as wiping surfaces, drying hands, or cleaning up spills.



Kraft paper is made from wood pulp, boasting remarkable strength and durability, making it the perfect option for producing paper towels. This material is extensively used in packaging and various industrial applications. The process involves breaking down wood pulp into fibers and forming them into a paper sheet, resulting in the creation of Kraft paper.


The paper towel roll consists of Kraft paper, renowned for its strength and durability. It has a 1.77" core and measures 8 inches in width by 600 feet in length. The core, with a diameter of 2 inches, acts as the center spindle around which the paper is tightly wound or coiled to create the paper towel roll. This large roll provides extended usage before needing to be replaced due to its significant dimensions.


You can use it for various purposes, including wiping surfaces, drying hands, and cleaning up spills. Kraft paper's strong and absorbent nature makes it well-suited for wiping down tables, countertops, and other surfaces. You can also use paper towel rolls to dry your hands after washing or contacting wet or messy substances.

Paper towel rolls are ideal for commercial or industrial settings like restaurants, cafeterias, and workshops. Paper towels are frequently used in these settings for various purposes, including wiping down surfaces, drying hands, and cleaning up spills.

Benefits of Using  Kraft Towel Roll – 1.77″ Core, 8″x600′

Strength and durability

Kraft paper's renowned strength and durability make it an excellent choice for paper towel usage. This quality ensures that the paper towels on the roll have a reduced likelihood of tearing or falling apart. This results in a significantly enhanced reliability and efficiency during use.


It is also highly absorbent, soaking liquids and other messes quickly and effectively quickly and effectively. It makes the paper towels on the roll helpful in cleaning up spills and keeping surfaces dry.

Large size

The roll is 8 inches wide and 600 feet long, meaning it is a large roll that will last a long time before needing to be replaced. It can be a convenient and cost-effective choice for businesses and other settings where paper towels are frequently used.


Paper towel rolls are commonly crafted from recycled materials, signifying their eco-friendly nature. Opting for a Kraft Towel Roll constructed from recycled paper presents an opportunity to contribute towards waste reduction and mitigate the environmental repercussions of paper towel utilization.


This multi-functional product finds application in diverse scenarios, including surface wiping, hand drying, and spill cleanup. Such versatility renders it a pragmatic and adaptable option suitable for various settings.

Order Your Kraft Towel Roll – 1.77″ Core, 8″x600′ Now

If you need a reliable and versatile brown paper towel rolls solution for your home or business, consider purchasing a Kraft Towel Roll with 1.77" Core and 8"x600' dimensions in Patek Packaging. These rolls are made of solid and durable Kraft paper, which is highly absorbent and can effectively clean up spills and keep surfaces dry. 

The Kraft Towel Roll's substantial size ensures prolonged usage, proving to be a cost-effective choice due to reduced replacement frequency. These rolls are crafted from recycled paper, highlighting their eco-friendly attributes. Their wide range of applications and advantages make them a practical and convenient solution suitable for diverse settings. Don't miss the chance to place your order today and experience firsthand the convenience and versatility of Kraft Paper Rolls.


Are Kraft Towel Rolls eco-friendly?

Kraft Towel Rolls have the advantage of being eco-friendly, with some being crafted from recycled materials. For instance, choosing a Kraft Towel Roll made from recycled paper offers a significant opportunity to curb waste and reduce the overall environmental impact associated with paper towel usage.

How long does a Kraft Towel Roll last?

The longevity of a Kraft Towel Roll relies on its frequency of use. Typically, due to its large size (e.g., a roll with a 1.77" core, 8" width, and 600' length), a Kraft Towel Roll will endure for an extended period before requiring replacement.

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