Explore the eco-conscious world of Sustainable Packaging Canada, where we redefine takeout with our kraft paper takeout boxes and bowls. 

If you own a bustling café or a gourmet food truck or are a conscious consumer, our takeout boxes and bowls offer the perfect blend of functionality. Choose Sustainable Packaging Canada for your takeout needs, and join us in our mission to serve sustainability with every meal.

Sustainable Packaging Canada

Using sustainable packaging helps reduce waste, water and power use and lowers harmful emissions. Adopting eco-friendly practices demonstrates your commitment to social responsibility and can attract more customers.

Canada generates more than 3 million tons of plastic waste annually, nearly half of it from packaging. In response, Canada revealed a plan in 2018 to create a circular economy for plastics, introducing a detailed Strategy on Zero Plastic Waste to tackle this problem.

Businesses in Canada looking to adopt greener practices may consider these eco-friendly packaging options:

  • Recyclable plastics
  • Paper and cardboard
  • Biodegradable materials
  • Plant-based materials

Paper and cardboard are excellent sustainable options that can be easily recycled. This reduces the demand for new resources and lessens waste. Additionally, these materials break down naturally over time.

Paper and paperboard materials are among the first and most widely used packaging options for food items such as milk and dairy products, beverages, dry powders, sweets, and bakery goods, mainly because they are eco-friendly.

Kraft Paper

Kraft paper gets its name from the German word for "strong." It's produced from at least 80% sulphate wood pulp, which gives it a coarse and very strong quality. It's made with a rough surface to keep bags from slipping off pallets.


At Home

  • Stores leftovers to keep food fresh and reduce food waste.
  • Supports households in making sustainable choices without compromising on convenience.

In Cafés and Restaurants

  • Offers an aesthetically pleasing and eco-conscious option for takeout.
  • Customizable for branding, so businesses can promote their commitment to sustainability and stand out in the market.

For Events and Catering

  • Simplifies post-event cleanup with compostable options to reduce the environmental impact of gatherings.
  • Ideal for serving a wide range of foods, from snacks to main dishes, conveniently.

In Office Settings

  • Provides a practical solution for employees to bring lunches or store snacks to reduce the use of single-use plastics.
  • Reflects a company’s commitment to sustainable practices to enhance its image among staff and visitors.

Outdoor Adventures

  • Lightweight and durable, perfect for picnics, hiking, and camping without worrying about damaging the environment.
  • Offers a responsible way to enjoy meals outdoors, with materials that have minimal impact on natural settings.

Buying Guide

Here's a simplified guide to help you decide:

  1. Match with Menu. Pick sizes and types that fit what you serve, if it's dry, moist, or greasy foods.
  2. Right Size. Choose sizes that fit your servings, from snacks to full meals. Make sure they stack well to save space.
  3. Eco-friendly. Look for recyclable or compostable options to support the environment.
  4. Custom Branding. Check if you can add your logo or brand colours for a personal touch.
  5. Strength. Ensure the packaging can hold your food securely without breaking.
  6. Cost. Consider the price and buy in bulk to save money, but ensure enough storage.
  7. Food Safe. Make sure the packaging meets food safety standards.
  8. Reliable Supplier: Choose a supplier known for quality and good service.

Serve Sustainability One Box at a Time

Choose green for your business with Patek Packaging’s kraft paper takeout boxes and bowls. Help the environment and give your customers eco-friendly packaging options. Get started today and positively change how your business packages food.  


Frequently Asked Questions


Can the colour of kraft paper be changed or dyed?

Yes, the colour of kraft paper can be changed or dyed. Although it naturally comes in brown due to the wood pulp it's made from; kraft paper can be bleached to make it white or dyed in various colours to meet specific aesthetic requirements. However, altering the colour might impact its recyclability and environmental friendliness, depending on the dyes and processes used.

Are there any foods that shouldn't be packaged in kraft containers?

Yes, some foods are not suitable for standard kraft containers. Very oily, greasy, highly acidic foods and very wet items may soak through or damage the paper unless the container is specially lined or treated to handle these foods.

How does the price of kraft packaging compare to styrofoam?

They tend to be more expensive than styrofoam due to their eco-friendly materials and production processes. However, the environmental benefits and positive customer perception of kraft packaging can outweigh the higher cost, which makes it a valuable investment for businesses focused on sustainability.

How do I dispose of kraft packaging properly?

  1. Recycle it if it's clean and free of food.
  2. Compost it if it's soiled and marked compostable.
  3. If neither option works, place it in the trash.

Check local guidelines to ensure correct disposal.

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