TY-93 | 3 Compartment Square Clamshell PP Hinged Container 9x9x3″ – 150 Pcs



Material: Pp
Dimension (inch): 9″ x 9″ x 3″
Color: White
Case pack: 150
Package size: 18.5″ x 9.64″ x 20.47″
Package weight: 22lb

Clamshell PP Hinged Containers are disposable plastic containers for food storage and transportation. They are made of long-lasting polypropylene (PP) plastic that is both lightweight and strong. The containers are clamshell-style, meaning they have two hinged halves that can be opened and closed to provide easy access to the contents. They are perfect for storing a wide range of foods, including sandwiches, salads, snacks, and desserts, due to the containers' various sizes. 

The containers are white in color and microwave-safe, so they can heat up food in the microwave. The disposable nature of the containers means that they can be easily discarded after use without washing. This saves time and effort while also promoting hygiene in food service settings.



Our Clamshell PP Hinged Containers provide the ideal bulk storage and product presentation solution. Measuring 19 × 12 × 12.75 inches, our containers are constructed from high-quality polypropylene and have clasped hinges for easy access to contents. The strength of these materials, along with the discreet labelling area, makes them perfect for small business owners looking for an appropriate way to store and market large quantities of their products.


Our Clamshell PP Hinged Containers are designed to make food on-the-go more accessible and more convenient than ever. We're confident you'll find the perfect container for your needs among the six available sizes. Additionally, each size has a reliable locking clasp that snaps into place, making them perfect for storing anything from lunches to household items.

Benefits of Clamshell Hinged Containers


The main advantage of a hinged container is that it eliminates the need to fiddle with a lid when closing or opening it. In addition, because it easily swings down or up, a hinged lid is much easier and more convenient for restaurants and customers. 


These convenient and durable containers are leakproof and designed with a tight-seal closure, making them perfect for preserving freshness, taste, aroma, and colour while preventing spills. 

Easy Access

This is incredibly convenient when the container stores frequently accessed items. The lid can be easily opened and closed, allowing quick and easy access to the contents inside. Hinged containers are also generally more stable and sturdy than containers with separate lids, making them less likely to tip over or spill.

Clamshell PP Hinged Containers Facts

Did you know that Clamshell PP-hinged containers are made of polypropylene (PP), a durable and robust material? They come in various shapes and sizes, so you can get them suited for any product. Moreover, they strike the perfect balance between offering superior product protection and cost-effectiveness. In addition, unlike many other competing materials, PP does not emit harmful toxins or volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Not to mention, it’s a lightweight material which helps reduce the carbon footprint when shipped internationally. 

Order Your Clamshell PP Hinged Containers Today!

Have your business stand out from the crowd with clamshell PP-hinged containers! These specialized containers work great for all types of products. The convenient size, secure hinged lid, and lid-to-base solid construction make these special containers reliable and easy to use. 

They are perfect for grocery stores to pack prepared foods, for bakery items that need to be sold fresh and protected simultaneously, or for personal care retailers who require stylish packaging with a secure seal. Get your clamshell PP hinged containers today and let your customers know what you can do for them!


Are clamshell-hinged containers safe to use?

Few options outperform the classic clamshell in terms of keeping your products fresh and your customers safe. It is no surprise that plastic clamshell packaging is so prevalent in the food industry. Its design encourages a way to promote your products while keeping food safe, presentable, and eco-friendly.

Are these products safe? 

Plastic is one of the most commonly recycled materials. Furthermore, using plastic packaging is expected to result in a 1.7-pound reduction in food waste. Customers will undoubtedly be interested if you improve your product while benefiting the environment.

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