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Indian Food Takeout Collection

Indian Food Takeout Collection

Patek Packaging's Indian Packaging Collections complement India's enticing flavours and fragrances. Patek understands the flavour of Indian cuisine and the necessity of packaging that protects and improves the experience. Our packaging preserves the character and tastes of Indian cuisine, from clear deli soup containers to aluminum foil containers.

About the Products

Our packaging solutions are the way to go if you want your Indian treats to stay fresh and tempting for as long as possible. Whether you're serving samosas, biryanis, or desserts, we have the suitable packaging. We also offer eco-friendly options that save waste without sacrificing quality or aesthetics. 



Polypropylene (PP)

- PP is suitable for preserving and reheating Indian curries, rice meals, and gravies because it is microwaveable. 

- The authenticity of Indian cuisine depends on its heat resilience, which allows food to be heated safely without losing flavour or texture.

Polyethylene terephthalate (PET)

- Transparent and lightweight. 

- Ideal for serving food like lassi since its translucent design highlights the drink's brilliant colours and textures.

High-density polyethylene (HDPE)

- Strength and chemical resistance make HDPE a rigid plastic

- Package bottles, containers, and bags. 

- HDPE containers are ideal for keeping Indian spices, lentils, and grains. 

Kraft Paper

- Wood pulp makes Kraft paper sturdy and eco-friendly.

- Biryanis, dosas, and chaats can be safely and sustainably packaged in Kraft packaging. 

- Natural appearance enhances the package, while its durability keeps food fresh.


- Paper packaging for Indian takeaway, snacks, and sweets is eco-friendly and biodegradable. 

- Flexible customization and branding make it suitable for displaying Indian cuisine's rich and diverse flavours while aligning with environmental ideals.


- Indian delicacies like biryanis, kebabs, and tandoori are perfect for aluminum foil packaging. 

- Their heat retention properties keep food warm during transport, while the foil material prevents moisture and contamination, retaining taste and aroma.


- Spoons made of cornstarch are a sustainable alternative to plastic. 

- Their biodegradability matches Indian cuisine's eco-friendliness.

Sizes and Shapes


Available Variation

Ideal Use

Microwaveable Containers with Lids

Rectangular - 16oz & 24oz

Round - 16oz, 24oz, 32oz

Ideal for storing and reheating Indian curries, biryanis, and pulao. They can store leftover roti or naan.

Bowls with Lids

8oz & 12oz

Bowls with lids are ideal for serving individual amounts of dal, raita, or desserts like kheer or gulab jamun.

Deli Soup Containers with Lids

8oz, 12oz, 24oz, 32oz

Indian soups like mulligatawny and rasam are perfect for takeout in deli soup containers with lids. They can also store sambar and other lentil stews.

Clear Cold Cups 

12oz & 16oz

Serve lassi, falooda, or mango lassi in these glasses. They can serve jaljeera (cumin-based drink) and nimbu pani.

Portion Cups

20z & 3.25oz

These cups can hold little chutneys, pickles, and sauces for samosas, pakoras, and chaats. 

Aluminum Foil Containers and Lids

7”, 8”, 9”

Best for making and preserving chicken and paneer tikka. 


Fine Dining Indian Restaurants

Fine dining Indian restaurants serve authentic Indian food in sophisticated settings. They can package gourmet curries in microwaveable containers with lids. Shorbas and bisques taste great in lidded bowls.

Casual/Takeout Indian Restaurants

Takeout or casual eating Indian restaurants provide a selection of popular dishes for takeout or dining in. These restaurants can serve chutneys, pickles, and sauces with samosas and pakoras in portion cups, soups, and stews in deli soup containers with lids. 

Street Food and Fast-Casual Indian Restaurants

Street food sellers and fast-casual Indian eateries serve economical Indian snacks and meals on the go. They can use aluminum foil containers and lids to package rolls and wraps. Serving spicy chutneys and sour dips with street food like vada pav or pav bhaji in portion cups is convenient.

Catering and Event Food Services

Indian catering and event food services need reliable packaging for transporting and serving food. Depending on the menu and catering needs, they can use aluminum foil, microwaveable, and deli soup containers with lids.

Preserve the Flavour and Aroma of Indian Food with Patek

Patek Packaging caters to the diverse needs of Indian food businesses. Choosing the correct packaging solutions is essential for food quality, presentation, and customer pleasure in an Indian restaurant, street food stall, or sweets shop. Take your packaging to the next level by working with Patek Packaging.


Frequently Asked Questions


Can I add my company's logo or design to the packaging?

Yes. We make it easy to personalize our products with your brand's logo or design. Stickers and printing on our goods are accessible due to the choice of material and their minimalist & simple design. 

Which shipping methods are available for Indian Collection products?

Delivery across Canada is available from Patek Packaging. We offer multiple shipping alternatives to deliver your packaging materials quickly and efficiently based on location and order amount.

Customers who prefer warehouse pick-up can pick up their orders in-store for free. Pickup is at 103-3231 No 6 Rd., Richmond, BC, Canada. V6V 1P6. An email or text will be sent when your order is ready. Local delivery in Greater Vancouver is free. On delivery day, the checkout address will receive an email notification. 

Can I get advice on what kind of packaging will be best for my Indian food products?

Yes, our staff can offer customized advice. We can assist you in finding the best bowls, cups, and containers for your menu items, whether soups, biryanis, desserts, or snacks. To make searching our Indian Packaging Collection even easier, we have created a dedicated tab for it.