YS120 | 120mm Clear PP Round Lids (Lid Only) - 1000 Pcs



Material: Pp
Size: 120mm
Shape: Round
Color: Translucent
Case pack: 600
Use with: 360p | 400fbm | 500fbm
Package size: 25″ x 14″ x 20″
Package weight: 10.8lb

For an attractive and easy way to top off your clear plastic cups, check out our 120 mm PP Clear Round Plastic Lids. These durable lids are made of polypropylene and designed to fit our clear plastic cups. They're perfect for hot and cold beverages and provide a tight seal to prevent leaks. Plus, they're crystal clear so that they won't obscure the appearance of your drinks. 



Our round plastic lids have a test weight of 10.8 lbs, which makes them great for situations where heavy-duty lids are needed. 


Round plastic lids are essential for food storage and preservation. They are measured 25 × 14 × 20 in. They are made of high-quality, durable plastic that is safe for food storage. In addition, they have a tight fit that helps to keep food fresh and prevents leaks. 

Pieces per Pack

The 120 mm size is versatile and fits many standard containers. Moreso, the 1000-piece pack, provides plenty of lids for tamper-evident packaging, portion control, or Bulk storage.

Benefits of Round Plastic Lids

Easier to Stack and Store

Round plastic lids are much easier to stack and store. The shape prevents them from toppling over, and they take up less space in your cupboard. In addition, they are easy to move, and their shape makes them more convenient when it comes to stacking and storing them.

Leak Proof

While many different lids are on the market, round plastic lids are the most leak proof option. Unlike square or rectangular lids with sharp corners that can quickly become damaged, round lids have smooth edges that create a tight seal. In addition, the rounded shape of the lid helps to distribute pressure evenly, preventing leaks even when the container is full.


PP plastic is a type of polypropylene, a lightweight and inexpensive material compared to other types of plastic. This makes it more affordable to produce and purchase. The production of 120 mm PP clear round plastic lids is efficient and streamlined compared to other plastic products, reducing production costs and making the lids more affordable.

Easy to Clean

Round plastic lids are easy to clean because they have no corners. Food and dirt cannot get trapped in corners like square lids. When you wash a round lid, all the water and soap can reach every surface. You can be confident your cover is clean. 

Round Plastic Lids Facts

Did you know that round plastic lids were first invented in the early 1900s? Yes, these commonplace items have been around for over a century! These lids have a lot more to them than meets the eye. For example, did you know they were originally intended to be used as coasters? However, it was in the mid-1900s that they were widely used as food container lids.

Today, round plastic lids are produced in massive quantities worldwide. It is estimated that there are billions of them in circulation! Even though we might not think about them much, these simple lids are essential to our daily lives. 

Order Your 120 mm PP Round Plastic Lids Today

If you need round plastic lids for your business or home use, make sure to order from us today! Our 120 mm PP round plastic lids provide the perfect seal for all your containers. That's why we're proud to offer a wide selection of high-quality round plastic lids in various sizes. In addition, we only sell lids made of durable polypropylene plastic because we recognize how important quality is to our customers. 


What Material Is a 120 MM PP Round Plastic Lids Made Of?

A 120 MM PP round plastic dome lid is typically made out of durable polypropylene plastic. This type of plastic is known for being lightweight yet sturdy, making it an ideal choice for many food storage containers. The clear plastic allows for easy visibility of contents, and the smooth surface is easy to clean. The dome shape of the lid provides ample headroom for taller items, and the tight fit helps to keep contents fresh. 

Can I get a Custom Print on My Round Plastic Lid?

Custom printing is possible on round plastic dome lids. It is commonly printed with logos, graphics, or simply when clients want their text to stand out. A unique printing process ensures that designs will be clear and crisp. And because it is printed directly onto the lid, there's no need for stickers or labels. 

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