Tin Containers - Hinge

Size: 80mm x 38mm

Metal Tin Container

Looking for packaging that your consumers can reuse? Then these tin containers are perfect! They are sturdy enough to be used to ship and store a variety of items. Not to mention, using them to encase your products would be a great way to stand out from your competition.

They are perfect for holding spices, herbs, teas, and other dry goods. It has a tight–fitting lid that helps to keep contents fresh.

You deserve the best! Don’t settle for anything less. Our metal tin container is perfect for your canned food products, or you can use it for your personal use.

A simple, affordable and practical way to store your food items. Stackable and airtight, these containers make an invaluable contribution to your kitchen.

Our tin boxes will last a lifetime and are a perfect alternative to plastic or cardboard.


There are numerous advantages to using tin containers, particularly for storage. The following are some advantages:

Can Keep Food Fresh

Using metal containers for food storage has several benefits. One of the main advantages is that metal, such as tin, is a naturally non-reactive material, meaning it won't affect the taste or quality of the food stored inside. Another benefit is that metal containers are opaque, which helps protect the food from light exposure that can cause spoilage. Finally, metal containers are often an affordable choice for food storage.


Some containers, especially those made from metal, are considerably lighter than other materials. Weight reduction results in decreased transportation costs for your business and better convenience for your clients.


Tin containers are durable and can hold many items, making them ideal for storing goods. They're easy to maintain, as they don't rust or corrode over time. You can store food and sensitive items without worrying about contamination. Tin containers are lightweight and portable, making them convenient for transporting items from one location to another.


Tin containers have several advantages that make them a viable option for food storage. Empty cans can be reused, melted, and reformed into new products because Tin is 100% recyclable. In addition, Tin, unlike some plastics, does not leach chemicals into food.

In addition, when properly sealed, it provides an impenetrable barrier to oxygen and other contaminants that can cause food to spoil. Because of this, they are ideal for storing dry goods such as grains and beans, as well as canned fruits and vegetables.

They are a sustainable food storage option with several advantages over other materials. For example, Tin is long-lasting, non-toxic, and infinitely recyclable.


Many consumers want to reduce their carbon footprint and live more environmentally friendly, sustainable lives. Because metal is widely recognized for being easy to recycle and posing fewer risks to people and the environment than plastic, using it to package your products can assist you in connecting with environmentally conscious customers.

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Why Is Tin Used in the Food Industry?

Because of its anti-corrosion properties, Tin is the most preferred choice for coating food cans, according to the Food Packaging Forum. Unlike zinc and other reactive metals, Tin does not naturally react with the acids produced by food. It's also bendable, lightweight, and recyclable.

What Are the Benefits of Using Tin Containers Over Plastics?

Metal is a particularly sustainable material because it can be used endlessly. Because metal can be infinitely recycled, steel investment is never wasted and can be capitalized on by future generations. In addition, metal packaging and closures made of aluminum and steel are 100% recyclable.

Is a Tin Container a Good Heat Conductor?

Each metal conducts heat in some way, but the amount of conductivity varies. Tin is a good heat conductor because of free delocalized moving electrons.

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