PET Clear Lid for CR750/CR9002/CR1000 - 300 Pcs



Material: Pet
Color: Clear
Case pack: 300

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Simplify your meal time with Patek Packaging's PET Clear Lids. These lids are your go-to solution for mess-free, on-the-go dining. Ideal for restaurants, cafes, catering events, or home meal prep, these disposable lids offer convenience and reliability. 

The crystal-clear finish allows for easy identification of the contents, while the ability to write on them ensures a foolproof labelling system. Plus, they're environmentally friendly – easily disposable for quick cleanup.

About the Product

Beyond visibility, these lids boast a secure fit, effectively preventing leaks or spills, which makes them an ideal choice for confidently transporting food. This Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) lid guarantees the integrity of your culinary creations during transit and effectively meets your food storage demands.













8oz base container

Case Pack



  • Provides clear visibility so users can quickly spot and identify stored items for added convenience.
  • Maintains the freshness of the food by providing a secure seal to prevent air and contaminants from entering the container.
  • Easy to stack and optimizes storage space in refrigerators, freezers, or during transportation.
  • Users can dispose of the lids responsibly through recycling programs.
  • Protects the food within the container and ensures the lid can withstand normal handling and transportation.
  • Accommodates larger or bulkier food items and maximizes the storage capacity and versatility of the container for various types of meals.
  • You can stay stacked up at 300 pieces per order and not worry about running out. 


Food Storage 

The primary use is to cover and seal rectangular food containers with a protective barrier to keep food fresh and safe from external elements.

Takeout and Delivery

Suitable for takeout and delivery services. Keeps contents’ integrity during transportation.

Meal Prep

The lids are valuable for individuals engaged in meal prepping to organize and store different food portions for later consumption.

Display Purposes

Useful for showcasing food items in a retail or catering setting to make them more appealing to customers.

Freezer Storage

The lids are suitable for sealing containers for freezer storage to preserve the quality of frozen food items.

Catering Events

These lids are valuable in catering scenarios where pre-prepared food needs to be transported and served in an organized and presentable manner.

Home and Office Use

Beyond the food industry, the lids are practical for general home and office organization.


PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) food packaging has remarkable attributes. With its notable high impact and tensile strength, PET proves ideal for storing and transporting food items. Its low permeability to oxygen, carbon dioxide, and water contributes significantly to preserving the shelf life of packaged products. 

PET is good at handling different chemicals, including acids, so it's a great choice for packing food. When PET flakes from recycling get heated, it cleans them well and removes anything harmful. This means PET packaging is safe for food and doesn't risk consumer health.  

Optimizing Space with Patek

Unlock a superior user experience for your food service establishment with our PET Clear Lids. Keep your popular meals warm and fresh for takeout with these lids' secure seals. Tailor your packaging perfectly – our lids create ample garnish space and facilitate efficient stacking. 

Select the lids that suit your needs and experience the strength and sturdiness that safeguard your dishes. Elevate your food presentation and delivery standards with the reliable performance of our lids.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the ways to use these lids for branding?

  • Custom Labeling. Utilize the clear surface of the PET lids for custom labels, stickers, or printed logos that represent your brand.
  • Colour Customization. Choose lid colours that align with your brand identity for a visually cohesive packaging solution.
  • Printed Information. Include important information like your company name, tagline, or website directly on the lid for brand recognition.
  • Promotional Messaging. Use the lids to communicate promotional messages, such as discounts or special offers, to engage customers.
  • Consistent Design. Maintain a consistent design theme across all packaging elements, including lids, for a unified and recognizable brand image.

Can PET Clear Lids be used for vacuum sealing?

They are not designed for vacuum sealing. Vacuum sealing requires lids and containers to withstand pressure changes and maintain an airtight seal. They’re used for their clarity and sturdiness but may not provide the seal and strength required for vacuum sealing processes.

How do PET Clear Lids compare to other materials in clarity?

PET clear lids are known for their excellent clarity, surpassing materials like polystyrene, polypropylene, and polyethylene, which can appear hazy or translucent. While glass offers great clarity, PET is more practical due to its lightness and durability.

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