Balanced® 5.5 mil Black Disposable Nitrile Gloves

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Patek Packaging’s nitrile gloves are made of latex-free synthetic rubber, making them a safe choice for people with latex allergies. They are more resistant to punctures and tears than natural rubber gloves and are often used in healthcare, food service, and cleaning applications. 

Our disposable nitrile gloves are versatile and affordable for many everyday tasks. These gloves have an improved grip and are ambidextrous for ease of use. In addition, they are available in sizes small through extra-large to ensure a comfortable fit. Balance 5.5 mil black disposable nitrile gloves are a great option for a wide variety of applications in many industries.

Benefits of Nitrile Gloves

Three to Five Times More Resistant to Punctures Than Latex

In particular, when exposure to bloodborne pathogens and other environmental toxins is a risk, many professions rely on the strength of nitrile gloves. Nitrile gloves, like those offered by Patek Packaging, are highly puncture-resistant and FDA and CSA approved for medical use, offering outstanding durability and barrier protection. As a result, professionals in the medical and dental fields, tattoo artists, spas and salons, and lab settings frequently use our nitrile gloves.

Greater Chemical Resistance and a Stronger Protective Barrier

Nitrile rubber is superior in strength and resistance to chemicals, oils, and acids. Our disposable nitrile gloves are more chemically and puncture-resistant than latex or vinyl by a factor of three. Nitrile is advised for workers handling 67% of chemicals, which is 28% more than latex or vinyl.


When latex allergies are an issue, nitrile gloves are the synthetic substitute for natural rubber. As a result, more medical professionals rely on latex-free Nitrile gloves. Approved for medical use, exam-grade disposable nitrile gloves, like those offered by Patek Packaging, provide outstanding strength, durability, and barrier protection against bloodborne pathogens and environmental toxins. In addition, when wet or dry, the micro-roughened finish on their surface gives you a non-slip grip.


One of the main advantages of nitrile gloves is that they are waterproof. This means they can be used in wet environments, such as when cleaning or doing dishes, without fear of the water damaging the gloves. 

Adapts to the Contours of Your Hand to Fit Comfortably and Snugly

Nitrile gloves warm up from body heat and closely adapt to the hand for a more secure fit. Because they are 50% thicker than conventional nitrile gloves, these premium industrial-grade nitrile gloves will last you longer while working because of their increased durability. They can be used in many ways in food service and various other industries. In addition, they are more elastic than vinyl and can be used in the manufacturing, janitorial, industrial, safety, and chemical industries.

Nitrile Gloves Are Easy to Put On and Take Off Because They Have Less Friction Resistance

The decreased coefficient of friction of nitrile rubber gloves alone makes them simpler to put on and take off. However, finishes are added throughout the disposable glove production process, enabling users to quickly put on and take off the gloves while maintaining a seamless experience. 

Industries such as food processing and food service require frequent changes of gloves. For short-term applications requiring frequent glove changes, general-purpose gloves like our Nitrile gloves allow seamless changes. This disposable, industrial-grade nitrile glove is typically utilized in dexterity-required fields like food processing, cleaning, manufacturing, automotive, and industrial applications.


Extra Thick and Durable

Nitrile gloves are better at resisting chemicals and are more challenging to puncture than latex or vinyl gloves. In addition, nitrile gloves are extra thick and durable, providing an additional layer of protection against mechanical hazards. As a result, they are often used in healthcare, food service, and other industries where worker safety is a concern.


One of the main benefits of disposable nitrile gloves is that they can be worn on either hand. This is because they are ambidextrous, meaning that they are designed to fit both left and right hands. As a result, ambidextrous gloves are much more practical and can be used in many different contexts, including healthcare and the food industry.

It Comes in Four Sizes

Our disposable nitrile gloves come in four sizes to fit everyone from small to the XXL. The small gloves fit like a glove should, with no bagginess or bunching. The medium gloves are also well-fitting, but they offer more room for those needing them. The large gloves are spacious and can accommodate even the most oversized hands. Finally, our extra-large gloves are perfect for those needing extra room to move. We have the ideal size glove if you want a snug fit or additional space. 

Order Your Balanced® 5.5 mil Black Disposable Nitrile Gloves Today!

You can't be too careful when protecting your hands from harsh chemicals and other hazardous materials. That's why we're excited to offer our brand new line of 5.5 mil black disposable nitrile gloves. These gloves are made from a high-quality nitrile material that is tear-resistant and resistant to many common chemicals. Plus, they feature a specially-engineered surface that provides an excellent grip while still allowing you to maintain dexterity. They come in sizes small, medium, large, and extra large, so you'll be able to find one that fits perfectly. So don't wait any longer; order your Balanced® 5.5 mil black disposable nitrile gloves today!


Are Standard Nitrile Gloves Disposable?

Nitrile gloves are indeed thrown away. They can be recycled using programs like Terracycle. This PPE must be recycled separately from other recyclables. Disposable nitrile gloves are biodegradable.

What Is The Difference Between Surgical Gloves And Nitrile Gloves?

Historically, latex has been used to make surgical gloves. Medical gloves made of synthetic copolymer nitrile are a great substitute. Previously, they cost much more than latex surgical gloves because they had to be made in an extra step. Recent technological developments have led to more affordable methods of creating disposable nitrile gloves. Today, both nitrile and latex gloves are reasonably priced choices.

Can I Wash Disposable Gloves?

Disposable gloves should be discarded after use to avoid being washed to reuse them because they are made to be used only once. In addition, the protective outer layer of the gloves could be damaged by rubbing them or washing them in soaps and detergents, leading to tears and holes in the gloves.

Can I Reuse Disposable Gloves?

While it is possible to reuse gloves, some risks are associated with this practice. Reusing gloves can increase the chances of cross-contamination, as bacteria and other contaminants can build up on the surface of the gloves. Also, gloves used before are more likely to tear or come into contact with dirty surfaces, which could expose the wearer to harmful chemicals. Because of these reasons, it is usually best to use disposable gloves only once and then throw them away.

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