90mm Black Disposable Cup Lids


Patek Packaging offers 90mm black disposable cup lids that effectively maintain the temperature of your drinks. Simply place a lid on your cup to insulate it from the colder external environment. These lids are ideal for conveniently carrying coffee while on the move or ensuring the warmth of tea and hot chocolate during winter. 90mm black disposable cup lids are highly affordable, with a pack available for just a few dollars.

Benefits of Disposable Cup Lids

Plastic cup lids can seem minor but can provide several essential benefits: 

Help Keep Drinks Hot or Cold

Disposable cup lids serve a vital purpose in maintaining your beverage at the desired temperature. Whether you prefer your coffee hot or your soda cold, these lids effectively trap heat to keep your drink warm or prevent ice from melting too quickly. 

Prevents Spills and Splashes

Disposable cup lids are designed to prevent spills and splashes when drinking hot beverages. The cover fits snugly over the top of the cup, creating a seal that prevents liquid from escaping. This is especially useful when travelling or when it is challenging to keep the cup steady. 

Used to Hold Stirrers, Sugar Packets, and Other Small Items

Most of us have used a disposable cup with a lid. They're convenient for to-go coffee or soda and usually come with small extras like a stirrer or sugar packet. But did you know that those lids can be used for much more than just holding your drink? 

The next time you find yourself with a few extra lids, try using them to hold small items like straws, sugar packets, or even coins. The raised edge around the cover provides the perfect barrier to keep things from spilling out, and the lid is often sturdy enough to support a fair amount of weight. With these features, you can consider other uses for those excess plastic cup lids before throwing them away.

Provide a Barrier Between Your Mouth and the Cup

Our hands frequently come into contact with our face, offering numerous opportunities for bacteria and viruses to enter our bodies through mucous membranes. If you're using a disposable cup, it's likely that your hands have also touched the cup lid. Placing a disposable cup lid creates a protective barrier between your mouth and the cup, effectively reducing the risk of bacteria and virus transmission. Remember to use the lid the next time you reach for a disposable cup.


Designed to Fit on 12OZ Paper Cups

Our disposable cup lids are designed to provide a tight, secure fit on 12oz paper cups. Crafted from durable polypropylene plastic, each cap features a small hole in the center to allow hot beverages to vent and prevent condensation. For convenient storage, our lids are stackable and fit snugly on top of each other. 

With Hinge Latch to Cover the Sip Hole

Our disposable cup lids feature a convenient hinge latch to cover the sip hole, effectively preventing accidental spills and preserving the freshness of your drink. The hinged latch is designed for easy opening and closing, delivering a hassle-free, enjoyable drinking experience.

Order Your 90mm Black Disposable Cup Lids Today

Patek Packaging offers 90mm black disposable cup lids as the ultimate solution for preserving your drinks' temperature. These lids are designed to securely fit on our 90mm cups, creating a tight seal to prevent leaks and spills effectively. Crafted from durable plastic, they can withstand hot and cold temperatures with ease. Whether you're serving coffee, tea, or soda, our black disposable cup lids are the perfect choice for maintaining your beverages' ideal temperature. 


How Long Do Disposable Cup Lids Last?

Disposable cup lids are intended for single-use and subsequent disposal. Although some individuals may attempt to reuse them to save money, it's necessary to recognize that disposable cup lids are not designed for multiple uses. The material they are made from lacks the durability to withstand repeated usage, leading to potential warping or deformation over time. The airtight seal around the edge of the lid may no longer remain intact that results in potential leaks. It is advisable to use disposable cup lids only once and ensure proper disposal afterward.

Are Disposable Cup Lids Recyclable?

The answer to this question depends on the type of cup lid. Some disposable cup lids are made of paper and can be recycled along with regular paper products. However, other disposable cup lids are made of plastic and cannot be recycled similarly. 

To be sure, check the recycling symbol on the bottom of the lid. The lid is made of recyclable plastic if it has a recycle symbol with a number within. The lid is not recyclable if there is no recycle symbol or if the recycle symbol has a crossed-out circle.

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