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Paper Bowls Collection

Store or serve your food right and sanitary with Patek Packaging’s collection of paper bowls. Whether you prepare the base only or with a lid, you can find the best packaging that suits your needs. Crafted from different materials, like Kraft, Paper, and PP (for lids), these bowls ensure your food is safely stored, served, or delivered.  

About Paper Bowls

Did you know that paper bowls have existed for more than 100 years? They were invented in the early 1900s, but during that time, they were primarily used to serve ice cream. Over time, paper bowls gained popularity and were even used to serve other food items. Due to a material shortage, these bowls were also an alternative to ceramic bowls during World War II. 

Today, these bowls have evolved, with many eco-friendly options for storing, serving, and delivering food with varying styles and designs. Due to their demand in food businesses and home use, Patek Packaging now provides more paper bowl options that cater to every need. 

Our Product Selection Guide 



Kraft is more sturdy than ordinary paper. It is the preferred food packaging material to pack sugar, flour, veggies, dried fruits, cheese wraps, bread bags, etc. It’s recyclable (up to 7 times) and environmentally friendly, which can reduce the carbon footprint by up to 65%. 


Paper-made bowls are preferred in fast-food-type businesses, where fast consumption is needed. It can hold different food items, especially bread, delicatessen products, etc. One of the main reasons for using paper is that it lessens the risks of pathogens, which is a potential danger to consumers. 

PP or  Polypropylene (for the lid)

PP is a versatile plastic material commonly found in packaging. You can pair our paper bowls with our PP-made lids to seal food items for storing, serving, and delivering. It’s durable with chemical-resistant properties, perfect for packing food items. 




Ideal for fresh or vibrant-looking foods, as they allow customers to inspect the quality and freshness of the product. 


Kraft paper is typically brown and associated with a natural, eco-friendly aesthetic. It gives the impression of being environmentally conscious, and it's often used for packaging organic or artisanal food products. 


White bowls suggest cleanliness and a modern aesthetic. This colour is often used for a wide range of products as it provides a neutral background that can work well with various food types.

Additional Information:

  • Capacity: Available in different capacities to serve various kinds of food. You can choose from 8oz to 24oz. 
  • Quantity: Patek Packaging offers bulk pape bowl items, which you can choose from 500, 600, and 1000 pcs per case pack. 
  • Lid Size: The lid size is 90mm and 115mm for the PP and Kraft, respectively. 
  • Price: The price ranges from $41.95 to $81.95, depending on the capacity and the type of lid (Kraft or PP). 

Paper Bowl Usage 

Paper bowls are used in packaging across various industries and for various products due to their versatility and eco-friendly nature. Here are some common areas where these bowls are used for packaging:

  • Takeout and Delivery: Especially for soups, salads, noodles, and other hot or cold dishes.
  • Fast Food: Quick-service restaurants use these bowls for serving various meals. Provides customers with a convenient and disposable option.
  • Pre-Packaged Foods: Used for packaging pre-packaged foods, such as instant noodles, oatmeal, or ready-to-eat meals in grocery stores.
  • Frozen Foods: In some cases, paper bowls with suitable coatings are used for packaging frozen foods.
  • Catering Services: A popular choice for catering events. Offers a convenient and disposable option for serving different dishes.
  • Outdoor Events: Whether it's picnics, festivals, or outdoor gatherings, these bowls provide a lightweight and easy-to-handle packaging solution.

Choosing the Paper Bowls (Buying Guide)

  • Size: Match bowl size to food portions. Avoid overfilling to prevent leaks.
  • Leakproofness: Opt for bowls labelled "leakproof" for soups or stews.
  • Lids: Consider bowls with included lids for easy transport and storage.
  • Microwave safe: Choose bowls labelled "microwave-safe" if reheating is needed.
  • Compostability: Opt for compostable bowls for an eco-friendly option.
  • Design: Choose plain or printed bowls based on your preference and occasion.

Serve Your Food Neat and Clean with Patek Packaging 

Ensure your food specialties are stored, served, or delivered correctly using high-quality paper bowls from Patek Packaging. You don’t have to worry about leaks or getting the food contaminated, our paper bowl collection is all you need to enhance customer satisfaction and brand reputation. Order yours now. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How is Kraft paper made?

Kraft paper stands out thanks to its unique production process. A special solution combining hot water, sodium hydroxide, and sodium sulphide breaks down wood components during pulping, resulting in strong paper. To enhance its flexibility and absorbency, the paper undergoes microcreping, which lengthens the fibres. Two main types are commonly used in packaging:

  • Normal kraft paper: Strong and affordable, ideal for general packaging needs.
  • Sack kraft paper: Extra strong and tear-resistant, perfect for heavy-duty packaging.

Can you use paper for hot soup? 

These microwave-safe paper bowls are ideal for reheating leftovers, takeout, or holding hot soups and meals. Whether you're stocking your office pantry, school cafeteria, food truck, or home kitchen, the generous pack of 500 offers ample supply for any occasion. 

How are paper bowls manufactured? 

The manufacturing of a paper bowl begins with a simple roll of paper. Here's the usual process in these steps:

  • Lamination: A thin film layer is applied to the paper, giving it water resistance and strength.
  • Die-cutting: Precise shapes for the bowl walls and bottom are punched from the printed paper.
  • Moulding: The cutouts are shaped and pressed into the final paper bowl form.