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Canada’s most trusted brand for modern packaging supplies, made specifically for restaurants, kitchens, and businesses with shipping and packaging needs. You can count on our high-quality products for everyday use.

Take-out Packaging

We offer reliable and appealing eco-friendly shipping packaging for customers on the go. Our take-out options can ensure that food products are kept at safe temperatures, prevent leaks, and keep food sanitary, while ensuring that they looks like it’s fresh from the kitchen. Patek Packaging offers food containers and other supplies that are microwavable, leak-free and grease resistant. With us on your side, you are guaranteed unparalleled customer satisfaction. Our products can also be used to store multiple different ingredients in a variety of conditions.

In these trying times, customers are increasingly opting for the convenience of ordering; and eating food on the go for their own safety. Hence, it is crucial for restaurants to utilize high quality products such as the ones we carry to ensure that your customers are satisfied.

Industries That Benefit

The restaurant and food industry are the highest consumers of food packaging supplies– especially in these trying times, when dining inside is highly limited and regulated.

The concept that food delivery can be the safer option has led to an increase in demand for food packaging and shipping products. Pairing the right material with its intended purpose is vital if you want to maintain the quality of your products during transportation. However, it is important to note that the food delivery sector is not the only industry that requires storage and transportation materials for perishable products.

Online shopping is another one of the most rapidly growing markets that require high quality food packaging supplies Vancouver and restaurant supplies Vancouver. With the right type of packaging, products can be safely transported in varying distances, from within the city, to the other side of the world. And for any question, check out our FAQ Page or send us a message through our contact form.

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Tomy Tiangco
Fantastic customer service. Great prices. I would recommend
Tomy Tiangco
Amazing products with great prices! The team at Patek are very helpful and knowledgeable. Great customer service!
Serena Dao
Great quality and sturdy containers. Highly recommend them if you're in the food/beverage industry or for personal meal prepping.