Top Packaging Supplies Every Newly Opened Restaurant Should Have

Top Packaging Supplies Every Newly Opened Restaurant Should Have

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The food industry in Canada has been flourishing, with many newly opened restaurants opening here and there. In 2024, full-service restaurant sales are expected to grow by 2.8%, followed by a 4.9% increase in 2025. The Conference Board of Canada predicts stronger economic growth into 2025. 

Restaurants must invest in high-quality restaurant supplies Vancouver to meet consumer expectations and set apart in this competitive market. 

In this blog, we'll share the top packaging supplies every newly opened restaurant in Vancouver should consider. We will provide a wide product selection that is durable yet eco-friendly. 

Canada’s Restaurant Industry

Before COVID-19, Canada's accommodation and food service sector directly employed 1.2 million people and indirectly around 273,400. It generated $79 billion in revenue, contributing 1.5% to the country's GDP.

In 2019, the food and accommodation industry comprised 6.4% of Canada's total employment. According to Statista, in 2021, the industry had a market size of $40.134 billion, predicted to grow to $55.089 billion in 2022.

Between 2006 and 2016, the Canadian restaurant industry saw rapid growth, with sales increasing by 50%, far outpacing the population growth of 11.4%. In 2022, Canada had 97,569 food and drink establishments, with 98.5% employing between 0 and 99 people. 

Approximately 22 million visits to food and drink places occur daily, with 54% of Canadians dining out at least once a week.

In March 2023, restaurant and drinking place sales reached $7.7 billion, up 14.5% from the previous March but down 2.2% from February 2023. 

Why Smart Decisions Matter for Restaurant Food Packaging

Packaging provides numerous advantages. Investing time in selecting the appropriate packaging for business is crucial to fully leverage these benefits. The ideal packaging offers the following:

Enhances Food Presentation

Various senses, including sight, influence our dining experience. The appropriate packaging maintains the integrity and presentation of food, ensuring it arrives as appealing as it would in a restaurant. Consider the difference in appeal between takeout sushi with neatly arranged rolls versus squished ones.

Maintains Temperature

Nothing is as disappointing as receiving cold soup, pizza, or pasta. In fact, 60% of diners prioritize their food's quality, freshness, and temperature when ordering delivery. Packaging hot and cold items separately is essential to ensure each dish arrives at the ideal temperature for maximum enjoyment.

Enables Premium Pricing

Well-packaged food carries a higher perceived value. According to a study, almost a quarter of customers are willing to pay up to 20 percent more for products packaged in an eco-friendly manner.

Safeguards Against Cross-Contamination

Cross-contamination in restaurants refers to transferring bacteria or harmful microorganisms from various sources, including food, equipment, or individuals, to the food itself. This risk extends to all stages of food preparation, including packaging for takeout and delivery. Effective food packaging prevents potential cross-contamination during the transition from the restaurant to the customer.

Top Restaurant Supplies in Vancouver

Let's explore some essential packaging supplies offered by Patek Packaging and their benefits for restaurants:

Portion Cups 

Portion Cups are ideal for sauces, dressings, and condiments. These cups ensure accurate portion control and prevent spills during takeout or delivery orders. Perfect for packaging small quantities of dips, salsa, or salad dressings. 

Salad Bowls

Salad Bowls are explicitly designed for salads and other fresh dishes. Salad bowls from Patek Packaging are spacious and durable. These options allow restaurants to showcase their vibrant salads while keeping them fresh and appetizing. Ideal for packaging a variety of salads, including green salads, grain salads, and pasta salads. 

Recycled Containers

Eco-friendly and sustainable, recycled containers are perfect for a wide range of food items, including main courses, sides, and desserts. These containers not only contribute to reducing environmental impact but also maintain the temperature and freshness of the food, making them an excellent choice for restaurants committed to sustainability.

Non-woven Bags

Non-woven bags are an excellent option for carrying multiple food items, such as takeout orders or catering trays. Lightweight yet durable, these bags are convenient for customers to carry and provide ample space for packaging various dishes without compromising quality. They are suitable for transporting diverse food items, including sandwiches, wraps, and pastries.

Cutlery Sets

Cutlery Sets from Patek Packaging offer convenience and elegance for dine-in or takeout orders. These sets include high-quality utensils, napkins, and condiment packets, ensuring customers have everything they need for a satisfying dining experience. Be it a casual meal or a fine dining experience, culinary sets add a touch of sophistication to any restaurant's presentation.

Catering Trays

Catering Trays are essential for restaurants catering to large events or gatherings. Sturdy and spacious, these trays accommodate various food items, including appetizers, entrees, and desserts. They ensure efficient transportation and presentation of food, maintaining its quality and appearance throughout the event.

Deli Paper & Food Wraps

Deli Paper & Food Wraps are versatile packaging solutions for various food items, including sandwiches, burgers, and baked goods. These papers and wraps help maintain the freshness and integrity of the food while providing customers with a convenient and hygienic serving option.

Common Food Services in Canada

Here are the common food services in Canada, along with essential packaging supplies:

Food Service


Essential Packaging Supplies

Fine Dining

Fine dining restaurants offer a deluxe dining experience with refined cuisine, elegant ambiance, and impeccable service.

Elevate the dining experience with premium eco-friendly packaging options such as custom-printed boxes and compostable forks, spoons, and knives.

Seafood Restaurants

These restaurants specialize in fresh and sustainably sourced seafood, offering a diverse selection of fish, shellfish, and crustaceans. 

Ensure the freshness of seafood during delivery with clamshell bags and recycled containers designed specifically for seafood packaging

Food Trucks

Food trucks provide a mobile dining experience, offering diverse cuisines in a casual outdoor setting. 

Optimize space and enhance mobility with compact and lightweight packaging solutions such as cold & hot cups,  paper food boxes, etc

Farm to Table 

Farm-to-table restaurants prioritize locally sourced, seasonal, and sustainably grown ingredients.

Emphasize sustainability with packaging supplies that reflect the farm-to-table ethos, including recyclable paperboard containers and compostable drinkware.


Pubs offer casual and relaxed dining experiences, combining hearty and comforting food with various beverages, including beers, cocktails, and wines. 

Create a cozy pub experience with branded packaging solutions like custom-printed bags and recyclable glassware for drinks.

Complete Your Food Packaging Supplies 

Investing in high-quality and sustainable restaurant supplies in Vancouver is essential for every newly opened restaurant to meet customer expectations, reduce environmental impact, and thrive in the competitive food industry.

The right packaging is an investment that goes beyond just protecting your food. It's an extension of your brand and crucial to the customer experience. 

Explore Patek Packaging's wide selection of restaurant supplies in Vancouver and find the perfect solutions to elevate your food presentation, protect your culinary creations, and reflect your brand's unique identity.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the biggest food chains in Canada?

According to ScrapeHero, a data company, the biggest food chains in Canada, based on the number of restaurants, are:

  • Tim Hortons: 3,587 restaurants across Canada, present in 631 cities within 13 states. 
  • Subway: 2,913 restaurants in Canada, present in 1032 cities within 12 states.
  • Starbucks: 1,454 stores across Canada, present in 306 within 12 states. 
  • McDonald’s: 1,371 restaurants in Canada, present in 470 cities within 13 states. 
  • A&W: 1,053 restaurants in Canada, present in 500 cities within 12 states. 

What are the factors to consider when choosing restaurant supplies?

Factors to consider for good food packaging supplies include:

  • Material: Choose durable, food-safe, eco-friendly materials like recyclable paperboard or compostable plastics.
  • Functionality: Ensure packaging suits the food type, is easy to open/close, and is transported without leaks.
  • Size & Shape: Opt for sizes/shapes that fit portion sizes and optimize storage/transportation space.
  • Branding & Presentation: Consider how packaging enhances brand image and presents food attractively to customers.
  • Environmental Impact: Prioritize eco-friendly options to minimize waste and reduce environmental impact.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Balance quality/functionality with cost to fit within budget while meeting safety standards.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Ensure packaging complies with food safety regulations and standards.

Where can I find eco-friendly restaurant supplies in Vancouver?

You can find eco-friendly restaurant supplies in Vancouver at Patek Packaging. Patek Packaging offers many sustainable packaging options, including compostable containers, recyclable paper bags, biodegradable utensils, and more. Their eco-friendly products are perfect for restaurants looking to lessen their environmental footprint while maintaining high-quality packaging standards.