Profitable Food and Beverage Ideas You Should Sell Online

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The food and beverage industry is the second-largest manufacturing sector. Sales totaled nearly $118 billion in 2019. It contributed $34.5 billion to the national GDP in 2021, making up almost 2% of the total GDP in Canada.

While there are restaurants and other dine-in establishments, people nowadays opt for online ordering, which has led to the popularity of food delivery services. 

But if you want to venture into this online business, you must know what food or beverage to sell. To get ahead in the competition, you must also utilize quality food packaging Canada

Luckily, we'll be sharing food and beverage ideas you may want to sell online, as well as food packaging recommendations to secure your products during transportation.

Food and Beverage Ideas That Turn in Great Profits: From Food Delivery to Hard-To-Find Delights

Meal Kits

Many people are after convenience, even when consuming food. Some are too busy to prepare their meals at home, so they turn to meal kits delivered right to their doorsteps.

Through curating pre-portioned ingredients and easy-to-follow recipes, meal kits offer customers a smooth and quick cooking experience. 

Investing in the most durable food packaging is crucial to ensuring freshness. Look for grease-resistant containers and compostable packaging options that appeal to environmentally conscious consumers. 

We recommend the following food packaging options: 

Five-compartment red bento boxes

These bento boxes are versatile and perfect for meal kits made from BPA-free and food-safe plastic.

Wooden cutlery sets

These sets are convenient and practical. Their natural look and smooth finish bring a rustic charm to the food setting. 

Kraft paper bags 

These paper bags are made from 100% recyclable kraft paper. Perfect to ensure your products are fresh during transport.



Your online business can bank on this need by offering a wide selection of single-origin roasts and artisanal blends that will surely appeal to coffee lovers. 

However, to deliver your coffee products to your customers, you must invest in quality packaging, such as durable cups with lids, to keep the drink fresh during transport.

Some of the best food containers to consider include: 

PET Clear Plastic Cups

Made from high-grade and recyclable PET plastic with various sizes. Perfect for coffee and other beverages.  

White Hot Paper Cups

If plastic isn’t your thing, opt for paper cups. They're designed with practicality in mind. 

Kraft Paper Straws

Some want their coffee cold. So, offer them with Kraft paper straws, which are a better alternative to plastic straws.


Baked Goods

Several people love bakery goods, whether a croissant or a decadent cake. Tap into the potential of this market by offering a wide range of breads, pastries, and desserts. 

As an Online business owner, you need to use food packaging that preserves the novelty of bakery goods. Compostable bakery boxes are not only practical but also eco-friendly packaging solutions.

Try these food packaging options: 

Clamshell Sugarcane Containers

The best way to keep a takeout cake. Made from premium eco-friendly pre-coated kraft paper material.

Round Aluminum Foil Containers

Another great packaging for takeout treats. Ideal for cakes and pies. 

Compostable Wooden Knives

Crafted from natural wood, this eco-friendly and disposable knife won’t break easily during use.


Baby Food

Parents are some of the busiest individuals in the world, so you may want to offer baby food options to provide convenience without sacrificing quality. 

Homemade baby food will surely appeal to health-conscious parents. So you need to deliver your products as fresh as possible using premium packaging that's leak-proof and BPA-free.

We recommend: 

Non-woven reusable t-shirt bags

Keep the baby’s food intact. This bag is resilient and environmentally conscious. 

White PP bowls

Stylish yet practical, these bowls are made from BPA-free and food-safe plastic. Very versatile as well.

Plastic zip-lock bags

Secure toddlers' food with these plastic zip-lock bags. You don’t have to worry about leaks during delivery.


Specialty Teas

Those who are not too tolerant of coffee opt for teas instead. Specialty teas are not your regular teas. They are made from rare tea leaves sourced from around the world, and some are infused with fresh herbs. 

As you do the packaging for these teas, choose materials that preserve the flavour and aroma of the leaves. Containers with airtight seals are ideal for keeping the leaves aroma. 

Here are some of the best packaging options you can choose:

White Round Lids

Preserve the drink's rich flavour and aroma until they’re ready to enjoy every sip.

White Hot Paper Cups

Let them enjoy teas comfortably. These paper cups keep the beverage's temperature without needing extra sleeves.

Multi-fold White Paper Towels

Don’t let any moment interfere with their joy of drinking tea with these paper towels.


Homemade Jams and Jellies

Whether it's a tangy marmalade or floral-infused jellies, homemade preserves surely appeal to consumers. When packaging these jellies and jams, functionality and aesthetics are top priorities. 

If you can't place them inside glass jars, opt for tamper-evident or hinged containers with lids for a tight seal.

Some of the highly recommended options are:

Anti-Fog Clear Tamper Evident Container

The tamper-evident seal ensures that consumers receive fresh, untouched food.

Compostable Wooden Spoons

These spoons will allow them to taste that jar of jelly as soon as they receive it.

PET Clear Tamper Proof Hinged Container

With ample space for various items, jams and jellies will surely get to the customers fresh.

Organic Foods

More people are turning to organic food items, like salads. As you showcase these products, highlight their quality and provenance. 

You can do so by investing in packaging that reflects the natural and wholesome characteristics of your offerings. Use compostable bags and containers made with eco-friendly materials. Great match!

Try these salad containers:

Anti-fog Clear Tamper Evident Containers

Ideal for those who wish to store their organic food for later consumption. 

Wooden Cutlery Sets

A set that has everything your customers need to enjoy their organic food.

LDPE Clear Plastic Roll Bag

Let them have fun with their organic delis with no mess.

Hard-to-Find Foods

Offer hard-to-find food items made with unique ingredients, such as sauces, pre-packaged snacks, gourmets, etc. If you want to include these in your menu, remember to package them securely. 

Choose packaging products that prioritize quality and authenticity. Offering well-packaged items lets you maintain quality and ensure ultimate customer satisfaction.

Consider the following:

Microwaveable PP Rectangular Containers

They’d want to taste that rare food again, so consider having them in these microwaveable containers.

Glossy Stand-up foil Pouches

Made of glossy foil that is elegant and practical.

Pizza Boxes

Serving some hard-to-find pizza flavours? Place them inside sustainable pizza boxes.

Important Benefits of Starting a Food Business Online

Some of the most promising benefits of starting a food business online include:

  • Consistent demand - Food is a basic necessity, so you should find orders pouring in from every corner. 
  • Resilient industry - The online food-selling industry can thrive even if catastrophes like a pandemic or storm close down a brick-and-mortar restaurant. 
  • Customer ease - Ordering happens in a snap. People can order the food item they’re craving at the moment and have it at their doorstep in a matter of minutes.

Kraft Paper Straws with Drinks

Start Your Online Business Now

Canada's thriving food and beverage industry offers lucrative opportunities for online sellers. With the growing eCommerce, tapping into this market is promising. 

Offering convenient meal solutions, quality coffees, baked goods, baby food, specialty teas, jams, and organic foods can attract diverse consumers. 

However, effective packaging solutions are crucial for reputation and product integrity during delivery. Make sure to source premium food packaging options from reputable companies like Patek Packaging.


Frequently Asked Questions

How can I ensure the quality of my food products when selling them online?

One of the best ways to ensure the quality of the food you offer online is to invest in quality take-out food containers. 

Although sold separately sometimes, consider using lids to keep the food item covered during shipping. This applies whether you're selling hot or cold foods. 

Aside from preserving the freshness during shipping and transit, they also make lasting impressions with your customers as it's the first thing they see when they receive your food item.

What are some practical tips for marketing my food and beverage products online?

Here are some tips to make your food and beverage products online:

  • Use the power of social media to showcase your products
  • Incorporate enticing visuals and engaging promotional content
  • Showcase your use of premium food packaging to serve your products

What are the best food containers for my online food business?

Opt for durable takeout supplies and airtight food containers. Provide your customers with containers made from the finest materials, like BPA-free plastic. Be sure they have secure lids to prevent leaks (especially for soups) and maintain freshness (particularly for salads or any organic food item).