Catering Companies Should Have These Food Packaging Supplies For Every Event

Catering Companies Should Have These Food Packaging Supplies For Every Event

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Choosing the proper food packaging is essential to event planning since it affects presentation and food safety. From restaurants and formal weddings to casual backyard barbecues, packaging significantly impacts the guest experience.

The demand for trade fairs and conferences in Canada has dropped by 5.5% over the past five years due to the coronavirus outbreak. But now that things are looking up economically, demand from businesses and other organizations has increased.

With catering demand rising, choosing "food packaging supplies near me" enhances the event's style and theme, and makes food service more efficient and enjoyable for visitors. Understanding event kind, guest count, and cuisine requirements is crucial to making informed decisions to boost event success.

Corporate Events

Corporate events like annual meetings and client presentations necessitate proper food packaging. This decision represents the company's ethics, professionalism, and environmental responsibility. 

Packaging Needs

  1. Eco-friendly Materials. Examples include biodegradable boxes or takeout containers created from recyclable materials and reusable utensils that attendees can keep or reuse.
  2. Professional, Elegant Design. Packaging should be functional and match the company's style. Choose clean, professional designs with neutral colours and minimal graphics.

Recommended Items

Clear Plastic Food Containers

These dual-purpose containers highlight salads and appetizers' freshness and visual appeal, improving their perceived quality. To comply with eco-friendly standards, use high-quality, recyclable plastic.

Durable, Insulated Hot Meal Boxes

Food safety and quality depend on hot meal temperature. Use sturdy, insulated packaging to keep perishable products hot and visitors satisfied. Corporate boxes should be elegant and professional, with the company's colours or emblem.

Two-Ply Kraft Interfold Napkin and Disposable Flatware:

Kraft 2-Ply Interfold Napkins and disposable flatware serve their primary purpose and may be customized to increase brand visibility and remind attendees of the company's attention to detail and branding consistency. These things should be high-quality to avoid brand damage.

Bachelorette Parties

Bachelorette parties are for fun, celebration, and memories. These events' packaging should represent the festive and colourful mood while benefiting the party. 

Packaging Needs

  1. Colourful, themed packaging: Bachelorette parties feature themes or colours. Packaging should match these themes with bright, colourful designs for the celebration. Pick packaging that is easily customizable. 
  2. Lightweight and portable: There are several places to hold bachelorette parties, including hired venues, friends' backyards, and beaches. Packing must be lightweight and portable. 

Recommended Items

PET Clear Plastic Cups

Clear plastic cups offer numerous benefits for bachelorette parties. They're adaptable and stylish, allowing the vibrant colours of cocktails or mocktails to shine through. PET plastics are renowned for their strength and lightweight properties; they're effortless to carry during celebrations. Moreover, being disposable, they facilitate quick and easy cleanup.

Sugarcane Round Plates

Sugarcane circular plates offer an eco-friendly and beautiful option for serving appetizers and sweets. They are compostable and biodegradable, aligning with the trend for eco-friendly party materials. Depending on the party theme, these plates can add excitement or simplicity.

Kraft Paper Tray with PE Lining

Serving finger snacks, sliders, and other bite-sized treats on Kraft paper trays with PE liners is an excellent option for bachelorette parties. Their lightweight design makes them convenient to carry around during the party, while the PE liner effectively prevents grease and moisture from damaging the trays throughout the event.

Potluck Events

Potlucks bring together guests' handmade food for a diverse and collaborative meal. These events need proper packaging to succeed. 

Packaging Needs

  1. Flexible Homemade Dish Packaging. Packaging must be adaptable to diverse cuisines. Oven-, microwave, and portable options are best. Consider containers for warming or cooling food products brought by guests.
  2. Labels for dishes and allergens. This simplifies menu navigation for customers with dietary requirements. Labels provide personalization and stimulate dish talk.

Recommended Items

Aluminum Trays with Lids for Main Courses

Potluck main courses work well in aluminum trays with lids. They fit hot and cold dishes and come in different sizes. Lids keep food fresh and simplify travel. The disposable trays simplify cleanup after the event.

Compostable Plates and Utensils

Potlucks promote community and sustainability; therefore, compostable utensils and plates are ideal for such event. Consider using bamboo utensils that can handle several dishes. Durable compostable plates should support larger objects without bending or leaking.

Strong Black Garbage Bag

Potlucks need heavy black garbage bags, even though they're not food-related. Guests can put empty packaging, plates, and utensils in the bag, keeping the serving area tidy. Choose a heavy-duty bag to handle event waste.

Birthday Parties

Birthday celebrations, especially for kids, are fun and colourful. These occasions require safe, practical, and festive packaging. The following are packaging options for birthday celebrations:

Packaging Needs

  1. Kid-Friendly and Safe. Children's birthday party packaging must be safe. Packaging should not have sharp edges or choke hazards. 
  2. Bright, colourful, themed. Children like bright colours and playful designs. Packaging should match the party's theme or colours to boost excitement.

Recommended Items

Printed Paper Bags for Party Favors and Snacks

Party favours, nibbles, and little goodies look great in printed paper bags. They're customizable to match the party theme. These bags are child-safe, portable, and sealable with stickers or twist ties.

Anti-Fog Clear Tamper-Evident Containers

Anti-fog, clear, tamper-evident containers are the perfect choice for cupcakes, cookies, and tiny pastries. These containers keep treats fresh and visible while preventing tampering until they reach their destination.

Wooden Fork and Spoon

Wooden spoons and forks are safe and practical for serving cake, ice cream, and other desserts. They are disposable, avoiding party cleanup. The hardwood material gives the gathering a rustic, eco-friendly look.


Every element adds to the elegance and sophistication of weddings. Wedding food packing should be functional and match the theme. How to efficiently package weddings:

Packaging Needs

  1. Rich and Elegant. Wedding food packing should be elegant and sophisticated. The idea is to improve guests' dining experience and match wedding decor.
  2. Customizable to the Wedding theme and colour. Weddings require personalization, even packaging. Couples can customize packaging to match their wedding themes, colours, and monograms. 

Recommended Items

Non-Woven T-Shirt Bag

Non-woven reusable t-shirt bags are elegant and eco-friendly wedding favours and guest gifts. Personalized with the wedding date, couple's initials, or a personal message, these bags make valuable and memorable gifts for visitors.

High-Quality & Elegant Disposable Plates

Quality disposable plates are vital for wedding celebrations. Look for durable plates that resemble exquisite china or porcelain. These plates should be strong enough to handle appetizers and main courses while looking attractive.

Clamshell Eco-Friendly Rectangular Sugarcane Containers

Serving cake pieces or late-night munchies in clamshell eco-friendly sugarcane containers is ideal. Biodegradable and compostable, these containers are attractive. Add the wedding date or initials for a special touch.

Food Festivals

Food festivals are lively events with many exhibitors selling delicious food. These events require simple, robust, and practical packaging for the fast-paced, outdoor situation. 

Packaging Needs

  1. Strong and Outdoor-Capable: Food festivals are outside, so packaging must endure weather and handling. Materials must be durable to avoid leaks and keep food fresh.
  2. Simple Access for Fast Service: Large crowds necessitate swift service; thus, packaging should facilitate serving. Containers that are easy to fill, seal, and distribute without slowing down the celebration. 

Recommended Items

Kraft Paper Trays for Artisanal Look

Kraft paper containers and trays look rustic and artisanal, excellent for local or handmade food festivals. These durable bowls can carry street tacos and gourmet sliders. They are compostable, lessening the event's environmental impact.

Plastic or Paper Beverage Cups with Spill-Proof Lids

Beverages are popular during food festivals, thus packaging should avoid spills and be portable. Lemonade and iced tea are best served in spill-proof plastic or paper cups. Outdoor use is ideal because the lids prevent splashes and leaks.

Biodegradable Cutlery and Napkins

Sustainability is growing at culinary events. Provide bamboo or cornstarch cutlery and compostable napkins. These eco-friendly solutions match many participants' ideals and lessen the event's environmental impact.

Sandwich Bags and Insulated Foil Wraps

Sandwich and wrap sellers need insulated foil wrap sheets and sandwich bags. These keep food warm and fresh and allow attendees to eat on the go. Foil wrap sheets prevent grease from leaking through, making eating clean.



Level Up Your Food Packaging Today

Proper packaging protects food freshness and enhances the event's theme. It shows the care and attention placed into every aspect, from elegant and sophisticated business event designs to colourful and themed holiday packaging.

Catering companies must understand event style, client preferences, and sustainability. They can take their services to the next level by working with Patek Packaging, a dependable packaging supplier recognized for its commitment to sustainability, variety, quality, and service.


Frequently Asked Questions


Are there packaging options that may serve as party favours or gifts for guests?

Yes, packaging can be both functional and a souvenir. Consider personalized goods such as reusable bags, custom-printed boxes, or even treat jars for unique and unforgettable party favours.

How can I make large-scale event packing affordable?

Reliable providers give bulk discounts. Make your packaging choices multipurpose so you can use them for multiple dishes. Get the most for your money with Patek Packaging's bulk sales—we sell items in quantities as high as one thousand pieces for each order. 

Customers can easily add products to their cart with a simple 'cart add' button on the product page. When you're ready to finalize your order, click 'cart close' to complete the checkout process.

Can I personalize event packaging for dietary restrictions or other requests?

Yes, catering to unique dietary needs or preferences is possible through customization. Icons or symbols indicating gluten-free, vegetarian, or nut-free foods assist guests in finding suitable packaging options.