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Chinese Food Takeout Collection

Chinese Food Takeout Collection

 Patek Packaging’s extensive Chinese Packaging Collections are perfect for Chinese restaurants looking to improve presentation and functionality. We offer durable and practical solutions that blend with Chinese cuisine's authenticity. Our packaging meets your restaurant's diverse needs, from classic takeout boxes to elegant disposable plates and bowls. 

About the Products

With the rich Chinese culture, serving Chinese foods requires different packaging options to meet each cuisine’s needs. Our high-quality products make serving and preserving food easy and fresh. Our packaging collections are perfect for showcasing your dishes, whether classics like Kung Pao Chicken or modern ones. 


Our collection includes different types of products. We offer containers and bowls in various sizes, cups, reusable bags, utensils, and more.

Materials We Use



Matching Product

PP (Polypropylene)

Durable, versatile, and lightweight plastic. Resists moisture, grease, and chemicals.

Hinged Containers

Microwavable Containers with Lid

White Bowls


Long-handle Soup Spoon

PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate)

Transparent, lightweight, and strong plastic. Its clarity highlights products well. 

Portion Cups

Clear Cups


Versatile, eco-friendly material. Paper packaging can be printed and coated for branding and functionality.

Greaseproof Sandwich Bag


Kraft Paper Bag

Drink Carrier



Bamboo's renewable nature and low environmental impact make it a popular packaging material. It is sturdy and lightweight with a natural look. 



Long fibres bonded mechanically, chemically, or thermally form fabric-like materials. They are durable, flexible, and water-resistant. 

Reusable T-shirt Bags

Shapes and Sizes Available

Rectangular PP Hinged Containers 

  1. 9x6x2.5

Square PP Hinged Containers

  1. 8x8x2.7" 

  2. 9x9x2.7" 

Microwaveable PP White Containers with Lid:

  1. 16oz

  2. 24oz 

  3. 28oz

  4. 32oz 

  5. 38oz

  6. 58oz 

White PP Bowls (Base Only) 

  1. 12oz 

  2. 24oz 

  3. 28oz

Additional Information 

Quantity Set: Quantity per order varies by product. A set of 150 containers is typical. For chopsticks, 2000-3000 pairs/set. Utensils and cups are 1000pcs/set, and the straws can reach up to 5000pcs/order.

More products: In addition to Chinese food packaging products, our collection also includes long-lasting gloves, napkins, and cleaning garbage bags. 


Chinese Restaurants

Takeout Containers: For packaging various dishes like stir-fries, rice, noodles, and soups.

Beverage Cups: To serve hot or cold beverages such as tea and soft drinks.

Portion Cups: For soy sauce, sweet and sour sauce, and other condiments.

Utensils: Chopsticks, forks, and spoons for dine-in or takeout orders.

Dim Sum Stores

Hinged Containers: Traditional containers for serving dim sum items like dumplings and buns.

Small Plates/Bowls: For serving individual portions of dim sum items.

Portion Cups: For dipping sauces like soy sauce and chilli oil.

Hot Pot Dine-Ins

White Bowls: Large pots for serving broth for hot pot cooking.

Individual Containers: For serving raw ingredients, condiments, and cooked food.

Disposable Chopsticks: Convenient utensils for diners to use during the hot pot experience.

Noodle Shops

Takeout Boxes: For packaging noodle dishes such as lo mein and chow mein.

Soup Containers: To package noodle soups like beef noodle soup and wonton soup.

Individually Wrapped Chopsticks: To provide clean chopsticks for customers.

Dumpling Houses

Takeout Boxes: For packaging dumplings in various flavours and fillings.

White Containers: Traditional containers for serving steamed dumplings.

Chinese Food Trucks

Takeout Containers: For serving a variety of Chinese dishes on the go.

Disposable Plates/Bowls: These are used to serve meals at outdoor events and festivals.

Beverage Cups and Straws: To serve drinks such as bubble tea and iced tea.


Patek Solutions: Chinese Restaurant’s Specific Needs

Material Reliability

Our containers are made of PET and PP to withstand hot and saucy dishes. The material's moisture and heat resistance protect food quality and prevent leakage during transport and delivery.

Design Precision

Our packaging is meticulously designed with secure sealing mechanisms and reinforced edges to prevent leaks. Each component is tested to ensure compatibility with various Chinese dishes, making it a reliable packaging solution.

Cultural Authenticity

Our packaging collections reflect Chinese restaurants' rich cultural heritage by incorporating natural motifs and aesthetic elements. Our packaging's simple designs highlight food presentation to boost brand recognition and connect customers to an authentic dining experience.

Serve Your Chinese Delicacies with Patek Packaging

Our packaging collection meets Chinese restaurants' requirements with an intelligent blend of technical excellence and cultural authenticity. 

Patek Packaging’s flexible and adjustable packaging allows Chinese restaurants to deliver their unique dishes confidently, efficiently, and in style, improving the dining experience and customer loyalty. Work with us to maximize your restaurant's packaging and celebrate culinary quality and culture.


Frequently Asked Questions


What Chinese cuisines do your packaging collections suit?

We have packaging collections that can be used for various Chinese cuisines, including Sichuan, Cantonese, Hunanese, Shanghainese, and many more. Our packaging can accommodate your cuisine, from spicy Sichuan to delicate Cantonese dim sum to comforting northern-style noodles.

What is the best way to keep these items in your collections of Chinese packaging? 

- PP/PET Takeout Containers: Store away from direct sunshine and heat in a clean, dry place. To save space, stack containers neatly and shut the lids to keep food fresh.

- Bamboo chopsticks: Keep away from moisture and humidity in a well-ventilated environment to prevent mould. Store bamboo products flat or stack them with linen or parchment paper between layers to prevent sticking.

- Paper boxes/wrappers: Keep cool and dry to avoid moisture and humidity—ideally, store boxes and wrappers in their original packing to prevent bending or creasing.

- Disposable Utensils (Bamboo/Cornstarch): In a clean, dry container or drawer, separate types are used to avoid tangling. Avoid heat and moisture to prevent warping.

- Nonwoven Bags/Napkins: Keep bags folded and napkins stacked to save space. Keep bags and napkins handy for serving and wrapping orders.

Do your packing materials reflect Chinese ideas of sustainability and natural harmony?

We value traditional Chinese values and implement them into our packaging and procedures. For instance, our bamboo-based products reflect Chinese appreciation for nature and promote human-environment harmony. 

We prioritize sustainability and reducing our environmental impact. Our packaging solutions include sustainable bamboo, paper, and recyclable PP and PET. We always look for eco-friendly options and reduce waste in manufacturing and distribution.