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Lids Collection

Patek Packaging's extensive lids collection is the perfect solution for all your food and beverage industry sealing needs. Our lids collection provides long-lasting quality, practicality, and environmental friendliness in various sizes and materials that complement our other offerings.

Each lid is meticulously made and functionally designed to offer a secure fit and dependable seal, ensuring you can use them confidently. Look at our assortment of multipurpose lids today and improve your food storage and serving experience.






PP (Polypropylene)

Long-lasting thermoplastic polymer with exceptional chemical resistance.

Resistant to heat, moisture, and chemicals.

Pulp Fibre

Typical materials for sustainable packaging are made from natural fibres extracted from wood pulp.

Biodegradable and eco-friendly.

Foil Paper

Aluminum or other thin metal sheets are sandwiched between paper layers to create a more substantial barrier.

Makes an excellent barrier against oxygen and moisture.


Lightweight, corrosion-resistant metal used for strong and durable packaging.

High barrier properties, recyclable.

PET (Polyethylene terephthalate)

A strong and transparent polyester material often used in packaging.

Transparent, strong, and lightweight.

OPS (Oriented polystyrene)

Plastic that can withstand high temperatures.

Clarity and rigidity, are suitable for display purposes.


  • White
  • Black
  • Clear


  • Lids are necessary to keep food safe, prevent spoilage, and maintain freshness while in transit or storage.
  • Customers on the move rely on coffee cup lids as a spill-proof solution for their hot and cold beverages, including takeout coffee.
  • Using lids for food trays, drink cups, and containers is a standard practice in the hospitality industry to keep germs at bay and ensure cleanliness.
  • Medical facilities use lids to secure and prevent the leakage of samples from various medical supplies, including cups for collecting specimens.
  • Perfect for covering and storing food leftovers for home use. 


Management Ease

Stacking, handling, and on-the-go consumption are all made more accessible with lids, which offer transportation solutions.

Variety of Options

Round, paper, coffee cups, and container lids are just a few options in your collection, making it ideal for a wide range of containers and uses.

Promotes Brand Identity

These lids are perfect for the food and drink industry because they can be personalized with logos, labels, and branding to increase brand awareness and sales.

Manages Temperature

Some lids, like those for coffee cups, help to retain heat so drinks stay warm for longer, while others help to keep things cold.

Satisfies Customers

Giving customers peace of mind by including secure, leak-proof lids improves their experience overall, increasing satisfaction and loyalty.

Say Goodbye To Spills

Our lids save you from messy spills and keep your products fresh. We have the ideal lid for any container, whether you are searching for round lids to cover cups and bowls easily or papel lids for more environmentally friendly options. 

If you take your morning brew in a cup or store leftovers in a container, our lids will keep them hot and fresh for longer. Whether you are in the kitchen preparing meals for the week or in the restaurant packing food products, our lids collection here at Patek Packaging is the ideal accessory for your kitchen and lifestyle.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are various sizes of lids available?

Yes, we offer a wide range of lid sizes to accommodate a variety of cups, bowls, and containers, so you can rest assured that everything you store and serve will fit perfectly. A matching base product for each lid is separately available in our shop. 

Can I purchase your lids in large quantities?

We offer bulk purchasing options if you want to save money while stocking up on lids for your organization or company. Our lids are sold in large quantities, ranging from 300 to 2000 pieces per order. 

How can I learn more about your collection of lids and place an order?

You can discover comprehensive details regarding our lids collection. This includes product specifications, ordering options, and the base product that is an ideal match for every lid.