165mm PP Clear Round Lid for 1100-1300ml Kraft Round Paper Bowl (Lid Only) - 300 Pcs


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Introducing the Patek Packaging’s 165mm PP Clear Round Lid, the perfect companion for your 1100-1300ml Kraft Round Paper Bowls. This versatile and practical lid is designed to fit securely on our premium paper bowls, providing a leak-proof and airtight seal for various food items.

Whether serving hot soups, delicious stews, refreshing salads, or delectable desserts, this clear round lid ensures your food remains fresh, hygienic, and easily portable. You may reliably meet the needs of your food business or large gatherings with the help of a pack comprising 300 lids.



Premium Quality Materials

The 165mm PP Clear Round Lid is made from high-quality Polypropylene (PP) material, known for its exceptional durability and strength. This ensures the lids are strong and resistant to cracks, providing reliable protection for the food inside.

The lids maintain their stability even when exposed to varying temperatures when serving hot or cold dishes. Using premium materials guarantees that the lids won't compromise performance, giving you peace of mind that your food items remain securely sealed and fresh during transportation and storage.

Clear Transparency

One of the standout features of these round lids is their clear design. The lids are transparent, allowing your customers or guests to see the contents inside the containers easily. This enhances the overall presentation of the food and creates an attractive visual appeal.

The clear visibility also makes it easy to identify different dishes, making it convenient for customers to choose their preferred option. 

Perfect Fit

Designed with precision, these 165mm round lids are custom-made to fit perfectly onto our 1100-1300ml Kraft Round Paper Bowls. The perfect fit creates a tight and secure seal, preventing spills or leaks during transportation. This feature is especially essential for takeout, delivery, and catering services, where keeping the food intact during transit is crucial.

The assurance of a secure fit also enhances the overall customer experience, as they can confidently carry their meals without worrying about accidents or messes. The lid's seamless compatibility with the bowls ensures a hassle-free and reliable food packaging solution.

Versatile and Functional

The versatility of these round lids opens up numerous possibilities for your food business or event. They are suitable for various food applications, making them the perfect choice for various hot and cold dishes. These lids have covered you whether you're serving steaming hot soups, fresh salads, flavorful stews, or delectable desserts.

These lids excel in any setting, from takeout orders to food trucks and catering events to picnics. Their ability to adapt to different food items and occasions makes them a versatile and functional addition to your food packaging supplies.

Convenient Stackable Design

Organization and storage efficiency is crucial in any kitchen or storage area, and that's where the stackable design of these round lids truly shines. The lids are cleverly designed to stack neatly on top of one another, allowing you to optimize storage space. 

Preserves Food Freshness

The PP clear round lid is excellent at keeping your food fresh because it seals tightly and doesn't let any air in or out. This airtight seal acts like a shield, protecting your food from the outside.

As a result, your food stays fresh for a long time. It works well for leftovers, prepared meals, or ingredients, ensuring your food stays as delicious as when you first made it. This is especially useful for food businesses because they can prepare food ahead without sacrificing taste or quality.


Order Your Paper Bowl Lid Today

The 165mm PP Clear Round Paper Bowl Lid is a premium quality lid made from durable materials that provides reliable food protection. Its clear transparency enhances the presentation and allows customers to see the contents inside easily. These versatile lids are suitable for a wide range of hot and cold dishes, making them a functional addition to your food packaging supplies.

Don't miss out on the benefits of Patek Packaging’s PP Clear Round Paper Bowl Lid. Order now and elevate your food packaging game with Patek Packaging's high-quality lids.



Can I Reuse the Round Paper Bowl Lids After Use?

These lids are intended for single-use applications to ensure food safety and hygiene. Although durable, we recommend using them only once to maintain their sealing effectiveness. Reusing the lids may compromise their ability to create a secure seal, leading to potential food spoilage or contamination.

Are the Round Paper Bowl Lids Microwave-Safe and Freezer-Safe?

Yes, the PP clear round lids are microwave-safe and freezer-safe. You can safely use them in the microwave to reheat food or in the freezer to store leftovers. However, please avoid exposing the lids to direct heat sources or extreme temperatures for an extended period to prevent damage.


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