Medium White Non-Woven Reusable T-Shirt Bag | 10x6x20" - 500 Pcs


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Patek Packaging’s Medium White Non-Woven Reusable T-Shirt Bag is the eco-friendly answer to your regular shopping problems. This bag is a long-lasting alternative to plastic bags for transporting books, clothes, groceries, and more. Its size gives you enough room without sacrificing convenience, so it's great for running errands, going to the market, or grocery shopping.

About the Product

This white t-shirt bag has strong handles for safe and easy travel, and its eco-friendly design prioritizes both form and function. It’s economical and eco-friendly because of its reusable nature, which decreases the amount of single-use plastic waste and guarantees long-lasting durability. 

Patek Packaging’s Non-woven bags will elevate your shopping experience while decreasing your ecological footprint.  







NWF (Non-woven fabric)


10” x 6” x 20”



Case pack



  • Due to these bags' reusable design, there will be less need for single-use plastic bags. This will help reduce the quantity of trash that ends up in landfills.
  • Easily hold groceries, clothing, books, and other goods without ripping.
  • These bags are as easy to clean as they are to carry.
  • Even though their initial cost is slightly higher, the reusability of these bags makes them more cost-effective than throwaway plastic bags.
  • Companies can imprint their logos or other designs onto these bags to use them as promotional items.  
  • Because of its ergonomic shape, you won't have to use both hands to get heavy objects out of our T-shirt bag. 



Used in stores such as clothing, groceries, and convenience stores for customers to carry out purchases. The reusable nature of these bags makes them an eco-friendly alternative to single-use plastic bags.

Promotional Merchandise

They can be distributed at trade shows, events, or marketing campaigns.

Hospitality and Hotels

Used for guest amenities, room deliveries, or laundry services. Their sturdiness makes them ideal for carrying various items for hotel guests.

Food and Beverage Industry

Medium-sized non-woven bags are used by restaurants, bakeries, and catering services to package take-out orders, bakery items or food delivery services.

Education and Institutions

Schools, colleges, and educational institutions utilize these bags for carrying books and stationery or as part of fundraising events or school stores.

Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals

These bags can be used in hospitals or pharmacies for distributing prescriptions, medical supplies, or patient care kits.

Waste Management and Recycling

Serve as reusable waste bags for segregating recyclable materials to promote sustainability in waste management practices.

E-commerce and Shipping

Online retailers can use these bags for packaging and shipping products to customers, reducing the need for single-use plastic packaging.


Non-woven fabric is a material composed of fibres that are joined together through mechanical, chemical, or thermal methods instead of woven together through knitting or sewing. Interweaving fibres manufacture this fabric by combining heat, pressure, and chemical treatments. 

The process involves the arrangement of fibres either randomly or in a predetermined pattern, followed by bonding these fibres to form the final product. These fabrics can be made from various fibres, including cotton, viscose, lyocell, polylactide, polyester, polypropylene, bi-component, and recycled fibres.

Commonly employed in diverse applications, including disposable medical gowns, surgical masks, diapers, cleaning wipes, filters, geotextiles, and packaging materials.

Switch to an Eco-friendly Bag Today

Reusable t-shirt bags made of medium-sized white non-woven fabric are an eco-friendly and functional option for your daily needs. They are a great option for eco-conscious shoppers because of their adaptability, longevity, and low environmental effects. The global demand for reusable t-shirt bags made of non-woven material is rising. Switching to these bags is a small but significant step to reduce plastic waste and adopt a more sustainable lifestyle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can these bags be folded or rolled up for convenient storage?

Absolutely, these bags feature a foldable or rollable design that facilitates convenient storage in pockets, vehicles, or handbags.

Can these bags be recycled at the end of their lifespan?

Yes, most non-woven reusable bags are recyclable. They can be disposed of responsibly through recycling programs or facilities.

Are these bags suitable for carrying hot or cold items?

These bags are versatile and can be used to carry both hot and cold items for short durations. However, they may not provide insulation for extended periods.

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