Lid PP Clear for NB36/42 Noodle Bowl - 300 Pcs


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Patek Packaging’s Lid PP Clear For NB36/42 Noodle Bowl is a solution to elevate your packaging. Constructed from high-grade polypropylene, this transparent lid guarantees leak-proof delivery and preserves your meals' delectable freshness. 

The transparent form of the product enables clear viewing, which allows the display of contents while ensuring their protection from contaminants. The lid is a must-have item if you’re a restaurant owner seeking to improve takeout services or a food lover wanting a clean and convenient dining experience.

About the Product

The Lid PP Clear for Noodle Bowl is a highly durable, practical, and adaptable product that can transform food service businesses and home kitchens. The strong build of this product guarantees durability, while the transparent material allows for a clear view of the colours and appealing display of your noodle dishes. 

This lid is designed to fit our NB36/42 noodle bowls. Its primary functions are to facilitate storage and transit while effectively maintaining the temperature and freshness of your meals. This lid will complement your dining needs if you prepare dishes for delivery, provide takeout choices, or simply have a comfortable evening at home. 







Polypropylene (PP)



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NB36/42 White PP Bowl


  • The lid offers an airtight and reliable seal to preserve the noodles and other contents. It prevents any leakage or damage during transportation or storage.
  • PP is recognized for its exceptional thermal resistance, so these lids are appropriate for hot food products without experiencing deformation or affecting their strength.
  • PP is a recyclable substance that supports sustainability by enabling the lids to be recycled.
  • These transparent covers can be personalized with branding, labels, or designs, so businesses can advertise their brand.


Restaurants and Cafes:

  • Ideal for serving noodle dishes for dine-in customers who request takeaway containers for leftovers.
  • Enhances the presentation of the dish with its clear, neat design.
  • Useful for pre-prepared meals displayed in a refrigerated showcase.

Home Use:

  • Excellent for storing leftover noodles in the refrigerator.
  • Clear lids help in easily identifying stored food without the need to open the container.

Event Catering:

  • Suitable for serving individual portions at events. Ensures hygiene and ease of distribution.
  • Streamlines the serving process in buffet setups or packed meal distributions.
  • Clear lids add a professional touch to the presentation.

Office or School Lunches:

  • Convenient for packing lunches. Allows visibility of contents.
  • Secure lid prevents leaks inside lunch bags.
  • Easy to stack in a bag or refrigerator due to its sturdy design.

Outdoor Activities (Picnics, Camping):

  • Lightweight and easy to transport. Ideal for outdoor settings.
  • Durable lid prevents food exposure to outdoor elements.
  • Disposable nature means easy cleanup post-meal.


According to ACS Chemisty For Life, polypropylene was first demonstrated in 1951 by Phillips Petroleum chemists J. Paul Hogan and Robert Banks. Giulio Natta and Karl Rehn discovered the stereoselective polymerization to isotactic polypropylene in March 1954. This discovery led to large-scale commercial production in 1957 by the Italian firm Montecatini​​​​.

With its useful properties, ALSI Europe also shares that PP quickly found its way into a wide range of food and beverage packaging types, extending from films to pots, tubs, bottles, bottle caps, container closures, and labels. Its diverse applications and increasingly competitive manufacturing and processing costs have made it a principal material for many packaging items in consumers’ daily diets​​.

Seal With Patek

The Lid PP Clear for Noodle Bowl is important in food packaging. This product's various advantages, including maintaining freshness and improving consumer satisfaction, highlight its importance in the food sector. 

Using effective cleaning and disposal techniques guarantees the recyclability of the lid. Upgrade your dining experience today with our Lid PP Clear – the ultimate solution for sealing in freshness and savouring every noodle-filled moment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do these lids fit bowls from other brands?

The compatibility of the lid with noodle bowls from other brands depends on the specific dimensions and design of both the lids and the bowls. It's important to check the following:

  • Size and Shape. The diameter and shape of the lid should match the bowl's top opening.
  • Rim Design. The design of the bowl's rim should align with the lid's sealing mechanism.

For the best fit, it is advisable to use lids and bowls designed to be compatible. Alternatively, confirm the measurements and design features before using the lid with a bowl from a different brand.

Are the lids suitable for use with acidic or oily foods?

Yes, lids made from PP are suitable for acidic or oily foods. PP is known for its chemical resistance, which includes resistance to acids, oils, and other aggressive substances. This makes it a practical choice for various food types, including those with higher acidity or oil content.

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