Guest Check Book - 10 Pack


Presenting the Guest Check Book - 10 Pack by Patek Packaging. Designed with 1-part bond paper, these checks provide dedicated space for recording table numbers, dates, guest counts, server names, and order information. The user-friendly grid design ensures the effortless organization of data. These guest checks are an indispensable tool to streamline your business' order-taking and payment processing.


Product Description

The Guest Check Book - 10 Pack is an essential tool for restaurants and food service businesses, enabling servers to efficiently record transactions and collect orders. These guest checks feature numbered or perforated pages that can be easily torn out and presented to customers as receipts or bills.

Each page provides ample space for recording the ordered items, their respective prices, applicable taxes or gratuities, and the total amount due. Our guest checks can be seamlessly integrated with point-of-sale (POS) systems or other electronic order-taking and payment-processing systems. Enhance your restaurant's customer service and accuracy with our reliable guest checks.


Product Specification

  • Guest checks are compact and portable notepads or booklets measuring 8.5 x 3.5 x 5 inches. They are easy for servers to carry conveniently.
  • The perforated stub on each page doubles as the guest receipt.
  • Each page is thoughtfully designed with convenient line spacing, offering ample space to record essential details such as the form, number of guests, server, date, and order information. At the bottom of each check, servers can calculate the order amount and charge the customer accordingly, with the total fee reflected on the guest receipt.
  • Guest checks are securely bound together with both spiral and saddle stitch bindings for durability.
  • Equipped with a hardcover or protective cover, these checks safeguard the pages from spills and other potential damage.
  • Guest checks can be quickly separated from the notepad, providing ease of use for servers.


Product Benefits

Improved efficiency: Guest checks allow servers to quickly and accurately take orders and record transactions.

Accurate billing: By using guest checks, servers can ensure that customers receive accurate bills and receipts, reducing the risk of errors or misunderstandings.

Customer satisfaction: Guest checks can help boost the overall customer experience by making it seamless for servers to take orders and process payments. This leads to better levels of customer satisfaction and repeat business.

Reduced waste: Using our guest checks can help reduce the amount of paper waste in a restaurant, as servers can tear off the appropriate number of pages as needed rather than using separate receipts or bills for each order.

Enhanced professionalism: Guest checks can give a restaurant a more professional appearance, providing an organized and efficient way to take orders and record transactions.


Get Your Guest Check Book With Us

Make your restaurant run smoother with Patek Packaging's top-rated guest checks. These easy-to-use notepads or booklets allow servers to take orders and record transactions easily, ensuring that customers receive accurate bills and receipts. Order your guest checks today and take your restaurant's efficiency to the next level.



What Is a Guest Check Book?

Guest checks are paper forms used in restaurants to record customer orders. Servers keep them in their aprons with straws and other necessary restaurant equipment.

What Is the Purpose of a Guest Check?

Guest checks are integral to every establishment's service, from small cafes to big restaurants. They are critical to keeping orders organized and the kitchen as busy and efficient as possible.

What is a food order pad, and how does it relate to guest checks?

A food order pad is also known as a guest chequebook. It is a convenient and organized way to collect and communicate order information between the server and the kitchen staff.


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