6x210mm Kraft Paper Straw Individually Wrapped - 5000 Pcs



Material: Paper
Dimension (inch): 6mm x 210mm
Color: Kraft
Case pack: 5000
Package size: 17″ x 12″ x 19″
Package weight: 16.6lb

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Patek Packaging’s Kraft Paper Straws Individually Wrapped is the sustainable solution you have been seeking. Our Kraft Paper Straws are an excellent substitute for disposable plastic straws. 

Individually packaged and constructed from biodegradable, long-lasting materials, these straws guarantee personal hygiene while in transit. 

These paper straws are ideal for restaurants, cafes, and private use, catering to environmentally conscious individuals seeking to contribute positively to the environment.

About the Product

Every straw is wrapped separately to keep sanitation and facilitate portability. These straws are durable and safe for hot and chilly beverages, rendering them adaptable to any beverage. 

Ideal for businesses searching for environmentally sustainable alternatives or for individuals wanting to contribute to change with each drink. Participate in our initiative of responsible consumption, one wrapped kraft paper straw at a time. 











6mm x 210mm

Package size

17” x 12” x 19”

Package weight


Case pack



Hygiene and Sanitation

By individually packaging paper straws, we can guarantee hygiene and sanitation. Prevents contamination or exposure to external elements before use. 

Portability and Convenience

The individual packaging of our paper straws enhances their portability and convenience. They can be conveniently transported in bags and pockets or food packaging.

Environmental Consideration

Kraft paper is more environmentally sustainable and biodegradable. Our paper straws are manufactured using sustainable materials and can aid in the reduction of plastic waste.

Extended Shelf Life

Individual packaging preserves the quality of the straws by shielding them from environmental elements that may otherwise deteriorate their quality. 

Customization and Branding

Manufacturers or organizations may utilize the wrapping as a chance for branding by personalizing the wrappers with logos, phrases, or designs that can help in marketing and enhance brand identification.


  • Food and Beverage Industry
  • Hospitality Sector (Hotels, resorts, and catering services) 
  • Airline and Travel Industry (flights, train journeys, cruises, and other travel experiences)
  • Retail and Consumer Goods (supermarkets, convenience stores, and retail outlets) 
  • Events and Festivals
  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Schools and Educational Institutions
  • Corporate Offices and Workplaces


3000 B.C.

The Sumerians of Mesopotamia first used straws. Brewing beer in enormous vats was too heavy to lift and pass around, so they used straws. 


American inventor Marvin Stone patents manila paper drinking straws. Before that, people used natural rye grass straws, giving drinks a grassy taste. Stone spiralled a paper strip around a pencil to make his paper straw


Fast food has grown in popularity since the emergence of automobiles. For outside meals and drinks, these restaurants use cheap disposable packaging.


Plastic replaces paper, transforming straws from a sustainable resource to an oil-based disposable product.

August 2015

Marine biologist Christine Figgener films her team removing a plastic straw from a turtle's nostril. Over 35M people watched the viral video. This film educates the audience about the dangers of plastic on marine life.

August 2017

Lonely Whale launches its digital campaign for A Strawless Ocean with celebrities' pledges to #StopSucking. The campaign promotes single-use plastic regulation and public education.


Canada prohibits the use of any single-use plastics.

The ecological hazards associated with plastic straws led to campaigns promoting reusable or biodegradable substitutes such as paper, bamboo, metal, or even edible straws crafted from ingredients like pasta or rice. Numerous businesses and governments worldwide have enforced prohibitions or limitations on disposable plastic straws to reduce plastic waste and environmental damage.

Sustainability With Each Sip

Kraft paper straws offer a practical remedy to the ecological risks associated with plastic straws. Their eco-friendly characteristics and convenience make them a viable option for environmentally-conscious customers and businesses.

The future for kraft paper straws is bright due to continuous advancements and a growing market. The widespread adoption of these approaches in manufacturing and improved awareness are expected to drive their extensive usage. Order now and make an impact while enjoying your favourite drinks guilt-free.


What is the durability of kraft paper straws?

Their durability guarantees a sufficient lifespan for a single usage, while extended exposure to liquids may reduce their sturdiness.

Are kraft paper straws generally compatible with all beverage types?

They are appropriate for beverages such as cold drinks, fruit juices, and mixed beverages. Nevertheless, bigger-diameter straws may be favoured for beverages with a thicker consistency.

How to store my kraft paper straw properly?

  • Maintain a dry storage area to shield the straws from moisture damage.
  • Sunlight can fade paper wrapping. Store straws in dark containers or shady areas.
  • Transfer them to airtight containers or resealable bags. This safeguards them against contaminants and potential damage.
  • When stacking the straws, exercise caution to avoid compressing or harming the packaging.
  • Regularly inspect the stored straws to verify their maintained condition.

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