42x48" Strong Black Garbage Bag - 100 Pcs


Experience the ultimate in waste management with our premium Black Garbage Bags - Extra Strong, measuring 42" x 48", exclusively available at Patek Packaging. Crafted for durability, these bags are built to withstand daily use and are resistant to tearing and puncturing. Black Garbage Bags - Extra Strong are the ideal option for handling heavy or sharp objects. Simplify your trash disposal with our reliable and convenient garbage bags - place your order today and take control of your waste management needs.

Product Description 

Our garbage bags come in numerous sizes, shapes, and colours. They are made of a single layer and multiple layers of plastic, such as low-density polyethylene (LDPE) and high-density polyethylene (HDPE). 

It is scented to help mask odours and treated with antimicrobial agents to inhibit the growth of bacteria and other microorganisms. This product finds application not only in businesses and homes but also in public places where efficient litter and waste collection are essential.

Discover the convenience and hygiene offered by our premium garbage bags—a superior solution for waste management. Join the ranks of thousands of satisfied customers who have made the switch and experience the difference firsthand. Try our garbage bags today and witness the unparalleled quality they bring to waste disposal.

Product Specification

  • Comes in different sizes, ranging from small bags designed for kitchen waste to larger bags suitable for commercial use.
  • Designed to hold various waste materials, including heavy or sharp objects. It has additional layers or reinforcement to increase strength and prevent tearing or puncturing.
  • Infused with scents or antimicrobial agents to help hide odours and reduce the growth of bacteria and other microbes.
  • Garbage bags have features such as easy-tie handles or drawstring closures, which make them easier to secure and transport.
  • Designed for use in recycling programs.

Product Benefits

  1. Containing and transporting household or commercial waste: Garbage bags contain and transport waste from homes, offices, restaurants, and other businesses. They are used in conjunction with a garbage can or bin. They are designed to be strong and durable, preventing tearing or puncturing while holding the waste inside.
  2. Managing waste in public places: Garbage bags are used in public places, such as parks, streets, and other areas where litter and debris must be collected. Our garbage bags are larger, more durable, and can withstand the rigours of outdoor use.
  3. Sorting and recycling waste: These bags can streamline the recycling process by making it easy to sort and separate different types of garbage.
  4. Disposing of medical waste: Garbage bags are also used to dispose of medical waste, such as used syringes, bandages, and other items that can pose a risk to public health. 

Get Your Black Garbage Bags With Us

Ready to upgrade your waste management game? Our heavy-duty garbage bags are the perfect solution. These bags are made of durable plastic and can handle even the toughest waste.

It provides a convenient and hygienic way to manage and dispose of waste and is vital in keeping our communities clean and healthy. Get your Patek Packaging garbage bag today — the most reliable way to keep messes contained.


Can Garbage Bags Be Recycled?

Some garbage bags, particularly those made of paper or biodegradable materials, can be recycled. However, most plastic trash bags cannot be recycled due to impurities such as food waste and other substances.

What Size of Kitchen Garbage Bags Should I Choose?

The size of kitchen garbage bags or bin bags you should choose depends on the capacity of your trash bin. It is recommended to measure the dimensions of your bin and select a garbage bag that fits snugly without excessive stretching. Choosing the right size ensures proper coverage and prevents the bag from tearing or slipping off the bin.

Can  Black Garbage Bags hold heavy or sharp objects without tearing?

Yes, these Black Garbage Bags Extra Strong - 35" x 50" are specifically designed to hold heavy or sharp objects without tearing. They are made from high-quality materials that provide exceptional strength and resistance. 

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