32oz Rectangular Sugarcane Container (Base Only) - 300 Pcs



Material: Sugarcane
Dimension (inch): 6″ x 9″ x 2″
Capacity: 32oz
Color: Natural
Case pack: 300

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Rectangular Sugarcane Container (Base Only) is a practical green solution for food packaging needs. This set is crafted from renewable sugarcane as an eco-friendly option to traditional materials.

These containers are designed for storing salads, entrees, or serving sides at events. With a spacious capacity, these containers suit both individual and shared portions. The base-only design provides flexibility, allowing you to pair them with lids for secure closure or easy stacking.

About the Product 

This container stands out for its unique material and design. Made entirely from sugarcane fibres, it's 100% biodegradable and compostable, which makes it a perfect choice for those seeking eco-friendly alternatives. Its rectangular shape provides ample space and versatility for various food items. The sturdy base ensures your food stays secure if you’re on the go or your table.




Dimensions (inch)



Case Pack



6" x 9" x 2"





  • Crafted from sugarcane, a renewable resource, it promotes environmental responsibility.
  • Ideal for various food storage and serving applications with a 32oz capacity.
  • Offers a green alternative to traditional packaging materials.
  • The base-only design provides flexibility for secure closure or stacking with compatible lids.
  • Comes in a pack of 300 to cater to individual and bulk food packaging needs.
  • The rectangular shape offers optimal space utilization.
  • Aesthetic natural colour enhances presentation and complements the eco-friendly nature.
  • Bulk packaging of 300 Pcs provides cost savings for businesses or events.
  • Represents a conscientious choice for those valuing quality and sustainability in food packaging


Household Management

  • Storage of leftovers and meal prepping.
  • Organizing and storing various food items.


  • Safe and sanitary storage of patient meals.
  • Convenient packaging for hospital cafeterias.


  • Takeout and delivery containers for individual or family-sized portions.
  • Efficient storage for prepared ingredients in commercial kitchens.

Retail Stores

  • Packaging for pre-packaged food items.
  • Display and sell deli or prepared food in retail settings.

Entertainment Sites

  • Concession stand packaging for snacks and meals.
  • Disposable containers for events and gatherings.


Sugarcane containers are made from bagasse. It is an agricultural by-product and offers a sustainable alternative to plastic. 

Unlike plastic, which relies on oil exploitation and refining, bagasse is derived from naturally growing plants. It can be produced continuously through agricultural practices without depleting resources. Also, through photosynthesis and composting, bagasse contributes to a carbon cycle that helps mitigate climate change​.

Invest in Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Containers 

These containers are perfect for all sorts of foods, strong and ready for anything you dish out. Choosing Patek Packaging means picking packaging that's good for the Earth and your needs. Make every meal a step towards a greener future. Go green, go stylish, and make a difference with every use – choose Patek Packaging for your next big eco-move.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Are these containers suitable for microwave use?

Yes, Sugarcane containers are usually safe to use in the microwave. They are made from bagasse, which is heat-resistant and microwave-friendly. Yet, always check the manufacturer's instructions for any specific guidelines on microwave use to ensure safe and effective reheating of food.

How long does it take for sugarcane containers to decompose?

Sugarcane containers decompose under ideal composting conditions for several months to a year. According to Ecocane, the exact time can vary based on temperature, moisture, and microbial activity in the composting environment. Yet, sugarcane containers decompose relatively quickly compared to traditional plastic containers, which makes them eco-friendly for reducing environmental impact.

Can sugarcane containers be used for desserts and pastries?

Yes, sugarcane containers are suitable for desserts and pastries. They provide a natural and elegant presentation for sweet treats and baked goods. The containers' sturdy construction ensures that desserts and pastries can be securely stored and transported without compromising quality.

Can sugarcane containers be customized with branding?

Customization Option




Branding Labels

Apply custom labels with logos.

Enhances brand visibility.

Cost of labels, may not be permanent.

Direct Printing

Print branding directly on containers.

Offers a sleek, permanent look.

Setup and printing costs.

Custom Sizes

Tailor container sizes to needs.

Fits unique product dimensions.

Minimum orders, longer lead times.

Colour Options

Explore limited colour customization.

Matches brand aesthetics.

Fewer colour options than plastic.

Bulk Orders

Customize in bulk for consistency.

Cost-effective for large branding.

Minimum orders, longer lead times.

Are sugarcane containers suitable for greasy foods?

Yes, sugarcane containers are suitable for greasy foods. They are oil-resistant and can handle dishes with greasy or saucy components without becoming compromised. This makes them a versatile option for various food items, including those with higher oil content.

Washing sugarcane containers is easy:

  1. Pre-Rinse: Remove any leftover food particles and sauces by giving the container a quick rinse under running water.
  2. Mild Soap: Use a mild dish soap and a soft sponge or cloth to clean the container's interior and exterior gently.
  3. Avoid Soaking: Sugarcane containers are generally unsuitable for prolonged soaking in water as they can absorb moisture.
  4. Dry Thoroughly: Ensure the container is completely dry before storing or reusing to prevent any moisture-related issues.

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