3 Comp Plastic Containers with Lids

Size: 48 oz (3 comp)
Unit: Carton

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TY-339 Black/Clear 39oz, 9″ x 7.5″ x 1.75″ 150 SETS
TY-348 Black/Clear 48oz, 100 SETS


Discover the convenience of our three-compartment plastic containers with lids, providing an effortless solution for storing and transporting your food. These reusable containers are perfect for a variety of occasions, whether you're taking lunch to work or bringing a dish to a potluck. The three compartments allow easy food separation, while the secure lids ensure spill-free transit. 

Crafted from durable microwave and dishwasher-safe plastic, these containers are designed to withstand everyday use. Our three-compartment plastic containers with lids offer the convenience of simplifying your daily routines, whether you're reheating leftovers or cleaning up after a gathering.

Benefits of Compartment Plastic Containers with Lids

There are numerous solutions available on the market for storage. But if you're looking for both affordable and versatile, compartment plastic containers with lids are a great choice. Below are just a few of the benefits of these handy storage solutions:

Perfect for Portion Control

Suppose you're trying to eat healthier or lose weight. Compartmentalized containers make it easy to measure servings to avoid overeating. The handy lids make it easy to grab and go, and the compartments help ensure you get the right amount of food.

Great for Meal Prep

Compartment plastic containers with lids are great for meal prep. They allow you to portion out your food ahead of time, so you can quickly grab and go when you're ready to eat. Plus, they keep your food fresh and protected from contaminants. When you're finished with your meal, you can simply pop the lid back on and store the container in the fridge for next time. 

Plastic compartment containers with lids serve as an essential kitchen tool, whether you're preparing for a busy workweek or packing a healthy lunch for your kids.

Keep Food Fresh

Airtight, leakproof, and stackable, compartment plastic containers with lids are ideal for bringing meals on the go. They're great not just for meal prep but also for keeping leftovers. The separate compartments keep food neatly contained and prevent flavours from melding together, while the lids create a tight seal that locks its freshness. Since they're made of clear plastic, it's easy to see what's inside without opening the lid.

Easy to Clean

Plastic compartment containers stand out from other storage solutions with their convenient cleaning options, as they can be easily washed by hand or in the dishwasher. Their stackable design allows for efficient use of cabinet and drawer space. This makes compartment containers a practical and space-saving choice.

Easier For Food Transport

Our three-compartment lunch containers with lids provide an easy way to transport food. The compartments allow you to pack various foods in one container, and the covers keep the food fresh and prevent spills. These containers are also lightweight and durable that are best for taking on the go. 


3 Compartments

Having separate compartments for different food items can be very useful, especially when packing a lunch for work or school. These disposable food containers with three compartments can help prevent the food from mixing and ruining the flavours. It can also be helpful if you have dietary restrictions and need to separate certain foods. Our plastic containers with three compartments of lids are a great way to achieve this. They are lightweight and durable, and they come in various sizes. Plus, they are easy to clean and dishwasher-safe. 

It Comes in 2 Sizes

Our three-compartment food containers with lids come in two sizes, 39 oz and 48 oz, to accommodate all your food storage needs. The lids fit snugly, keeping your food fresh and preventing spills. The compartments’ sizes are perfect for portion control or packing a nutritious lunch on the go. They are the ideal size for a sensible portion of protein, carbs, and vegetables, and the lids seal tightly to prevent spillage or leakage. In addition, the durable construction is strong enough to withstand repeated use, and the plastic is BPA-free for your safety. 

Order Your 3 Compartment Plastic Containers with Lids Today

Patek Packaging presents a diverse selection of plastic containers with lids, ideal for storing and transporting food. Our three-compartment containers are crafted from durable, food-grade plastic, ensuring safety for both hot and cold foods. The secure covers offer a tight seal to keep contents fresh, while the sleek design makes them suitable for home and commercial use alike. Don't hesitate to order your three-compartment plastic containers with lids today; you'll be delighted with your choice.


Can I Put These Containers in the Dishwasher?

Yes, you can put most compartment plastic containers in the top rack of your dishwasher. However, it's important to note that the seals on the lid can not withstand repeated washing in the dishwasher.

Can I Put Hot Food in a Plastic Container With a Lid?

Yes, but you should allow the food to cool before sealing the lid. This will help prevent the lid from warping.

Can I Put Liquids in Compartment Plastic Containers With Lids?

Yes, you can put liquids in the containers. The sealing lid will prevent spills and leaks. Just leave enough headroom in the container so the lid can seal properly.

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