26x36" Regular Black Garbage Bag - 250 Pcs



Material: Low density polyethylene
Capacity: 15-20
Color: Black
Case pack: 250

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Seamless waste disposal with Patek Packaging’s regular black garbage bags. These heavy-duty, reliable bags are designed to make your household, commercial, and industrial waste management a breeze. Crafted with durability and functionality, these garbage bags offer benefits for various settings.

About the Product




Crafted from high-quality low-density polyethylene for strength and flexibility.


Generous 15 to 20-gallon capacity, suitable for various waste types in residential and commercial settings.


The discreet black colour conceals contents for a clean appearance and adds a layer of privacy.

Case Pack

Convenient bulk packaging with 250 Regular Black Garbage Bags per case for cost-effectiveness and extended supply.


Strength and Durability

  • Constructed from quality thick polyethylene material, these bags are engineered to handle heavy loads without tearing or leaking.
  • Reinforced seams ensure that even sharp or jagged objects won't compromise the bag's integrity.

Odour Control

  • These black garbage bags come equipped with advanced odour-neutralizing technology. Designed to keep unpleasant smells in the bag.
  • Perfect for having a clean and fresh environment in your home, business, or industrial space.

Convenient Sizes

  • Available in different sizes, from small kitchen bins to large industrial containers.
  • Each box contains a convenient roll, making it easy to grab a bag and go.


  • Suitable for households, commercial spaces, hospitals, restaurants, retail stores, entertainment sites, and warehouses.
  • The versatile design of these bags makes them ideal for various waste types, from kitchen waste to industrial debris.


Household Management

Use these bags in your kitchen, bathroom, and home for daily waste disposal. Ideal for organizing and disposing of household waste efficiently.

Commercial and Industrial

In commercial and industrial settings, these bags are perfect for managing the disposal of packaging materials, office waste, and manufacturing by-products. They can handle the demands of heavy-duty waste generated in these environments.


Essential for medical waste disposal in hospitals and healthcare facilities. The bags meet stringent safety standards and provide a reliable solution for containing potentially hazardous waste.


Restaurants can benefit from the reliable containment of food waste and packaging materials. The black colour helps conceal unsightly garbage, maintaining a clean and professional appearance.

Retail Stores

Retail spaces often accumulate a mix of packaging materials and general waste. These garbage bags offer a clean and efficient solution for keeping retail spaces organized and hygienic.

Entertainment Sites

Managing waste is highly important, whether it's a concert venue, theatre, or sports stadium. Garbage bags ensure efficient waste disposal during and after events.


Warehouses deal with various waste, including packaging, damaged goods, and industrial debris. These trash bags provide a reliable and sturdy solution for maintaining cleanliness and order in warehouse spaces.

A Brief History

In the past, waste disposal was unconventional. People bury or burn trash by tossing it in the street or even the ocean. Life was starkly different, with garbage causing hygiene issues and contaminating water sources.



Post-World War II (1950)

Winnipeg inventor Harry Wasylyk experimented with polyethylene, creating the first plastic trash bag. Supplied to Winnipeg General Hospital, this marked the beginning of modern trash bags, transforming resin pellets into plastic through extrusion.

Late 1960s

Originally green and used in hospitals to combat polio, trash bags entered homes as "Glad" bags. This is for the courtesy of Union Carbide Company's purchase and rebranding.


A drawstring revolutionized convenience for carrying full trash bags. Initially pricey but durable, the drawstring feature gained popularity for its practicality.


A former hospital janitor introduced a simple bag cinch, preventing trash bags from slipping inside cans and improving efficiency.

Let's appreciate the history behind this essential item—contributing to convenience and maintaining cleaner and healthier living spaces globally.

Choose Efficiency with Black Garbage Bags

Make waste management a breeze with our regular black garbage bags. Choose durability, reliability, and efficiency for your household, business, or industrial space. Order now and experience the difference in clean, odour-free waste disposal. Join countless satisfied customers who trust our garbage bags for waste management needs. Upgrade to a cleaner, more organized space today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Use Black Garbage Bags Instead of Other Plastic Bags?

People might choose black garbage bags over other plastic bags for a few reasons:

  • Black bags are opaque. Easy to conceal the contents and maintain privacy.
  • The dark colour helps hide stains and spills during trash disposal.
  • Some black bags resist UV light better, preventing plastic deterioration when exposed to sunlight for extended periods.
  • Black garbage bags are versatile and can be used for various purposes, like outdoor activities or storage.
  • In certain situations, black bags may absorb more heat than lighter ones.

Can Black Garbage Bags Be Used for Recycling?

While they are generally designed for regular waste, some black bags may be suitable for recycling. 

Are Black Garbage Bags Environmentally Friendly?

It depends on the material and whether the bags are biodegradable or made from recycled content. Look for eco-friendly options if environmental considerations are important to you.

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