NB36 | 36oz White PP Bowl (Base Only) - 300 Pcs


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If you want to transform your kitchen into a convenient and mess-free meal preparation hub, consider a 36oz White PP Bowl from Patek Packaging. These bowls are ideal for serving freshly cooked food, reheating leftovers or enjoying pre-packaged meals. 

If you're hosting a party, enjoying a picnic, or cooking at home, these bowls are the perfect companion for soups, stews, pasta, and more.

About the Product

This bowl of polypropylene (PP) material makes it an eco-friendly choice. Easy to clean and lightweight design makes it convenient to carry. Its durability guarantees it can withstand the rigours of any outdoor adventure. 












Case Pack

300 Pcs


  • Guarantees a long-lasting addition to your kitchenware collection. If you're serving hot soups or hearty salads, the bowl's durability ensures it meets the demands of daily use.
  • The sleek surface of this bowl ensures effortless cleaning – toss it in the dishwasher or hand wash for a quick and efficient cleanup.
  • This eco-friendly bowl contributes to a more sustainable and responsible kitchen.
  • The stackable design of this bowl saves valuable cabinet space for easy storage and organization in your kitchen.


Home Cooking

This bowl is best for serving freshly prepared meals. Provides a quick and convenient option for subsequent meals.

Catered Events

In catering settings, these bowls help prepare food just before serving to ensure it reaches the desired temperature for guests.

Hospital and Healthcare Settings

In hospitals and healthcare facilities, meals are prepared in bulk for patients to accommodate specific dietary requirements and preferences.

School Cafeterias

School cafeterias use these bowls to serve students so the food is safe and palatable.

Flight Catering

Airline meals are frequently pre-prepared and then reheated on the aircraft, so passengers are served hot and fresh food throughout their journey.


Polypropylene, initially polymerized in 1951 by Phillips petroleum scientists Paul Hogan and Robert Banks, gained rapid prominence. Paul Murphy Plastics furthered that the commercial production commenced three years after Italian chemist Professor Giulio Natta first polymerized it, with Natta perfecting and synthesizing the first PP resin in Spain in 1954. 

The material's crystallization ability generated considerable excitement, which led to widespread European commercial production by 1957. Today, PP stands as one of the most commonly produced plastics globally.

PP stands out as a highly recyclable material due to its classification as a thermoplastic. Unlike elastomers and thermosets, which have limited recycling capabilities because their resins are unmeltable, thermoplastics like polypropylene can be recycled efficiently. 

Combining Practicality and Style

Choose excellence for your dining experience with Patek Packaging's 36oz White PP Bowl – a sophisticated design that elevates the professional appearance of any restaurant or catering establishment. This bowl promises the best style and functionality if you’re serving rice, steamed vegetables, cereal, or salads in outdoor, home, and fast-food dining. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this bowl retain odours or flavours from previous use?

The non-reactive nature of the PP material used in this bowl is a feature that guarantees it does not retain odours or flavours from previous uses. Non-reactive materials resist absorbing or interacting with the substances they come into contact with. 

It ensures the bowl remains neutral and does not compromise the taste or aroma of different foods. This characteristic is particularly advantageous in food service and home kitchen settings where various dishes with distinct flavours may be prepared and served in the same bowl.

How long do PP bowls last?

The lifespan of PP bowls can vary, but they are quite durable and can last several years with proper care. Factors like frequency of use, exposure to high temperatures, and how they are cleaned (hand wash vs. dishwasher) can affect their longevity. 

Since PP is resistant to cracking and breaking, these bowls don't wear out easily under normal household conditions. Regular use of microwaves or dishwashers might gradually reduce their lifespan, but overall, they offer a good balance of durability and functionality for everyday use.

How can I use these bowls for branding? 

  • Custom Printing: Add your brand logo, tagline, or a unique design directly onto the bowl's surface.
  • Branded Stickers or Labels: Apply custom stickers or labels featuring your brand name, logo, or promotional messages to the bowl's exterior. 
  • Custom Packaging: Incorporate branded information, imagery, or messages on the packaging, turning each bowl into a part of a more extensive, cohesive brand presentation.

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