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Sushi Tray Collection

Patek Packaging's Sushi Tray Collection will revolutionize your dining experience with its versatility and eco-friendly design. These trays efficiently serve sushi, sashimi, and other Japanese delicacies and elevate your culinary presentation.

The sleek and minimalist design of these trays adds an element of elegance to any dining setting. Whether hosting a sushi night at home or catering an elaborate event, Patek Packaging's Sushi Tray Collection elevates the dining experience to new heights of sophistication and eco-consciousness.


  • Serving Sushi

The primary use of a paper sushi tray is for serving sushi rolls, sashimi, and other Japanese delicacies.

  • Takeout and Delivery

Paper sushi trays are ideal for packaging sushi orders for takeout or delivery. They keep food secure and presentable during transportation.

  • Catering Events

Suitable for catering events such as weddings, parties, and corporate functions and provide a convenient and eco-friendly serving option.

  • Home Dining

Excellent for casual or formal home dining. They add a touch of elegance to sushi nights or dinner parties.

  • Food Trucks and Pop-Up Stands

Food trucks and pop-up stands can utilize paper sushi trays to serve sushi to customers on the go and have a convenient and disposable serving solution.

  • Picnics and Outdoor Events

Paper sushi trays are lightweight and easy to transport. They are perfect for picnics, outdoor gatherings, and beach outings.

Sushi Tray Collection at Patek Packaging 

Product Type





Rectangular Maple Leaf Paper Sushi Trays





Black | Clear

300 Sets

Round Maple Leaf Plastic Sushi Party Trays





White| Clear

50 sets

Rectangular Maple Leaf Paper Sushi Trays

Patek Packaging's rectangular Maple Leaf Paper Sushi Trays offer a convenient and eco-friendly solution for serving sushi, sashimi, and appetizers. These paper trays enhance Japanese cuisine's presentation and provide a stylish serving option for other foods like sliders, finger sandwiches, and desserts at upscale cocktail parties or casual brunches.

Round Maple Leaf Plastic Sushi Party Trays

Our round maple-leaf plastic sushi party trays are ideal for effortless entertaining. They offer a durable and reusable option for serving sushi, nigiri, and assorted appetizers at upscale events such as wine tastings, holiday gatherings, and cocktail parties.

Explore Patek Packaging's Sushi Tray Collection

Complete your sushi experience with Patek Packaging's premium Sushi Tray Collection. Impress your guests with stylish serving solutions and eliminate the hassle of after-event cleanup.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use these trays for other purposes?

Yes, they are reusable for arts and crafts projects, such as creating decorative displays or creatively organizing small items.

Can the disposable sushi trays withstand different types of sushi and sauces?

Yes, they can accommodate various types of sushi, including rolls, nigiri, and sashimi, along with accompanying sauces without compromising structural integrity.

How secure are the disposable sushi trays for transportation?

Our disposable trays feature sturdy construction and secure lids or covers that ensure sushi stays in place during transportation.