PET Material for Take Out Supplies Reshapes The Landscape of Restaurant Food Packaging

PET Material for Take Out Supplies Reshapes The Landscape of Restaurant Food Packaging

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Restaurants are redefining solutions to their food service and takeaway needs by opting for PET material on their take-out supplies. PET materials are ideal for businesses looking for space-efficient, durable, and lightweight solutions.

This innovative choice caters to the industry's demand for food delivery applications. It addresses the evolving food delivery landscape and provides a sustainable edge in packaging various dishes.

PET Food Packaging For Restaurants

PET plastic, known for its recyclability and safety, stands out as an ideal material for food packaging. Its universal recognition as a safe and non-toxic material makes it suitable for daily storage and easy packing. 

A recent study from the internationally recognized journal "Polymers," published in the National Library of Medicine, reveals that PET bottles present beverage manufacturers with an environmentally conscious solution for sustainable food packaging, aligning seamlessly with their environmental objectives. 

The PET material is an efficient, eco-friendly alternative with good barrier properties and a mono-material composition conducive to easy recycling. Its lightweight design and lower carbon footprint during production and transportation distinguish it from traditional glass options. 

The modern advancements in decontamination processes for post-consumer recycled PET (rPET or PCR) highlight its role as a safe and efficient alternative for reuse in beverage packaging and take-out containers.

Why More Restaurants Opt For PET Takeout Supplies

  • PET is a recyclable and reusable plastic. Aligns with restaurants' increasing focus on environmentally friendly practices.
  • The material's versatility allows for diverse applications. Accommodates a wide range of takeout items from hot to cold food.
  • Optimize storage space in restaurants and customers' homes.
  • Showcases the food's presentation. Enhances visual appeal and contributes to a positive customer experience.
  • Restaurants can brand and customize PET takeout containers. They are effective marketing tools that reinforce brand identity.
  • Features like tamper-proof hinges add an extra layer of security. Ensures food safety during transit and enhances customer trust.
  • PET's durability reduces the likelihood of spills and damages. This leads to cost savings in the long run by minimizing the need for replacements.

Restaurant PET Take Out Supplies

Portion Cup and Lids

Portion cups with lids are the ultimate solution for effortless meal storage and transportation. Whether packing a fresh salad or storing leftover nuts and seeds, these compact plastic containers are your go-to choice, especially if you offer a food delivery service.

Available in various sizes to cater to your needs, these desired portion cups and lids are easily stackable and allow you to optimize space in your kitchen cabinets. The tightly snapping lids ensure your food remains fresh and securely sealed.




These portion cups are leak-proof and guarantee spill-free storage. It keeps your meal securely protected and maintains its original temperature.

These containers are FDA-compliant and are of food-grade PET material that can safely accommodate hot and cold meals and ensure they maintain just the right consistency.

Available in four distinct sizes, our product makes it effortless to tailor servings to your preferences and manage costs effectively.


You can easily pack and pre-measure your meal for precise portions, as well as prevent overeating and ensure optimal nutrient intake.

Ideal for meal transport, prevents spills, and allows easy transport of multiple cups simultaneously.

The covers form an airtight seal that ensures the right temperature and adds great value as they offer prolonged freshness for your meal.


Eliminates the guesswork when searching for a container for snacks or meal storage, as these lids are translucent.

The lids effortlessly snap on and off. Allows you to stack the cups securely without the fear of tipping over.

Saves time and money while maintaining a clean kitchen.


These take-out containers prioritize your meal's safety and balance security and user-friendliness. They offer versatile storage for various products, come in different shapes, and elevate the visual presentation of your items.

Recommended Products


Clear Tamper Proof Hinged Containers

These takeout containers seamlessly combine beauty with functionality. These clamshell containers work well in trapping heat and feature a tamper-proof hinge for secure yet easy access.

Anti-Fog Clear Tamper Evident Containers

Unlike paper takeaway containers, these take-out containers offer clarity so customers can effortlessly see their purchases.


Salad Bowl

The clear PET salad bowl presents a perfect blend of form and function. Unlike paper soup bowls, this translucent bowl showcases your salads' vibrant colours and freshness and ensures a visually appealing presentation that captivates diners. 



Clear PET Salad Bowl 

Resists flavour and odour transfer.

Perfect for storing salads, fruits, desserts, and sandwiches. 

An eco-friendly food storage solution.


PET Take-Out Supplies Will Make Your Restaurant Stand Out

Elevate your restaurant's brand and distinguish yourself from the competition by opting for PET take out supplies. Customization options for your food packaging supplies allow your business to stand out with a unique and visually appealing presentation. 

Portion cups, stock portion cups, and takeout containers enhance the overall aesthetic and serve as practical advertising tools that leave a good impression on your customers. The ability to showcase your restaurant's logo and branding on these supplies creates a cohesive and memorable identity and contributes to increased brand recognition. 

Investing in takeout containers made from high-quality renewable materials ensures durability and reliability. Get your restaurant takeaway needs from Patek Packaging today. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How can restaurants optimize their takeout packaging for efficiency and cost-effectiveness?

Restaurants can optimize takeout packaging by choosing stackable and space-efficient containers, negotiating bulk purchasing deals, and selecting durable materials to reduce the need for replacements.

What types of food are suitable for pet takeout containers?

Unlike aluminum takeout containers, PET (polyethylene terephthalate) food containers are versatile and suitable for various hot and cold items. Food types that are commonly stored or packaged in PET takeout containers are salads, cold beverages, fruits and vegetables, deli items, desserts, bakery items, cold soups, sauces and condiments, nuts and snacks, chilled ready-to-eat meals, cereals, and other dishes.

How do I customize PET containers for branding purposes?

Customizing PET containers for branding involves several steps to ensure a distinctive and appealing representation of your brand. Here's a guide:

  • Select PET containers that complement your brand and the type of food you serve. Consider the size and shape suitable for your branding aesthetics and practical requirements.
  • Decide whether you want clear PET containers to showcase the contents or coloured options that align with your brand colour scheme.
  • Create a professional and memorable logo representing your brand. Ensure it is visually appealing and scalable to fit different container sizes.
  • Incorporate brand elements such as your restaurant's name, tagline, or key messaging. Ensure the text is clear, legible, and aligned with your brand's font and style.
  • Opt for high-quality printing methods to ensure your branding elements appear crisp and vibrant on the PET containers.