Cornstarch Clamshell Packaging Boxes in the Takeout Business.

Cornstarch Clamshell Packaging Boxes in the Takeout Business.

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In the food industry, packaging is one of the significant factors that can boost a business’s productivity and sales. Everyone wants their food packed in an appealing and presentable manner; companies must ensure that their packaging is up to par. Through investing in high-quality packaging, businesses can ensure that their food products stand out against the competition and attract more customers through their visual appeal.

However, what exactly is sustainable packaging? This post will cover Cornstarch Clamshell Take-Out Boxes and how they can affect a business.

What Is Clamshell Packaging?

Clamshells are one-piece sealable containers with two halves or trays joined by a hinge. They are intended to safeguard, present, and advertise products. These are made entirely from cornstarch, making them recyclable, compostable,  and environmentally friendly.

Benefits of Clamshell Packagings

Many types of clamshell packaging are available on the market, each with its own unique benefits. When choosing suitable clamshell packaging for your business, it is essential to consider how it will impact your business. Here are some ways that clamshell packaging can impact your business:

1.   Increase Sales

Clamshell Packaging is a one-of-a-kind food container that can be used for hot and cold dishes. Its sleek design has the ability to attract potential customers and even enhance the image that your business projects. This product is constructed of a durable, heat-resistant polymer that can tolerate extreme temperatures. Additionally, this product is also microwaveable, making it great for busy consumers who want to reheat their food on the go or at work.

2. Better Food Protection

Clamshell packaging protects your food items better during transport and handling, keeping it safe from damage. In addition, clamshells are solid and difficult to open, which deters accidental spillage and keeps the items in pristine condition. As a result, clamshell packaging is an excellent choice for companies wishing to optimize their take-out business.

3. Increased Shelf Life

Clamshell container can help your product last longer by protecting it from external influences like humidity and light. Clamshells close tightly, preventing oxygen and moisture from entering and spoiling items. These are low-cost approaches to safeguard your products and extend their shelf life.

4. Sustainable Packaging

It is an excellent choice for companies looking for a sustainable packaging solution. Clamshell packaging is made of cornstarch and is soak resistant, sturdy, strong and biodegradable, they have a much lower environmental impact than other types of packaging.

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Clamshell Containers in Various Sizes

Clamshell packaging comes in various sizes to suit a variety of different applications, menu items, and take-out options, these include: 

Appetizer (6” x 6” x 4”)

This is intended for appetizers or tiny portions of cuisine. Sauces, nuts, seeds, and other food products could be stored in these containers. Additionally, desserts, kids meals, side salads, and garnishes can be kept safe in these containers.

Small Size (9” x 6” x 3”)

Smaller meal boxes are wider than they are long. Because of their versatility, they are particularly popular in the food industry. For example, this size can hold noodles, rice, wings, and other foods. In addition, smaller packaging is frequently more convenient for consumers. It is also less difficult to store and transport.

Medium (8” x 8” x 3”)

These containers are suitable for sandwiches, wraps, fries, and a variety of other items. Medium size is an efficient way to package food items. It allows for a variety of different foods to be packaged in the same size container. This saves time and money for food manufacturers and distributors.

Large (9” x 9” x 3”)

Large meal packages are designed to hold even the largest entrées. From full meals to large-portion shareables like rice, noodles, pastas, salads and much more. These conveniently large take-out boxes even offer a 3 compartment option for all your restaurant’s needs.


Clamshell take-out packaging is used for packaging, transporting, and protecting food items. This type of packaging can help your business become more productive by protecting your products from damage. This is also an easy way to store and transport, making it an ideal solution for businesses looking for convenient and sustainable packaging.

If you are looking for a way to improve your business’s productivity, consider Patek Packaging. We set out to create a hassle-free and smooth experience for all types of product packaging for your restaurant and business.

We have always endeavoured to deliver excellent customer service, industry-leading prices, and high-quality, sustainable products to restaurants and businesses with delivery or storage needs. Our biodegradable and compostable cornstarch clamshell packaging features twin locks with easy grip tabs, is microwave safe, and Health Canada / FDA compliant.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Reuse Cornstarch Packaging?

Compared to traditional polymers, employing PLA made of maize starch has many advantages. The fact that corn is the primary raw material used, which is inexpensive and widely accessible, is what makes it a renewable resource in the first place. Likewise, as maize starch is 100 percent biodegradable, it may be repurposed as fertilizer for farms.

How Should Packages of Cornstarch Be Thrown Away?

The great thing about cornstarch packaging is that you can throw it away however you want, as it does not harm the environment. Ideally, use them in compost, as a fertilizer or even to the recycling.

You can compost the packaging if you want to or put it in a landfill. However, after 72 days, it will be completely broken down.

What Does Clamshell Packaging Serve?

Clamshells are the most common form of food packaging. Sandwiches, pies, cookies, bread, burgers, BBQ ribs, frozen lobster tails, salads, and other foods are packaged. Clamshells can be found nearly everywhere.