Food Packaging Supplies Richmond That's Driving the Takeout Trend

Food Packaging Supplies Richmond That's Driving the Takeout Trend

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Knowing what's popular in the industry is important for businesses. It helps your brand look good and get noticed by customers. Trends match what people want and help you make cool and unique packaging designs that stand out from other brands. 

If you need ideas for your new food packaging, check out the trendy food packaging supplies in Richmond that every food maker or seller should pay attention to.

The Takeout Boom in Canada

As the lifestyle of Canadians becomes increasingly fast-paced, the demand for on-the-go meals has surged. This trend has led to a booming takeout and delivery market, with Richmond being no exception. 

Many Canadians had dinner from a restaurant or ordered takeout/delivery in January 2023. About 83% of people mentioned doing it at least once, and 22% mentioned doing it at least once a week.

Several notable trends and opportunities shape the restaurant takeout market. These might include:

  • Emerging multicultural populations
  • The rise of online media
  • Convenience of online marketplaces
  • Industry consolidation 

However, the market also faces challenges, such as high logistical complexities and the time-consuming development of online ordering systems. Thus making it difficult for new businesses to enter the market.

Current Trends and Innovations in Food Packaging

Smart Packaging Solutions

Nowadays, people use technology to learn about the things they like. You can make it easier for your customers by putting a special QR code on your food packaging. This code helps them get important information about your food containers. Smart packaging can also help your food packaging detect changes around it to make sure your products stay good. This is a big advantage for quality and safety.

The Demand for Sustainable Packaging

Many people care about the environment now, so sustainable packaging has become popular. You can show that you care, too, by using eco-friendly materials for your food packaging, like containers that can break down and folding cartons or boxes. Doing this meets the demands of eco-conscious customers and makes them more likely to stick with your brand.

Personalized Packaging

Use custom printing that adds value to your products to catch your customers' attention. You can personalize your food packaging with materials that fit your products and keep them safe during shipping and storage. Personalized packaging also makes your brand look better, showing you care about presenting your products well.

Minimalist Packaging Designs

Sometimes, the designs of packaging products that are too loud and bold can be overwhelming. Minimalistic designs, which are simple and easy on the eyes, are becoming more popular. They don't overload customers with too much information and create a cleaner look.

Versioned Packaging

Releasing products for specific seasons or in limited quantities can create a sense of shopping urgency. This tactic is often used when launching new products or collaborating with other brands. Versioned packaging might also be available all year but with specific designs limited to certain locations.

Dynamic Shapes and Forms

Food packaging is not just about holding your product; it's also about looking creative and visually appealing. Using unique and bold shapes for your packaging is gaining popularity. These custom shapes help you maximize your resources and create storage that suits your products well.

Incorporating Social Media Tags

Most people want to stay connected with their interests, including their favorite brands. Printing your social media handles and website on your packaging gives customers a reason to engage with your brand. You can even include a hidden QR code for special deals. 

The Essential Food Packaging Supplies in Richmond


Paper Bowl

Lightweight and eco-friendly. These paper bowls are perfect for a variety of dishes which is a convenient and sustainable option for takeout meals.

Kraft Paper Bowl

Adds an earthy touch to your packaging. This emphasizes sustainability while maintaining a natural look for your brand.

Sugarcane Bowl

Sturdy and compostable. These sugarcane bowls are an excellent choice for environmentally conscious businesses.

Microwaveable Bowl

Suited to modern lifestyles. Customers can easily reheat their meals while preserving the quality of your food.

Salad Bowl

Specifically designed for salads. These bowls keep salads fresh, crisp, and visually appealing during takeout.

Takeout Containers

Sugarcane Hinged Clamshell

Durable and eco-friendly. These containers offer a sustainable option for various meals.

PP Hinged Clamshell

Versatile and robust. These PP-hinged clamshells are suitable for both hot and cold dishes.

Clear Hinged Clamshell

Showcase your delicious creations with clear-hinged clamshells.

Round Deli Container

Ideal for soups and other liquid-based dishes. These round deli containers ensure secure and leak-proof packaging for various foods.

Microwaveable Container

This provides convenience for customers to reheat their meals without compromising quality.

Kraft Takeout Box

Classic and eco-friendly. These kraft takeout boxes are perfect for a wide range of cuisines.

Drink Cups

Paper Cup

An essential tool for hot beverages. These paper cups are customizable for brand promotion.

Cold Cup

Keep refreshing drinks cool with these cold cups. Provides a reliable and temperature-resistant solution for takeout beverages.

Drink Carrier

Conveniently transport multiple beverages with our drink carrier. This offers practical solutions for customers ordering multiple drinks.

Portion Cup

Ideal for condiments or small sides. These portion cups ensure your customers receive the perfect amount with their takeout orders.


An essential addition to your drink packaging. These straws provide a finishing touch while contributing to sustainability efforts.

Cup Sleeve

Protect your customers' hands from hot beverages and provide a branding opportunity with these cup sleeves.


Kraft Paper Bag With Handle

Sturdy and eco-friendly. These kraft paper bags with handles provide a sustainable and convenient option for larger takeout orders.

Paper Grocery Bag

Spacious and reliable. These paper grocery bags offer a simple, eco-friendly solution for customers carrying multiple items.

Non-Woven Bag

Reusable and customizable. These non-woven bags enhance your brand visibility while offering customers a practical and sustainable choice.

Sandwich Bag

Compact and convenient. These sandwich bags are perfect for smaller items, ensuring a hassle-free experience for customers on the go.

Vacuum Seal Bag

Preserve the freshness and shelf-life of take-and-bake options with these vacuum seal bags.

Plastic Bag

Lightweight and cost-effective. These plastic bags offer a versatile option for a variety of items.

Plates & Trays

Sugarcane Plate

Sturdy and compostable. These sugarcane plates are perfect for hot or cold dishes.

Aluminum Foil Tray

Ideal for catering and preserving the integrity of dishes. These aluminum foil trays ensure secure and high-quality packaging.

Sushi Tray

Specifically designed for sushi presentation. These sushi trays maintain the freshness and visual appeal of your sushi offerings.

Meat Tray

Durable and secure. These meat trays are designed for packaging meat items, providing reliable protection during transportation.

Bamboo Tray Organizer

Add a sustainable touch to your presentation with these bamboo tray organizers.

Restaurant Supplies


Choose eco-friendly options like wooden or compostable cutlery to align with a greener future and provide a sustainable dining experience.


Essential for cleanliness and convenience, these napkins ensure a pleasant dining experience for your customers.

Receipt Paper

Customize your receipt paper with branding, adding a professional touch to your transactions and enhancing your brand visibility.

Keep Up With the Trend With the Best Food Packaging Supplier

In the food industry, staying on top of things for success is important. Working with the best food packaging supplier is a smart move to keep up with the latest trends and meet what customers want. 

Patek Packaging can offer the best food packaging supplies in Richmond. Choose the best and most innovative packaging now. Call us right away for all of your packaging needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s Driving the Increase in Restaurant Takeout?

People love the convenience of ordering food online. They can use digital payments and have lots of convenient food options. This has led to a big growth in the restaurant takeout market.

Restaurant takeout services offer incentives such as discounts and deals and ordering from different places in one app on your phone. These trends create opportunities for the market to grow.

The restaurant takeout model is a judicious choice that requires minimal initial investment and operational costs. Regularly delivering items reduces overall production and delivery costs, shaping the future trends of the restaurant takeout market.

How Do Eco-Friendly Packaging Materials Contribute to the Takeout Trend?

Eco-friendly packaging materials contribute to the takeout trend by reducing environmental impact. Customers increasingly seek sustainable options, and eco-friendly packaging aligns with this preference.

What Are Some Common Types of Food Packaging Supplies Used for Takeout?

Common types include disposable containers, insulated bags, cutlery sets, napkins, and condiment packets. These supplies are designed to maintain food quality during transportation.

How Do Insulated Packaging Solutions Impact the Quality of Takeout Food?

Insulated packaging, such as thermal bags or containers, helps retain the food's temperature, keeping it hot or cold during transit. This ensures that customers receive their meals in optimal condition.