PPC500 | 16oz PP Clear Hard Cup - 1000 Pcs



Material: Polypropylene
Capacity: 16oz
Color: Translucent
Case pack: 1000
Use with: Jc-95
Package size: 19″ x 15″ x 18.5″
Package weight: 13.5lb

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Patek Packaging's PP Clear Hard Cup is the perfect companion for your beverage needs. Crafted from high-quality polypropylene (PP), this cup provides you with the ultimate combination of durability, clarity, and convenience.

Built to last, our clear plastic cup ensures worry-free enjoyment for all your favourite drinks. This cup can handle everything, whether you're sipping on refreshing iced tea or a delightful smoothie. The sturdy construction resists cracking and bending for both indoor and outdoor use.


Benefits of Clear Plastic Hard Cup

These plastic cups offer several benefits that make them a popular choice for various applications:


Transparency provides a captivating advantage for both consumers and businesses. With a crystal-clear design, these cups offer a delightful way to display beverages, desserts, and vibrant drinks.

Customers are drawn to the enticing visuals, making them more likely to choose a drink that appeals to their eyes. Whether it's a refreshing fruit smoothie or an artfully layered cocktail, the transparency elevates the drinking experience.


PP cups boast exceptional durability thanks to their tough and resilient material composition. These cups can endure the rigours of everyday use.

Their ability to withstand impacts and resist cracking ensures they remain intact, even in bustling environments or outdoor gatherings. This outstanding durability enhances the overall user experience and reduces the need for frequent replacements. 


Our clear plastic hard cup is reusable to reduce the need for single-use cups. The cups are designed for multiple washes and reuses, which is advantageous for environmentally conscious individuals and companies before recycling.

Temperature Resistance

Polypropylene's exceptional temperature resistance is a key feature that sets PP clear cups apart. Polypropylene can withstand cool temperatures. They won't warp or deform even when placed in the freezer with cold drinks.

Polypropylene's temperature resilience maintains cup shape and prevents flavour transfer. With PP cups, you can confidently serve any drink without worrying about the cup's performance.


Its lightweight nature provides a practical and convenient solution for on-the-go consumers. These cups combine durability with a feather-light design to carry them effortlessly during activities. This feature makes them perfect for individuals seeking a reliable, easy-to-carry drinkware option.


The cost-effectiveness of these hard cups stems from the affordability of polypropylene as a raw material. PP is relatively inexpensive to produce. This lower production cost translates into more budget-friendly prices for consumers and businesses.

Despite being cost-effective, clear hard cups do not compromise on quality. Their sturdy construction ensures durability and resistance to cracking. This longevity means that businesses can save on frequent replacements.


Usage of PP Plastic Clear Cups

Polypropylene (PP) clear hard cups serve a wide range of purposes and find applications in various settings due to their numerous advantages. Some common uses of clear hard cups include:

  • Beverage Service: PP cups serve various beverages, such as soft drinks, juices, smoothies, iced tea, and cocktails. Their transparent design enhances the presentation of the drinks.
  • Events and Parties: These cups are a popular choice for events, parties, and gatherings, both indoors and outdoors. Their durability ensures a hassle-free drinking experience for guests.
  • Takeaway and To-Go Orders: PP cups are perfect for takeout and to-go orders. They prevent spills during transportation, making them convenient for customers on the move.
  • Picnics and Outdoor Activities: The lightweight and portable nature make them an excellent option for picnics, barbecues, camping trips, and outdoor gatherings.
  • Brand Promotion: Businesses often use customized PP hard cups as a branding tool for events, product launches, and marketing campaigns. The cups act as walking advertisements to spread brand awareness, adding their logos, slogans, or event details.


Make Our Plastic Clear Cups Your First Choice

Patek Packaging's PP Clear Hard Cup offers a combination of durability, clarity, and convenience for all your beverage needs. With its benefits and features, these cups are the perfect choice for serving drinks at various events, parties, picnics, and for takeaway orders.

Choose our PP Clear Hard Cups to elevate your beverage experience and showcase your brand. Place your order with Patek Packaging today.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are polypropylene cups safe for food and beverages? 

Yes, polypropylene is safe for food and beverage contact. It is a common material used in food packaging due to its non-toxic nature and resistance to chemical leaching.

Can I use clear hard cups for hot beverages? 

No, polypropylene cups are not recommended for hot beverages as they have a lower melting point than other materials. Using them with hot drinks can cause the cup to deform or melt.

Can I recycle polypropylene clear cups?

In many regions, you can recycle polypropylene. Recycling facilities and capabilities vary, so you must check with your local recycling guidelines if you can recycle them.


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