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Recycled Containers | Patek Packaging

 Patek Packaging is committed to providing sustainable packaging solutions with our comprehensive line of recycled containers. You can minimize your business’s environmental impact while enhancing your brand image using recyclable containers that will surely appeal to eco-conscious consumers. 

About the Products

Patek Packaging's collection of recycled containers is designed to meet your packaging needs while being eco-friendly. Ideal for various uses, these containers are crafted from high-quality recycled materials, ensuring durability from food storage to serving to delivery. Choose from various sizes and styles to suit your specific requirements, knowing each purchase supports a greener planet. 



Polypropylene (PP) Material 

Polypropylene’s properties make our containers for a variety of food packaging applications. 

  • Offers a strength-to-weight ratio to ensure container integrity, even for heavy or dense foods.
  • Exhibits chemical resistance. Suitable for packaging a wide range of food products without risk of degradation.
  • Demonstrate durability, withstanding high and low temperatures without warping or cracking.
  • Possesses low moisture absorption properties. Safeguards food freshness and prevents container distortion.
  • Designed to withstand microwave reheating for your consumers’ convenience.


Available Sizes

Size (mm)



Ideal for single-serve condiments, dips, or small snacks.


Suitable for single-serve salads, fruits, or desserts.

Size (ml)



Perfect for single-serve yogurts, parfaits, or small side dishes.


Ideal for large salads, pasta dishes, or family-sized portions.


Customary Sizing

Size (oz)



Ideal for single-serve dips, sauces, or small desserts.


Perfect for single-serve salads, sandwiches, or pre-packaged snacks.


Suitable for single-serve main courses, pasta dishes, or large salads.

24oz - 32oz

Size ideal for single-serve entrees and large salads or family-sized portions and bulk food applications.


Perfect for large salads, mixed greens, or family-sized pasta dishes.


Ideal for large soups, stews, or bulk food applications.


Suitable for family-sized portions, catering events, or pre-made salads.


Perfect for large quantities of food, catering applications, or bulk food storage.


Microwaveable Feature

  • Most of our recycled containers are made from PP, so expect excellent dielectric properties. Your customers can microwave your food directly from the container packaging. 
  • These containers can withstand high temperatures associated with microwave reheating without warping, melting, or leaching chemicals into food.
  • Our containers prevent pressure build-up and potential container failure.


Take-Out and Delivery

Our leak-resistant, stackable containers are ideal for take-out and delivery applications. Expect your food to arrive at its destination fresh, secure, and ready to enjoy by customers. 

Pre-Packaged Salads and Meals

Our clear or translucent containers with lid closures showcase your pre-made salads, fruits, and meals with optimal presentation while maintaining freshness.

Catering and Events

Patek Packaging offers a selection of larger containers perfect for catering events and bulk food applications. These containers provide durability and secure closure for safe food transport and presentation.

Grab-and-Go Food

Our convenient, single-serve containers are ideal for grab-and-go meals and snacks in cafes, convenience stores, and supermarkets.

Meal Prep and Storage

Patek's reusable containers with secure lids are a sustainable solution for home meal prep and food storage.

Bakery and Dessert Applications

Our bakery-safe containers showcase pastries, cakes, and other desserts with clarity while maintaining freshness and protecting delicate items during transport.

Soups and Stews

Leak-resistant containers with secure closures are perfect for packaging hot soups and stews. Ensures mess-free transport and customer satisfaction.

Agriculture and Produce Packaging

Rigid PP containers provide excellent protection for fruits and vegetables during transport and storage. Minimizes damage and preserves freshness.

Condiment and Sauce Packaging

Leak-proof containers in various sizes are ideal for portioned condiments and sauces. Minimal waste and enhance convenience for your customers.

Sustainable Packaging Solutions at Your Fingertips

Patek Packaging's recycled containers offer a sustainable solution for your packaging needs. Expect that our serving and take-out containers are made from high-quality recycled materials to meet a variety of applications. 

Now, you can make a positive environmental impact with our versatile and reliable containers. Browse our collection today and order online for your convenience. 


Frequently Asked Questions


Can recycled containers withstand the same weight and temperature as virgin plastic containers?

Yes, in most cases. We utilize high-quality recycled materials like PP that offer excellent durability and can withstand similar weight capacities to virgin plastic counterparts.

How can recycled containers impact the shelf life of my product?

They maintain excellent barrier properties to protect your food against factors like oxygen or moisture ingress. This ensures your food products maintain their freshness while extending their shelf life, assuming proper storage conditions.

Are there any certifications to look for when choosing recycled containers?

Several certifications indicate the sustainability and safety of recycled containers:

  • Recycled Claim Standard (RCS): Verifies the use of pre-consumer or post-consumer recycled materials in the container.
  • Forest Stewardship Council (FSC): Ensures the paper components within recycled containers originate from responsibly managed forests.