Round Take Out Containers with Lids - 150 Sets

Size: 48oz (round)
Unit: Carton

These containers are made from durable, food-safe materials and are great for encapsulating various meals. In addition, each container is designed to be leak-proof, microwaveable, and can easily be recycled, if disposed of responsibly - making these the perfect set of containers for any occasion. Plus, with options available in various sizes, you can find something that fits your application.



Not only are these containers secure enough to keep food items safe in shipment or on the move, but they also can maximize space with their 28 x 9.17 x 14.75-inch dimensions. Perfect for sides or smaller entrees, or even carry-out cocktails. Their sizes make them large enough to store a good amount of food yet compact enough to be easily placed into most delivery or tote bags.


The 40 oz size is perfect for serving single entrees with side dishes, while the larger 48 oz size can accommodate larger meals like full-sized salads and large sandwiches. Both sizes come with lids that tightly fit over the container, ensuring that your food stays fresh and secure while travelling or being stored. 

Microwave Safe

These microwavable containers are made of 100% recyclable polypropylene plastic and are heat-resistant, leak-resistant, and toxin-free. Its microwave-safe design keeps its shape in the microwave, which includes a microwave-safe plastic lid. 


Round take-out containers are becoming increasingly popular in the food service industry due to their convenience and safety. There is no need to worry about harmful chemicals like BPA leaching into food, as these containers are manufactured with BPA-free plastic. 


Waste Reduction 

Every year, a massive amount of food is wasted throughout the supply chain. Unfortunately, much of this waste is generated before food reaches customers. Fortunately, plastic containers are more resilient and moisture-proof than other types of packing. As a result, less damage leads to less waste and better products.

Brand Image Improvement

Round take-out containers with lids give restaurateurs a unique opportunity to promote their brand. When customized and distributed with well-crafted branding, these containers serve as walking advertisements for the restaurant or business. Not only do they expose customers to the name of the establishment, but they also inspire various emotions that lead to increased customer loyalty and allegiance. 

Product Quality

Products can be kept fresh by storing them in food containers. This protects the product from outside contaminants and allows it to be stored more extensively. Using the proper food container can also help to preserve the product's quality. For example, a container with a lid prevents oxygen from entering and harming the goods.

Product Visibility

It includes a plastic container cover to maximize product visibility and provide protection from spills and scuffs. After eating your food, you may put the leftovers in the freezer after storing them in this container, thanks to its freezer-friendly construct.

Round Takeout Containers Facts

Did you know that round take-out containers have been around since the 10th century when ancient Chinese take-out containers were made of leaves and twisted into a cylindrical shape? Although these containers held a variety of meal components, they served primarily as a means to transport food. Today’s round take-out containers come in many sizes and styles, all designed for convenience and community well-being. 

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Are Takeout Containers Safe?

Food in takeout containers is safe for consumption. The key is to keep food in a shallow, sealed container once it has cooled. These practices help to keep bacteria at bay.

How Long Does Food Last in a Takeout Container?

Leftovers will keep for three to four days if stored properly. However, throw away any perishable goods kept at room temperature for longer than two hours, including meat, poultry, eggs, side dishes, and casseroles.  

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