Kraft Box

Kraft Take-Out Box Packaging: The Perfect Solution for Your Business

Are you looking for a sustainable take-out packaging solution that is both affordable and high-quality? Kraft take-out boxes might be the perfect solution for your business. These boxes are made of sturdy biodegradable and compostable materials and can be customized to fit your needs.

As a plus, kraft take-out boxes are an environmentally friendly alternative- they can be recycled or easily composted. Keep reading if you're interested in learning more about kraft box packaging.

What You Need to Know about Kraft Box Packaging


Kraft packing boxes are among the most environmentally friendly because they are created from natural biodegradable substances like pine pulp.

A Variety of Customized Kraft Boxes

Kraft boxes can come in various sizes, designs, and styles. We can fully customize these products to suit the needs of your business.

Product Safety

Kraft boxes are the ideal material for long-lasting packaging, ensuring that the delivery or leftovers arrive still restaurant-quality.

A Fantastic Solution for Your Business

If you have a newly launched or established business and are looking for an appropriate choice of packaging for your takeout, Patek Packaging's Kraft boxes can be just what you are looking for. Take advantage of this opportunity to deliver a delightful experience for your customer while upgrading your take-out game with our high quality containers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Kraft Boxes Be Microwaved?

You can put food or liquids in pure cardboard containers and put them in the microwave with close supervision. On the other hand, you shouldn't microwave cardboard that has plastic, wax, ink (unless it says so on the label), glue, or metal in it. Don't put cardboard in the microwave that isn't filled with food or liquid to keep it from getting too hot.

What Do You Commonly Use Kraft Boxes For?

Most often, kraft boxes are used to deliver goods, but they can also be used to pack other things. If they are the right size and shape, they can be a great way to store small items, art supplies, or school supplies. You can also use them to wrap gifts.

How Long Will It Take for My Order to Arrive?

While we do our best to ensure that your order arrives as soon as possible, we cannot control the transit times or any unforeseen delivery delays. But rest assured, our logistics partners are reliable when it comes to fast and on-time delivery,